Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Goofball Island's hitting the map TOMORROW! ⏳🤪🗺

Good news, Poptropicans! The time we’ve all been waiting for is finally upon us…


Can you believe it’s T-minus 1 day until Goofball Island opens its gates?!


1 day until Goofball Island's release


Goofball Island will be launching TOMORROW, November 18th!  


If you missed out on the previous sneak peeks into the upcoming dream island winner, check out the behind-the-scenes previews into Goofball Island’s characters, story, and design.


Goofball Island sneak peek


Check back tomorrow and let the fun begin! Catch you all around Goofball, Poptropicans!

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Guest Blog: Dream Island Comparisons by Invisible Ring 👀💍

Invisible Ring here! It’s been some time now since Fairytale island came out, but it’s the first Poptropica island since Wild Safari in 2019! More importantly, it’s also the first dream island since Arabian Nights island from 2014! 


(...Wow, I can’t believe we finally have a new dream island after 7 years!)


The point is now we have 2 dream islands! The question is: How do they compare? Both of these dream islands have fabulous artwork and music. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have enjoyed doing free explores in both islands, even after earning the medallions. And they both come from classic storybook legends! (Coincidence? I have no idea!) But there can be no doubt that these dream islands are very different from each other. 


The first difference is that Amelia Earhart is on Fairytale island with us! I never thought that she would show up on more islands than just home island and Monkey Wrench. Have you? 


Amelia on Fairytale island


As for the location, Fairytale is currently on Haxe only, and Arabian Nights Island is currently on the mobile app only. In regards to the actual islands, The Arabian Nights island is the last of the episodic adventures, comprising 3 episodes. Fairytale is our first island made up of side quests (3 of them to be exact), making it much shorter and easier than Arabian Nights. (3 episodes vs. 3-side quests… yet another coincidence?)


These dream islands tell different stories, too. Arabian Nights is a challenging island. It has a complex story with mystery, intensity, and action that keeps all players young and old at the edge of their seats. 


Invisible Ring in Arabian Nights


...But if you’re looking for an easy and lighthearted island with a few laughs, I’d recommend Fairytale island in an instant.


Red and Invisible Ring on Fairytale Island


The endings are a huge difference as well. Fairytale island is left on a cliffhanger. Not to mention fairytale is the first and only island so far that has ever hosted an epilogue fanfiction contest. Soon afterward, Amelia opened up a teahouse in her shop and set up a workshop to try and analyze the fairytale item we never used.


Invisible Ring Exploring Amelia's Clubhouse


However, the members-only bonus quest just came out, solving the cliffhangers of Fairytale island. I made a gameplay video of the fairytale island and bonus quest put together the very day it was released. (Apparently though, so did Poptropica, so I question why I made such this gameplay in the first place! But I thought I should just drop my gameplay down here for whoever has not yet learned how the ending turned out, just in case.) 



Arabian Nights is a little less complicated. It has a cliffhanger for episodes 1 and 2, but episode 3 resolves the cliffhangers and has a happy ending with no strings attached. 

In my opinion, both of these islands have happy endings, but Fairytale isn’t the island where everyone has a happy ending. Arabian Nights Island is. 


...And I apologize, but I do NOT have a video showing the Arabian Nights quests! But you can find the walkthroughs on Captain Thinknoodles channel, or go check out the island episodes on the Poptropica mobile app!


Bazaar in Arabian Nights


Last but not least, I found some interesting stuff when I compared the medallions of these dream islands. Whether or not it is of any importance is a subject I will let you decide, but one thing is for sure, I had fun looking into this part!


Invisible Ring's Fairytale Island Medallion



This is a royal beauty. A gold medallion with a royal purple strap? Doesn’t get more fairytale than that! Say… that medallion has Rumplestiltskin’s face! The face of the same guy who ruled the island!.... Oh my gosh, does that mean that this is Rumplestiltskin’s medallion?! He must have dropped it when he turned into smoke and escaped!


Invisible Ring's Arabian Nights Medallion


...And now… for the big question for EVERYONE. Which dream island is your favorite and why? Leave your answers and comments down below, and keep a lookout for Dream island #3: Goofball island!


Pop to ya later, everyone!

Monday, November 15, 2021

You're Invited: NEW Goofy Clubhouse Challenge! 💥🤪🏡

Thought the goofy goodies were only limited to Adventure Outfitters? Think again! As Goofball Island’s release inches closer, we’d like to celebrate by challenging you to a Goofy Clubhouse Challenge!

We challenge all Poptropicans to decorate your clubhouses in the goofiest way imaginable! Don’t be afraid to go ALL OUT! If you need a little nudge in getting started, try converting your cottage with crazy combos, clashing decorations, and unexpected placements to get a feel of the challenge. If you’re asking yourself if your cottage is a bit too bizarre, you’re on the right path! The wackier, the better. Do you have decorations that you’ve thought were too weird or would look out of place? This is the perfect time to pull those out of your inventory!


As a reward for your silly transformations, the 3 most outrageous clubhouses will receive an awesome credit bonus that can be spent in Adventure Outfitters, the Baron’s Cabin of Curiosities, or the clubhouse store! To enter, please use the submissions page to submit a short video of your clubhouse or send us your account username so we can check out your bizarro arrangements ourselves! The Goofy Clubhouse Challenge will last exactly 1 week, and will end on Monday, November 22nd, at 8pm PST.


BUUUUUT, don’t forget about November’s ongoing costume contest! This month’s costume contest ends this Friday, November 19th, at 8pm PST. Create (draw, sketch, paint, etc.) and submit your original outfit designs for the chance to be one of the select few players that have won their costume and art in the game. Click the link above for all contest details or click here to see past submission reels, winners, and more!


Good luck, everyone!

Monday, November 15, 2021

Adventure Outfitters' releases new goofy get-ups! 🤪👀

Happy World Kindness Day, Poptropicans! As you go about your day, try to go out of your way to do a simple act of kindness for someone. No matter what you do, spread kindness.


Now, onto today’s store update! Today’s inventory drop is a GOOFY one! Adventure Outfitters is preparing for the launch of Goofball Island by stocking new and outrageous outfits, as well as continuing to add some seasonal fall wear!


Let’s shop ‘til we pop!


Adventure Outfitters 1Adventure Outfitters 2Adventure Outfitters 3Adventure Outfitters 4


The latest additions to the store inventory is the Frosty Flannel costume! The Frosty Flannel ‘fit is available to all players for 250 credits. The costume’s grey flannel, beanie, and denim jeans can be used to create your own neutral look or add a subtle trendiness to any costume combination.


With that, let’s move onto Adventure Outfitters’ goofy goodies!


Adventure Outfitters - Left


The left display features a fun bunch of gag gifts, including the Rawr-in Hat (250 credits), an adorable Pie Pal follower (200 credits), Hot Dog costume (250 credits), Large Fry outfit (200 credits), and Eye See You googly eyes (100 credits). Let your wackiness and imagination run wild with these looks! 🌭🍟🥧


Adventure Outfitters - Right


On the right side of the store, you’ll find last week’s fall clubhouse decorations, as well as the Soda Pop costume (250 credits), Hatters Gonnna Hat cukooo clock hat (250 credits), and a Slice of Pie ensemble (250 credits)!  Are these goofy enough for you?!



That wraps up this week’s store update! What do you think of AO’s newest gear? Have a favorite that you can’t wait to customize? Stay tuned for more updates about Goofball Island’s release – coming soon!

Friday, November 12, 2021

Guest Blog: Poptropica Boredom Busters by Golden Crown! 👑✨

Hey, Poptropicans!


Golden Crown here, with some Poptropica Tips! If you’re like me, you’ve probably completed every island possible, like, five times. That’s okay, because here are some Poptastic Boredom Busters and challenges to do while you’re waiting on islands! 


  1. Win at every game.

Go on, hit the arcade, you’ve earned it! Play Star Link, Balloons, or my personal favorite, Sky Dive! Try against different players and see how many times you can win at each game! If you want to test your maneuvering skills, some other games you can play are Clear the Skies with 1st Mate Ack and The Cheetah Bandit’s Race!


  1. Buy everything you can.

To be honest, I’m still completing this. I haven’t bought everything, but I’m close! You don’t even have to USE everything you buy; you can honestly just buy stuff because you have the money. Go to every common room and every store you can! Remember, your clubhouse has a store as well!


  1. Look for details.

Go through the islands, looking for easter eggs and things that point to other islands. For instance, I was in Poptropicon, when I saw an advertisement for a movie called “The Hobo” that looked suspiciously like a certain movie I enjoy.


The Hobo movie poster


  1. Throw a party!

Invite your friends to your clubhouse and just be silly and have fun! Play games, like tag! (Yes, Poptropica tag is a thing, trust me) Dress up!


  1. Take pictures around Poptropica.

Take a few selfies! I love to make my own Poptropica art. Check these out:


Aphrodite and Golden Crown on Mythology Island

Aphrodite and I, just hanging out!


Princess Golden Crown

Poor Princess GC!


I love Poptropica Dress Up. I can be whoever I please! What’s your favorite outfit?


I hope you enjoyed this post! In the comments, rate which Poptastic Boredom Buster is your favorite!

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Earn your free Encanto prizes from the Madrigal family! 🌺

Partake in Disney’s special event by traveling through the map’s Encanto portal or head directly to Mythology Island. Once in Mythology, walk to your right until you run into Mirabel and the rest of her family, the Madrigals.


Mythology Island's Encanto video billboard


Watch the short trailer previewing the magical adventure, and in return, you’ll receive two free prizes: a Capybara Follower and Flower Power reward! Add the world’s largest rodent to your travels throughout Poptropica and watch the capybara dutifully run, jump, and soar by your side. The Flower Power prize pairs a giant, purple flower with your Popsona! Press the spacebar to activate the item’s special power and leave a floral flourish behind you.


Flower Power reward and Capybara follower


Are you excited for Encanto’s release later this month? I know I am! Don’t miss out on snagging Encanto’s free prizes – Mirabel and the Madrigal family detour to Poptropica is only for a short while! 

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Cozying up with clubhouse and costume consignments! 🧥🍂

The weather’s getting colder, it’s just about time to start bundling up! This week’s store update is a short and sweet one, let’s see what new and exciting items Amelia’s picked out for Poptropicans!


Adventure Outfitters 1Adventure Outfitters 2Adventure Outfitters 3Adventure Outfitters 4


Yesterday, Adventure Outfitters introduced the new Denim Delight costume! All players can purchase the cute and cozy outfit for 250 credits. Elevate your fall fashion game with Denim Delight and customize the caramel-colored jean jacket look to fit your aesthetic.


Denim Delight



Autumn is no stranger to the specialized clubhouse store either! This week’s clubhouse decorations include a cute Coffee Maker (200 credits), Fall Wreath (150 credits), Pumpkin Bean Bag (250 credits), and an Autumn Leaf Garland (150 credits)! Although the Coffee Maker is only available for members, the remaining gear is available to all players. How will you decorate your clubhouse to fit the season?


Clubhouse store items


That wraps up this week’s store update! Don’t forget, last week’s Mission Atlantis gear is still in stock in AO! Prepare for your deep dive with the Scuba Adventure and Puffer Fish costumes, as well as the friendly fish followers and clubhouse gear!

Monday, November 8, 2021

Sneak Peek: Goofball Island’s preparing to welcome players! 🤪

Happy Monday, Poptropicans!


Let’s kick this week off with a high note – here’s a super special sneak peek for the upcoming Goofball Island! The brand-new dream island is coming to Poptropica very soon and will be available to all players! But until it’s release, here’s a teaser to get the goof-train rolling. 🚂


Drum roll, please…


Goofball Island Teaser


Goofball Island is home to the whackiest Poptropicans around! The goofy citizens enjoy the silly bliss the island offers, but not everyone is fond of Goofball’s usual hijinks. Dr. Blandston, the island’s resident evil scientist, isn’t amused by the jokes and laughter the rest of the citizens adore. Instead, Dr. Blandston has developed a high-tech device, designed to purge Goofball Island of its colorful setting and fun-loving character. The island is running out of options… it’s up to you to stop Dr. Blandston from transforming Goofball into a dull, boring husk of its former glory. Do you have what it takes to protect Goofball Island?


Take a minute to examine the sneak peek, you may be able to make your own theories about the island’s bizarro townspeople. What are your immediate first impressions? Is there anything in particular you’re hoping to see in Goofball? Will Dr. Blandston put an end to the fun and joy that makes Goofball Island the haven it is? And just for fun, what’s one goofy habit you have that the bland scheming scientist would absolutely hate? 👀


Embrace your wackiness, Poptropicans. Your goofy quirks should be celebrated! Don’t let anyone – especially someone as dull as Dr. Blandston – tell you otherwise.


Hope you enjoyed the latest preview of Goofball Island! Stay tuned for more news about the upcoming island's release, future game updates, and so much more coming your way!