Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Introducing: A NEW Coloring Creations Challenge! 👀🎨

The entire Creators’ Team has taken their first look at all of July’s costume contest design entries! Once again, we’re over the moon to see your enthusiasm and unique approaches to your costume ideas – the creativity is UNBELIEVABLE! The Pop community has blown us away! Not only have you gone above and beyond in styling your costumes, but the volume of responses has grown massively!  


However, with great power comes great responsibility. The team is currently sifting through all of the submissions and voting on which costumes will be brought to life and included in the Cabin of Curiosities during the Baron’s next visit to Home Island! Because of the high volume of participants, we will be announcing the winners of July’s costume contest sometime in the next two weeks, after everyone on the Team has a chance to cast their votes and the winning designs have been Pop-ified!


In the meantime, who’s down to see more of what the Poptropica community has to offer?! There’s an enormous amount of artistry and talent among our players, that we’d like to celebrate and share within the fanbase. SOOO, in the spirit of friendship, we invite you to continue exchanging ideas and your creations within the community by participating in the Coloring Creations Challenge!


For this challenge, we encourage all Poptropicans to create your own Pop themed coloring page! In the past, the Team has provided a few different coloring pages for players. But this time, we want to showcase your abilities! The Coloring Creations Challenge is a fun and easy way to interact with your fellow Poptropicans. All you have to do is design your own black and white coloring page, snap a pic, and share it with us via our submissions page! Your coloring sheet can be as simple or elaborate as you like and there’s no qualifications as far as artistic ability to be able to participate – everyone is welcome to join in on the fun! For inspiration, check out these coloring pages that were previously released by the Team!


Poptropica Coloring Page 1Poptropica Coloring Page 2 - Dr. HarePoptropica Coloring Page 3Poptropica's Coloring Pages - Arabian Nights 1Poptropica's Coloring Pages - Arabian Nights 2Poptropica's Coloring Pages - Arabian Nights 3Poptropica's Coloring Pages - Arabian Nights 4


To make sure your blank coloring creation is clearly defined and ready to be shared with the community, please outline your coloring page with a black or blue markerOf course, you’re more than welcome to fill in your sheet with color, but please do so after you’ve taken a picture and submitted your blank coloring sheet to us. We’d love to see your finished artwork as well! 🥰


At the end of the Coloring Creations Challenge, we will compile all the submitted coloring pages and share them on the blog for any and all Poptropicans to print and enjoy! The pop-abilities are truly endless. Do you wish for a Rumpelstiltskin coloring page? Maybe you want to be able to customize a personal blimp for your Popsona? Or do you wonder what Binary Bard would look like in a neon green ensemble? By designing your own coloring page, you can let your imagination run wild and style the blank pages to fit your ideal vision of Poptropica characters, locations, and items!


For the first Coloring Creations Challenge, please get design and upload your black and white coloring page by 8pm PST on Monday, July 26th through the submissions page! We can’t wait to see what you come up with! 👀🥳

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tomorrow: The Halloween Photo Booth Challenge winners!

Poptropica Photo Booth - Director D is lonely.
Tomorrow we'll be announcing the winners and the runners-up in Poptropica's Halloween Photo Booth Challenge!

We can't wait to show them to you. We got so many great entries that we'll be sharing as many as we can!

Stay tuned for the announcement!

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Monday, August 7, 2017

Visitor’s Center Challenge: Which is the Lie??

The first 7 correct responses get 100 coins - be the first to find out WHICH of the below IS THE LIE. The answer lies in the Visitors Center of Crisis Cavern!

·      Male Elk have been known to purposely get their antlers caught in bushes, so they can tear out shrubbery to take with them as camouflage.
·   The modern domestic dog has less in common with the wolf than you’d think -- about as much as you do with the chimpanzee
·      The grizzly’s latin name is ‘Ursus horribilus’, which literally translated means “terrifying bear”.
Can you figure out which 1 is not actually from the Visitor's Center and is a lie? Be one of the first 7 correct responses and receive 100 coins in Pop Worlds!

Poptropica is on social media!

Friday, July 15, 2022

Side Quest Help: Rumpel's Challenge Walkthrough and Written Guide ✨

What’s crack-a-lackin’, Poptropicans?


How many of you have gotten to the bottom of the Fairy Tale King’s disappearance?


ICYMI, sightings of Rumpelstiltskin have been reported on Fairy Tale Island and Mainstreet, now that he’s free to roam the islands. Just like Rumpel’s previously members-only return, ALL PLAYERS are finally invited to complete Fairy Tale Island’s side quest – Rumpel’s Challenge! 🥳


Rumpel's Challenge side quest - now available to all!Rumpel's Challenge side quest intro


Think you’re up for the test? It’s up to you to find the King of Fairy Tale Island! Solve Rumpel’s riddles, while hustling to follow the string of clues. Word of caution – this isn’t an ordinary side quest…


Without giving away too much, you’ll be facing the added hurdle of keeping up with Rumpel’s newfound freedom. Prepare for an island-hopping scavenger hunt that’ll test your sleuthing skills and Pop knowledge! 🗺🤔


If you need a nudge in the right direction, check out our Rumpel’s Challenge walkthrough and written guide!



Safe travels, “little adventurers!” 😉

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Announcing Poptropica's Halloween Photo Booth challenge!

Get ready to show us your best Halloween photos! With the Halloween Photo Booth Challenge, your avatar and photos have a chance to be featured on Poptropica!

Starting tomorrow, we want to see your most inspired Halloween creations in the Photo Booth. Between October 23 and October 28, put together your best photos in one of five categories:
  • Best Halloween Party
  • Scariest Photo
  • Funniest Photo
  • Most Creative Photo
  • Best Costume
We'll look at all of your entries, and select one winner and five runners-up in each category to be featured on social media.

The winners in each category will also be added to the Photo Booth for a whole week! That means everyone will be able to use your avatar and winning template to make their own photos.

Remember, the Halloween Photo Booth Challenge starts tomorrow. We'll let you know the moment you can start submitting your entries.

We can't wait to see what you come up with!

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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

ANNOUNCING: The Winners of the Fairytale Fanfic Challenge!! 🏰📚✨

What’s popping, y’all? Thank you to everyone who participated in the Fairytale Fanfic Challenge and sent in their fanfic endings to the newest island addition to Poptropica, in addition to your continued patience while we review your work. We asked, and BOY, did you deliver! It was such a pleasure to read all of your stories, the Team had a great time! You’re certainly a talented bunch! Deciding the winners was a difficult task, especially because we received so many entries with such a high caliber of creativity and thought put into them. Although we planned to select the top 3 fanfic submissions, we couldn’t narrow the following several stories down to just 3 – you’ll see why after you read these winning stories!


Without further ado, here are the 4 winning Poptropican fanfics for Fairytale Island!  



“See you soon, Little Adventurer” said Rumpelstiltskin creepily as he grew larger, and then disappeared.  Now I was left alone in this dimly lit palace. Thoughts raced through my mind like “where did he go? Did everyone get their happily ever after? Where is the king?” Then out of nowhere, I heard strange muffling. I trudged through the giant pile of coins, “where did all of this gold come from?” I muttered. I looked around and couldn’t figure out where the sound was coming from. The sound seemed to be coming from a giant pile of coins. I knocked it over and to my surprise the King was there! “Thank you, I thought that I was going to trapped under there forever!” Wow I just met the King of Fairytale Island, better play it cool, “Hello your majesty, I’m glad that I could free you, and if you don’t mind can you show me a way out?” “Happily, this is my castle, I just forgot to pay the electric bill, I can use these coins that evil magic man left behind!” Upon exiting the castle, the prince ran up to father and gave him a big hug! “I missed you so much dad!” “I missed you too, but you still need a job.” The prince gave in to his father’s demand, he thought it was the least he could do since he couldn’t protect him from Rumpelstiltskin kidnapping him.

             Cinderella had kicked off the slippers, and the fancy dress and decided to be true to herself, a Total Metal-Head! She just finished her live concert by blowing the crowd away, literally. When it was over she was finally feeling confident, confident enough to quit her old job and go on tour! She got in Ye Olde Taxi and headed home to Ye Olde Roastery Co. Cinderella’s step-family own the small coffee shop that so many loved. Cinderella was fed up being hired to play classical music at parties and playing the lute outside to customers at the coffee shop. Cinderella jumped off the wagon and with her head held high said “Step-mother I quit, I want to tour all of Poptropica and show all Poptropicans Death Metal!” “WHAT?!” screamed her step-mom. Her sister’s jaw dropped and then asked calmly “Who is going to help us to sell coffee, being paid barely anything?” The prince ran up eagerly “I heard about an opening?”

             Red’s Pizza Basket was the best, and only pizza place the island had! Red came across a problem however. She had trouble getting around to deliver the pizza! The pigs finally done with their brick house, ordered a pizza to celebrate. Red could easily get to them because they were next door. When she delivered the pizza to the pigs, she had a wild idea. “Could you guys help me build paths around the island so I can deliver pizza faster and more efficiently?” “Fine, but after we finish our pizza!” sighed one of the pigs. They worked together and now Red can easily deliver pizza. “You got here under 30 minutes and now I have to pay full price!” wailed Granny.

             Snow White loves animals! She found some purple scrubs and got to work! She put the wolf on a healthy diet necessary for canines, found out that buffalo was drinking soda that caused him to burp, moved the lovebirds away from the puking horse, and found a cure for the puking horse, eventually… She was so happy, she would soon get a veterinary degree and open up Furrytale Clinic.

             In conclusion everyone got their Poptropican Happily Ever After!! For now…


- Written by Speedy Eagle



Rumplestiltskin disappeared, but where to? The question had been in your head since Amelia congratulated you on giving the people of Fairy Tale Island their happy endings. Did you really though? Something was missing. Something didn't feel right. You thought about it some more than realized that the Prince never got a happy ending. He was still stuck crying on the stair steps to the palace. His father was missing. He didn't get anything he wanted. You hadn't completed your mission after all. As Snow White cared for animals, Red Riding Hood conversed with the dwarves, and Cinderella talked with the Huntsman you felt something in your bag. It was the magic lipstick Rumplestiltskin gave you. Could this be used to find Rumplestiltskin and get the Prince his happy ending? Amelia advised you not to use it, but you felt the urge to. You opened the lipstick. Nothing happened. What if you put some on? That's what you're supposed to do with lipstick anyways. You put the lipstick on and still nothing happened. How disappointing. You ran your nonexistent fingers along the tube of the lipstick and felt something. It was an engraving. The engraving said the location of where the lipstick was made. This was it. This was your only clue as to where Rumplestiltskin was. You ran back into the forest to find the lipstick factory. When you arrived you heard screaming in a cottage that looked like a dessert. You looked through the window of the cottage and saw a witch starting a fire and two children tied to a chair. You thought about what to do. Rumplestiltskin said that the lipstick was magical. Maybe if you threw it at the witch it would make her disappear or something, but you needed to find a way into the cottage. There was a window open to let the smoke coming from the fire out. You jumped through the window when the witch wasn't looking and threw the lipstick at her. Nothing happened. Amelia was right. You shouldn't trust magic dudes. This lipstick wasn't magical at all. The witch looks at you and ties you up with the other children who you find out are Hansel and Gretel. After a while, you realize that the rope used to tie you up was actually licorice so you eat your way out and escape with Hansel and Gretel. Hansel and Gretel thank you for your services and ask if there is anything they can do to help you. You ask if they know of a Rumplestiltskin or a man that looks like a goblin. They didn't know of a Rumplestiltskin, but there was a guy who matched the description who lived under a bridge. You find the bridge and see that Rumplestiltskin is not there. Instead, there is a troll and he won't let you through until you answer a riddle. The riddle is tricky, but you manage to answer it. The troll lets you through and once you cross the bridge you see the lipstick factory. You run towards the factory and enter discreetly. The workers look miserable. As if all the life from them was drained. They are packing crates filled with lipstick. You find one of the crates on the floor and open it. The lipstick is the same as the one Rumplestiltskin gave you. You dig through the crate some more to look for any other hints and at the bottom, you see bottles of glitter. The bottles were labeled "stolen happy endings" The lipstick was just a decoy from what they were actually packaging. These crates must have been going to Rumplestiltskin. You need to find a way to ship yourself to him. You figure the only solution is to package yourself in one of these crates. You do so and find a way to move the crate onto the conveyor belt. A day passes and you are finally dropped off somewhere. Once you get out of the crate you find yourself in Rumplestiltskin's house. You walk around trying your best not to make a sound and in a dark room, you see Rumplestiltskin holding a baby and caring for it, but something in this was wrong. It did not seem real. Was it the fact that Rumplestiltskin was too evil to care for a child or was it something else? You looked closer and saw the happy ending dust floating around the room. You come to a realization. Rumplestiltskin was using the dust to create a happy ending for himself. He was stealing happy endings to create his own happy ending. Why would he choose this happy ending though? You thought he would have preferred being the ruler of the world or something, but this happy ending was more peaceful. You move closer but make a sound. Rumplestiltskin hears you and walks up to you in a frightening way. "Who dares intrude upon my house?" the way he said it almost sounded like he was screeching. He took a closer look at your face. "You again?" he started to get concerned and started backing into the room where the child lay. "You better not be here to take away my happy ending!" You respond, "I was here to get a happy ending for the Prince and defeat you, but it appears my agenda needs to be edited. Mind if I ask some questions? "Sure. I like questions." he responded. "You're taking happy endings to make yourself your own happy ending right?" Rumple nodded. "Why haven't you done anything bad to me yet. Like, kidnap me or fight me or something?" Rumple responded, "The child's asleep. Best not to wake it up or let it see me fight others." You continue, "So why are choosing this to be your happy ending?" Rumple responded, "Long ago I used to live in a village with people that looked like me and I had a child. The people of Fantasy Island then ransacked my village and took my child with them. I've never seen her since. Tragic story really, but I have what I want now so leave us alone. You respond, "I'm afraid I can't leave you alone until you return all these happy endings to the people they belong to and tell me where the Prince's father is." Rumple responds, "I can tell you where the Prince's father is, but the happy endings are mine." You thought for a minute and got an idea. "How about this. I go look for your real child and if I find her you give me everything I asked for." Rumple responded, "I already looked for her. I couldn't find her anywhere." You respond, "Have you ever thought about taking a blimp and looking for her that way?" Rumplestiltskin responded, "Whats a blimp?" You smile and take him with you on the blimp to look for his long-lost child. You look everywhere. High and low and can't find her. She is nowhere to be found. The search goes on for many days and you come to the conclusion that his child is long gone and you won't be able to find her. You look at one more stop and your conclusion is confirmed by Rumplestiltskin finding a bracelet he gave his child in an old abandoned house. Rumplestiltskin also comes to this conclusion. He realizes his daughter is gone. You go back with him to his cottage and you try to help him out but he stays quiet. He finally says, "All my hope is gone. I've been living with something that wasn't real. Go on take the happy endings with you. The Prince's father is in a prison in the forest." Now you have come to a dilemma. You promised to get everybody their happy endings but Rumplestiltskin won't have his. There must be something you can do to give him a happy ending. You think about it and realize that you could take him to an orphanage so he can adopt a child. That is exactly what you end up doing and Rumplestiltskin is finally happy. "I know your daughter is gone, but I hope that the opportunity to be a father again is enough to make you feel happy." Rumple responds, "This is more than enough. This is more kindness than anybody has shown me before. Thank you." You leave with all the happy endings and the location of the Prince's father. You give back everybody their happy endings this time and finally complete your mission. "Where there is light there will always be hope."


- Written by Mighty Fox



"If there's one thing I've learned about magic dudes, it's that you can't trust what they say."

- Amelia, Fairytale Island


This is not a glorious saga detailing the great adventures of a hero. This is not even a harrowing tale recounting the nefarious deeds of a villain. This is a simple story of one lost boy never receiving the love he yearned for.


Once upon a time, in the lands of Poptropica, there lay a charming little kingdom. The kingdom of Serenity, it was called. True to its name, it was quite a calm place. Never too rowdy, always calm, peaceful, and, well, serene. Yet, the people of this paradise were not calm above all else. No, the citizens of the kingdom of Serenity were proud, first and foremost. But, they weren't proud of their wealth. They weren't proud of their local heroes. So then, just what were they so proud of, you ask? Well, these citizens were proud of their normalcy. They had a normal amount of citizens. They earned a normal amount of money each year. And, above all, they looked normal. Straight hair, smooth skin, and human-like eyes. All in all, they were normal. And, they were proud of it.


When Rumpelstiltskin was born, the king took one look at his reptilian eyes and deemed him not normal. He then proceeded to lock the boy in the deepest recesses of the castle. After all, abnormal people had no place in the kingdom of Serenity. Especially as the king's very own son. (He didn't even bother giving his son a proper name. Instead, the royal maids and butlers referred to him as the "king's darkest secret.")


Yet, no matter how much effort is put into keeping it, or how serious the issue it covers is, secrets are bound to be broken. Even the "king's darkest secret." This particular secret was broken during one of Rumpelstiltskin's trips to the marketplace. After accidentally running into a merchant, he had hastily apologized and ran back to the safety of the castle. Yet, even that brief encounter was enough for rumors to run amok. "

Did you see that boy? His hair was rumpled!"


After that incident, people started to pay extra attention to the little abnormal gremlin.

"Did you see that rumpled-hair kid?"

"Oh, you mean that boy? I saw him today. And his legs were all stilted!"

"Really, now? I heard that his skin was all clammy, too!"

And so, long before his very own father decided to name his firstborn, the public had already officially named him. Rumplestiltskin.


Still, regardless of these rumors, the young boy tried to not let them affect him. Keyword: tried. "I saw the boy today! He has pointy ears!"

He trained to fight twice as hard as what was expected of him.

"Would you believe it? That boy had razor-sharp teeth!"

He studied the politics of the kingdom three times as hard as what his tutors expected of him. "That boy? Did you know that he has reptilian eyes?"

Day in, and day out, he tried to brush off the whispers and rumors as if they were nothing.

"He is not normal."

 "He is not normal."

 "He is not normal."

Every time, Rumpelstiltskin would shake his head at their remarks. "At least," he thought, "my father will determine whether my brother or I shall inherit the throne based on our skills, and not our looks."




Three months later, as our dear Rumpelstiltskin was about to turn eighteen, his father summoned him to his throne room. For a "meeting", he had said. Rumpelstiltskin was noticeably excited. After all, this would be the opportunity he was waiting for. The one that would show the kingdom's citizens that normalcy wasn't everything. This "meeting" started off quite well. "My dear son," the king had begun, "soon, you shall turn eighteen. As you know, eighteen is the age when the kings of Serenity are supposed to officially declare their son as the heir to the throne. Prior to this date, you have worked extremely hard, and I acknowledge that."


Rumpelstiltskin preened at his father's praise, smiling smugly. "However," the king continued, "it is with deep regrets that I inform you that I cannot name you as the heir to Serenity. Instead, your brother Charming will inherit the throne when I pass on."


Rumpelstiltskin couldn't believe his ears. "And why is that?" he asked, even though he had a growing suspicion that his greatest fears were coming true.


"Well, because," here, the king even went as far as to wrinkle his nose, "because you are not normal."

You are not normal.

You are not normal.


Rumplestiltskin's world shattered.


After that, Rumpelstiltskin no longer cared about trying to be normal. When the public called him a thief, he made sure to plunder the marketplace. When he was being called a monster, he decided to torch a few houses. And finally, when the opportunity arose, he poisoned his father and became the new king of Serenity.


 To this day, Rumplestiltskin is still terrorizing the inhabitants of Serenity while masquerading as his dead father, all because they deemed his appearance not normal.




 - Written by Slippery Sword



Last but certainly not least...


Though everyone seems to have gotten their happy ending, you notice someone who hasn’t: the prince. Still crying, you decide to ask him what’s wrong. “Where is my dad? He still hasn’t come back!” You decide to help him find the real king. Cinder, Snow, Red, the Huntsman, and the dwarves decide to help. Amelia apparently had to go on “another adventure.” You all enter the castle, and everyone splits up to explore different parts of it. You and the prince check the throne room. The throne room is the same place where you had freed Rumpelstiltskin. There’s gold everywhere, but you find a single piece of straw. A clue, perhaps? The prince decides to wait in the throne room. You meet up with the rest of the group, who haven’t found anything of interest. Frustrated, the Huntsman throws his axe at the wall, almost hitting Cinder. “Hey, watch it!” she says, just as the broken wall reveals a secret staircase. The staircase leads to the castle’s dungeon. You spot the king is in one of the cells, but there are monsters guarding it. Cinder plays some music to distract them, while the dwarves easily walk through the prison bars and unchain the king. The Huntsman wanted to deal with the monsters himself, but Snow and Red were able to stop him. You wonder how the king will be able to escape the cell, as he is too big to walk through the bars, but he suddenly uses a magic spell, freeing himself and making the monster guards fall asleep. “There’s no time for thank you’s. We need to get out of here!” the king exclaims. “Hey, can we leave behind beef bro,” says Red. The king looks confused for a moment, before they all run out of the dungeon. You and the king go back to the throne room to meet the prince. He immediately hugs the king and cries tears of joy. “Oh, dad! You’re back! I missed you so much!” “Uh, who are you?” the king replies. “I’m your son!” The king just stands there, silent. “How long were you down there for?” you ask. “About 20 years, give or take. I don’t remember ever having a son.” The prince bursts into tears again. “I guess my dad really is an alien! And now I’m not a prince either, so I need to find a job!” “An alien?” “I think he means Rumpelstiltskin,” you say. “He disguised himself as you and then I accidentally freed him. Sorry.” The king sighs. “Ah yes, Rumpelstiltskin. He was the one who imprisoned me in my own castle. Of course he took over the kingdom!” “You know him? What happened 20 years ago?” you ask. Just then, the others walk in. “Can we go now?” Red says. “I need to get back to my pizza shop.” “And I have a date with Cinderella!” the Huntsman chimes in. Cinder, annoyed, reminds him that she’s not dating him anymore. “Snow White, what about you then-“ “No.” “Cinderella? Snow White? What’s up with those names?” the king asks. “Don’t tell me this is Fairytale Island now.” “It is.” “I knew I shouldn’t have given the shadow monster that name...” “Rumpelstiltskin is your son? Yay, I’m still a prince then!” “No, he is not my son. Let me just explain...” The king goes on to explain that he used to rule over a normal kingdom...well, except for the fact that there were magical creatures. One day, a shadow monster appeared, and threatened to turn the entire kingdom into ruin. The king was able to use his magic to seal away the monster’s true power. The spell he used required the monster’s name to be said three times, and the monster could not say or write the full thing himself. The spell reminded the king of a fairy tale he had read, which led to him calling the monster Rumpelstiltskin. “I guess with that name and the magic of this kingdom, he decided to rebrand it as Fairytale Island when he took over,” the king says. “That explains why he made everyone follow the plots of fairy tales - and why they didn’t go as planned!” you reply. “So my entire life was a waste?” the Huntsman says sadly. “Yeah, and if you keep it up, you really won’t have one.” Red points to the dungeon. The Huntsman runs away. “So, where are my real parents then?” the prince asks, still sad. You show the king the piece of straw you had found. “I’m assuming Rumpelstiltskin followed his own fairy tale, then. You were probably kidnapped,” he states. “WHAT?” the prince bursts into tears again. “I’ll adopt you. I’ll start on the paperwork right away.” “Sniff, thank you.” “And thank you!” the king says. “But what about Rumpelstiltskin?” “I think that Huntsman is a bigger threat.” The real king reclaimed his throne, with the newly adopted prince as his heir. Red and Cinder began dating, and Snow opened the first veterinarian office in Poptropica exclusively for magical creatures. The huntsman was found and arrested while on a date with the Fairy Godmother. And you decided to travel to other islands, always keeping an eye out for the smoke monster.”


- Written by Tall Cactus



How amazing were those Fairytale Fanfics?! Let’s all give Speedy Eagle, Mighty Fox, Slippery Sword, and Tall Cactus a round of applause for their fantastic stories! Thank you so much to everyone for putting such creativity and effort into your work -- we loved every second of it!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Time has run out to enter the Photo Booth Challenge!

Update: Time's up! If we didn't get your entry by midnight last night, you won't be able to win. Sorry :(

Keep an eye out for the announcement of the winners!

There are only a few hours left to enter the Halloween Photo Booth Challenge!

Winners will have their avatars and photo templates featured in the Photo Booth. But any entries received after midnight tonight, Eastern time, will not be eligible!

So don't wait any longer. Visit Poptropica now and give us your best Halloween photo!

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Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Photo Booth Challenge winners!

We've looked at thousands of entries in Poptropica's Halloween Photo Booth Challenge. They made us laugh, they made us scream, they made us -- well, not cry, exactly, but some of them were pretty poignant!

As promised, we've selected one winner and five runners-up in each category. Without further ado, here they are!

Best Costume - Golden Typhoon

Best costume in Poptropica's Halloween Photo Booth.
Golden Typhoon didn't just make a great werewolf costume -- she also posed it mid-transformation for a dramatic photo. Look how the other wolves are welcoming the newest member of their pack! Creepy!

Great runners up, too, including characters inspired by some of your favorite movies and comic books.

Best Halloween Party - Speedy Knuckle

Best Halloween Party in Poptropica's Halloween Photo Booth.
Judging by the entries we received in this category, Poptropicans know how to get down! Please invite us to all of your future parties. Our winner was Speedy Knuckle, whose composition and character poses made for a rockin' good time.

Special mention to the runners up, each of whom brought a fun twist to the idea of a Halloween party.

Funniest Photo - Tall Kid

Funniest Photo in Poptropica's Halloween Photo Booth.
Tons of hilarious entries in this category. In the end, we had to give the top spot to Tall Kid, who gave us three monsters (and two bats) chasing a poor Poptropican in a hot dog costume. We always knew that would get you in the end.

You're not seeing double in the runners-up. Fast Lizard placed twice, and with good reason!

Most Creative Photo - Smart Glove

Most Creative Photo in Poptropica's Halloween Photo Booth.
Every photo we got was creative. Smart Glove zoomed out to show Halloween from a perspective we hadn't really seen before.

Check out the runners up for some clever and fun storytelling, too.

Scariest Photo - Maroon Bird

Scariest Photo in Poptropica's Halloween Photo Booth.
The Jersey Devil found his way into a lot of the scariest photos, but it was Maroon Bird's contribution to the Slenderman tale that earned top honors in this category.

Pretty much all of these are a little too scary, though. Maybe you should scroll back up to the funny ones.

The winners in each category will now have their avatars and their photos added to the Photo Booth for the next week. So if you want to get up close and personal with the winning entries, go to Poptropica now and try out the Halloween Photo Booth!

Thanks to everyone who contributed. Happy Halloween!

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