Thursday, July 15, 2021

July's Costume Contest is Ending Soon! ⏰👀

Pop of the morning to you, Poptropicans! 🎩


There are only 2 days left to participate in July’s costume contest! Enter your costume designs to the submissions page by tomorrow, Friday, July 16th by 8pm PST, for the opportunity to get your design and artwork into the game!


The Baron sets sail! She'll be back every month with more surprises!


Winning costume designs will be available to all players (for free!) aboard the Baron’s Airship, the next time she visits Home Island! While she may be gone for the time being, she is certainly not forgotten. We can’t wait to have her back!



The costume contests will be happening on a monthly basis, so there are plenty of upcoming chances for you to visibly contribute to the game, turn your design into a reality, and share your creativity with millions of other Poptropicans in the community!  For more info about the monthly costume competitions, click HERE!


Don’t forget -- Your costume submission should be original!


  • Get creative! Look for inspiration in your favorite looks that you can put your own spin on! From TV/film, your personal wishlist outfits, career uniforms, and celebrity sightings, you can design just about anything!


  • Costumes may also include accessories and special powers.


  • While designing your entry, be sure it can be reproduced as a Poptropica Costume. Avoid including tiny details would be hard to recreate and using previous store costumes. Where’s the fun in that?


When submitting your design, be sure to include your Poptropican’s name and your login username. Please be aware that there is a three entry maximum per person, per month. But don't be discouraged if your design wasn't chosen, we've received an incredible amount of creative and unique costume designs, we wish we could choose them all! Feel free to resubmit past design submissions that you're proud of or come up with new costume ideas for each month's contest!


After entering your design via our submissions page, share your costume design on Instagram!  Use the hashtags #MyPoptropicaCostume, #poptropica,  and tag @poptropicacreators. Don’t hesitate to leave any questions or comments about the costume contest below!


Good luck, Poptropicans – you got this! 👍✨


Monday, July 12, 2021

This Week's Store Update: Clubhouse and Costume Craze! 🛍

Howdy, Poptropicans!


Today’s store update has plenty of new goodies, especially if you’re in the market for new clubhouse gear! You can visit the clubhouse specific store via the options menu in the bottom left hand corner of your clubhouse. 


Clubhouse Store Access


This week, the clubhouse store update features a handful of new and exciting décor options!


New Clubhouse Items


Style your clubhouse with a sleek, White Dresser for a modern twist or take a more laid back approach to furnishing your home with the Storage Trunk!


White Dresser and Storage Trunk


If you’re feeling inspired by your favorite influencers and youtubers, the Selfie Ring Light with Tripod is an easy choice. Even Poptropicans can appreciate proper lighting!


Selfie Ring Light with Tripod


Or maybe you’re looking to incorporate some fun summer vibes into your house? The Pineapple Picture is a sweet addition to any room and perfect for adding a tropical feel! 🍍


Pineapple Picture


ORRR, if you prefer clubhouse gear that matches your own hobbies, the Skateboard and Mobile Phone items are right up your alley!


Skateboard and Mobile Phone


In addition to the fantastic newly released décor options, Amelia’s Adventure Outfitters store on Mainstreet also dropped some new costumes!


Rotation 1


Rotation 2


Rotation 3


Rotation 4


The new Galaxy Hoodie is a new (inter)stellar costume for space enthusiasts and fashion aficionados alike! Give yourself a cosmic costume complete with a dazzling star-covered hoodie and thick rimmed, black glasses. You’re going to look out of this world! The Galaxy Hoodie is available to members only for 150 credits.


Galaxy Hoodie with Glasses


You may recognize these other returning costumes from a previous update. But it’s the perfect season for their rerelease!


The Dangerous Waters costume showcases a shark graphic tee, boardshorts, and spiky hair resembling the easily recognizable dorsal fin characteristic of a shark. The shark inspired outfit is available for 350 credits. Watch out for something in the water… After all, Poptropica is built on many different islands. 👀🦈 


Dangerous Waters costume


Last, but certainly not least, the store update includes a members only Floral Tee costume, available for 150 credits! The outfit is perfect for a day out and about in the sun or just lounging at home. The flowery design on the graphic tee is casual, but effortlessly cute. Floral Tees and frolicking in the flower fields, anyone? 💐


Floral Tee costume



That’s it for today’s inventory update! Don’t forget to tune in next Monday for another weekly store update. What’d you think of the new costumes and clubhouse gear, Poptropicans? Let us know in the comments below! 👇 👇


Monday, July 12, 2021

Guest Blog: Poptropica Outfit Ideas with Golden Wolf! 🐺💛

Happy summer Poptropicans! 🌞


Today I am going to be showing you guys some outfits that I mixed and matched! (Disclaimer: I used some things  that aren’t available from the shop any more. I apologize for any inconvenience).


Here’s our first look! I used the Pastel Hoodie for the top, Reversible Octopus , and I got the hair from the Rib Wrap Outfit. It’s a cute and cozy look!


Top: Pastel Hoodie; Item: Reversible Octopus


Our second look: Spring Fling for the hair, and Hiker Cutie for the shirt! It’s casual with a little flair.



Shirt: Hiker Cutie; Hair: Spring Fling


For our third look, I used the Sunset Tee, and I got the hair from Rainbow Storm. Perfect for hot summer days.


Shirt: Sunset Tee; Hair: Rainbow Storm


Fourth look: Rib Wrap Outfit for the shirt, and Pastel Hoodie for the hair. Casual and sweet!


Top: Rib Wrap; Hair: Pastel Hoodie


And last, but definitely not least, the fifth look! I used Spring Fling for the dress, Boho Beauty for the hair, and Floral Spring Dress for the bag. It’s sweet and breezy!


Dress: Spring Fling; Hair: Boho Beauty; Purse: Floral Spring Dress


Also, here’s a picture I drew of my poptropican in my art style with the real one:


Golden Wolf's Self Portrait!


Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed that post! See ya around Poptropica! 💙


Friday, July 9, 2021

Guest Blog: Poptropica Merch Review of the Funny Bunny Hat by Spotted Dragon! 🐰🧢

Hey Poptropicans! Today, I’m bringing you a quick review of the Funny Bunny Farmer’s Hat from the official Poptropica Zazzle Store.


The cap costs US$14.95 and comes in one style: white/green. Though it comes in one size, there is an adjustable snap strap on the back ranging from 17″ to 24″. The front is made of 100% polyester foam and the back is 100% nylon mesh. It is a trucker style hat, so the mesh back is quite breathable.


Zazzle Hat Model for Funny Bunny Hat
Zazzle Hat Model for Funny Bunny Hat


Funny Bunny Carrot Farm on 24 Carrot Island
Funny Bunny Carrot Farm on 24 Carrot Island


The Funny Bunny Carrot Farm comes from 24 Carrot Island and is certainly a recognizable, classic design. Other than this hat, it is also available on a mug. I’m impressed with the quality of the print!


The foam front is a bit stiff, but not too bad. And the adjustable strap works well. The brim is strong, yet flexible, and the hat is overall pretty comfortable to wear.


Top of Funny Bunny Hat


Bottom of Funny Bunny Hat


I’ll be excited to wear my new Funny Bunny hat more this summer and see how it holds up against the brutal summer sun.


Thanks to the Poptropica Creators for sponsoring this post! They gifted the Poptropica Help Blog a Zazzle gift card so we could share these reviews with you guys. Check out the PHB’s Merchandise Guide for more product info! 💫


Stay funny, Poptropicans!




Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Guest Post: Reappearing Poptropican Deep Dive with Happy Starfish! 🌟🐠👀

 Greetings fellow players! This is Happy Starfish reporting in for another guest blog post. As a veteran of Poptropica for 13 years, there’s been a lot of islands to explore and complete. One of the elements that makes an island unique is its extensive line of different characters. From innocent bystanders to hidden villains, each island has its own set of protagonists and antagonists.


That being said, you’ve probably been exploring and completing islands on your own, especially the new island: Fairytale Island. Now Fairytale Island also has an extensive line of characters like the surprisingly docile wolf, the mid-life crisis prince and the rock and roll Cinderella. However there is one character you might not have noticed right away: the boy with the puffy blue sweater and striped hat. Don’t know what I’m talking about? That’s okay! I’ll point it out!


When you’re escorting (or rather carrying) Cinderella to the ball (and rock and roll awakening), you pass a carriage wedged in the mud. On top of the carriage is the boy with the puffy blue sweater and striped hat.


Recent Appearance of the Poptropican from Fairytale Island


Starting to look familiar?


Now that you’ve seen him, some of you might be thinking: haven’t I seen him somewhere else? And that answer to that is YES! The mysterious blue boy can also be seen on various islands accompanied by an arcade advertisement.


Another Sighting of the Mysterious Blue Boy!


With so many appearances, you might be wondering who he is. Is he a mascot for Poptropica? Is he from another island? Does he have a significance? Or is he just another unique and interesting character?


Well the answer to all those questions is that the mysterious blue boy is actually from another island. And that island is…..SOS Island!


S.O.S. Island


SOS Island is one of the original islands Poptropica had before flash expired. It involved a sinking ship, a loyal captain and the concept of your avatar trying to save all remaining passengers before the ship completely submerged into the sea. Mysterious blue boy was one of those passengers. But...he didn’t always look like he did now. In fact, his hat actually had the emblem of I ❤️ 

whales on it and he was wearing a life vest. The whale boy was the first passenger your avatar rescued; he also had an intriguing love for whales to the point that he had a whale caller machine. For some of you, this fact might’ve been a blast from the past and for others it might’ve been a completely new fact!


"Save me, whale!"
Courtesy of Spotted Dragon for the Photo:


His adoration for whales and adorable outfit caused him to be an instant favorite in my book. And I guess I’m not the only one! After all, the whale boy has now made numerous appearances on different islands! So, while SOS island is gone for now, the whale boy lives on! And who knows? He might not be the only character from the original islands to appear on Poptropica.



Poptropicans, please join us in giving a warm round of applause to our friend, Happy Starfish for their amazing guest blog! What a sharp eye! Thank you so much for being a veteran player and sharing your catch with us, we appreciate it! 

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

This Week's Store Update: Water Balloon Inspired Costumes 🌊🎈

What’s new with you, Poptropica crew?! 🕺


In addition to the Baron’s Cabin of Curiosities pop up store, Mainstreet’s Adventure Outfitters had another inventory drop this week! You’ll notice the restock of some familiar favorites, including Acidic Dinosaur, Prom Princess, and Barbarian Warrior, but the update includes two new costumes!


Store Rotation 1


Store Rotation 2


Store Rotation 3


Store Rotation 4


There are two new costumes available: Water Fight and Water Battle! The costumes are perfect for summer’s most competitive game – water balloons. It’s a high risk, high reward brawl and your opponents would be irritated to see you come out of it still looking fresh as can be.


Water Fight and Water Battle costumes


The Water Fight costume is a laid back surfer look. The boardshorts and matching tank and sunglasses are a cool combo!  Fun sunglasses are IN right now! Of course, the costume wouldn’t be complete without a water cannon.


Water Fight costume


Water Battle is another outfit curated with water balloon games in mind! The costume includes a lush head of curls, round sunnies, a pink swimsuit, and water blaster. Be ready to take on your friends at any time with your blaster, balloon battles are no joke!


Water Battle


July’s members gifts also dropped recently! This month’s gifts include Big, Red Headphones, One Wheel Rider, and a Radio Controlled Helicopter follower!


Big, Red Headphones


One Wheel Rider and Remote Controlled Helicopter Follower


Don’t forget – July’s costume contest is in full swing, you can get your own costume design into the game and featured in the Baron’s Cabin of Curiosities! Click HERE to find out more about the monthly costume contest! This month’s contest ends Friday, July 16th at 8pm PST. 


Stay hydrated, Poptropicans! Catch you on the flippity flop! 👉😎👉

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

The Baron and Their Airship Has Arrived on Home Island! 🥳💙

🚨 This is not a drill, Poptropicans. I repeat, this is not a drill. 🚨


The Baron and her Airship have made landfall on Home Island today! And she did not arrive empty handed! Pop into Home Island to greet the Baron and enter the Airship to check out some awesome new features!


The Baron has arrived to Home Island!


You don’t want to miss out on this, y’all. The Baron’s Airship is only in town for a limited time, but will be returning regularly every single month! This month, the Baron will be staying a few extra days more than usual. The Baron’s first reappearance deserves an extended celebration!


Enter the Baron's Airship on Home Island's Mainstreet


Climb aboard the flying vessel, where you can interact with other players, chat, play games, and send friend requests to Poptropicans you meet on the deck! There’s even an enhanced invite option where you can invite your Poptropipals, both new and old, to your own private party room! You’re transported to a separate room where you can interact with your invitees – friends only!


Best of all, the Baron’s Cabin of Curiosities store on the Airship has an amazing collection of costumes and clubhouse decorations! In the Cabin of Curiosities, you can purchase the winning Movie Geek and Love Potion Demon costumes from June’s design contest for FREE! 🔥


Movie Geek by Bronze Eye


Love Potion Demon by Shy Ghost


The Baron has kindly included a tribute to the Poptropicans behind the designs – Bronze Eye and Shy Ghost!


Winning Costume Showcase


The Baron has plenty of other surprises as well! Past popular costumes and clubhouse decorations have reemerged from the Poptropica vault and can be found in the Cabin!


Cabin of Curiosities Inventory 1


Cabin of Curiosities Inventory 2


The Baron's Cabin is costumes galore! You can also purchase the memorable Hercules statue from Mythology Island, a bonsai tree, and a portrait of Mordred to decorate your clubhouse! Home sweet home.


Try on Binary Bard’s iconic attire. You’ll be surprised by how perfect the Bard’s ensemble transforms your Popsona into the delightful evil genius.


Binary Bard costume


Not in the mood for evil genius hijinx? Change into the Dragon costume! In Poptropica, dragon costumes are for any day! Need to return the happy endings to the people of Fairytale Island? Dragon costume. Want to solve the mystery of who’s behind the carrot thievery? Dragon costume.


Dragon costume



Maybe you’d rather wear the Cosmic Noble costume? Press spacebar to change the cosmic costume’s coloring from purple to orange! This transformation is outta this world!!


Cosmic Noble costume


Or, if you want an edgy, otherworldly outfit, try on the Cyber Hunter costume! In this costume, you’re ready to navigate the galaxy! Channel your inner futuristic, space cowboy persona through your Popsona! Between the neon accessories and face paint, no one’s going to give you trouble.


Cyber Hunter costume


We hope you’re just as excited as us about the Baron and their Airship’s arrival to Home Island! There’s a bunch of new features that allow you to collaborate and interact with other players, earn credits, and expand your wardrobe! Who knows, maybe you’ll even run into some of the Creators’ Team aboard the Baron’s Airship… 👀  😉



The Baron and their Airship will only be docked for a limited time, so tune in before it’s too late! What do you think of the latest update, Poptropicans? Let us know in the comments below! 👇

Friday, July 2, 2021

July's Costume Contest is Happening NOW! 🤩🚨

Top of the morning to ya, Poptropicans!


What an incredible turnout for the reinstallment of monthly costume contests! The art team absolutely loved seeing your costume designs and have nothing but praise for every single one of you! We're so impressed seeing the fantastic effort and response you've put into June's inaugural costume contest -- thank you to everyone that participated!  Don't be discouraged if your design wasn't chosen, we've received an incredible amount of creative and unique costume designs, we wish we can choose them all. As always, you're more than welcome to resubmit past design submissions that you're proud of, as well as any new costume designs you create! 👀


Earlier this week, we’ve given you a sneak peek into The Baron’s Cabin of Curiosities store, where the winners of June's contest will have their costumes available to all players for free! Have you seen last month's winning costume designs yet?! Click here to check out the Movie Geek costume by Bronze Eye and Love Potion Demon costume by Shy Ghost – these fan outfits will be here before you know it!


As the release of June’s contest winners’ costumes in the Cabin of Curiosities store draws near, it’s time for another round of the monthly contest! LET’S GOOOOOOOO. 


July’s costume contest will last 2 weeks! You can submit your costume designs beginning TODAY, until the contest ends on JULY 16TH at 8pm PST. Use the submissions portal to enter your designs in the competition, for the chance to get your idea into the game through Poptropica's latest store aboard The Baron's Airship, in the Cabin of Curiosities! 



Monthly Costume Contest


If you'd like to see YOUR IDEA in the Poptropica store, this is the way to do it! Do you wish you could match your favorite outfit with your Popsona? Do you fantasize about streetwear?  Maybe you’d love to see some goth gear? Or do you want to celebrate your favorite holiday in a special, festive fit?


In the past, our official costume contests were held occasionally. This time, we’re reviving the costume competition to continue on a monthly basis, to give you the opportunity to turn your designs into a realityvisibly contribute to the game itself, and most importantly, share your ideas to millions across the community!



Your costume submission should be original!


  • Get creative! Look for inspiration in your favorite looks that you can put your own spin on! From TV/film, your personal wishlist outfits, career uniforms, and celebrity sightings, you can design just about anything!


  • Costumes may also include accessories and special powers.


  • While designing your entry, be sure it can be reproduced as a Poptropica Costume. Avoid including tiny details would be hard to recreate and using previous store costumes. Where’s the fun in that?


Each month's costume contest will be open for 2 weeks! Enter your costume creations via our submissions page! Be sure to include your Poptropican’s name and your login username. Please be aware that there is a three entry maximum per person each month.


You can also share your costume design on Instagram! Use the hashtags #MyPoptropicaCostume and #Poptropica – don’t forget to tag us @poptropicacreator! Don’t hesitate to leave any questions or comments about the contest below. Good luck, Poptropicans – we can’t wait to see what you put down the runway! 👀💃 🕺