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Jade Scarab Island: A Written Walkthrough & Guide 🪲🏺✨

Jade Scarab Island - now available


Begin your adventure on Jade Scarab Island! Walk down Mainstreet and pass the Museum of Really Old Things, where the museum’s curator will call you over. She needs your adventuring abilities! In order to finish the exhibit, someone must find out what happened to the Jade Scarab expedition. Accept the quest and follow the curator inside.


Finish the Exhibit popup


Apparently, none of the other none of the artifacts have arrived from the site. Even worse, there’s no contact between the excavation crew and museum. Because you’re not an archaeologist, your job is to find out what’s happening at the site. Hitch a ride with the curator’s brother, Bes, to the village.


After the car ride you'll find yourself in the village near the dig site. Bes hints that the villagers always return the favor, before instructing you to find Howard Diggory, the expedition’s leader. Make your way through the town to find the excavation crew and chat with the locals to find out what they know.


The villagers are spooked, fearful of the catastrophes brought on by the excavation. The locals share rumors about a curse plaguing the site. Locusts have appeared, destroying crops, the animals have gone haywire, and tourists are keeping their distance – they don’t want anything to do with the curse.


At the bottom of the village, Howard Diggory is waiting at the dig site. He details the expedition’s troubles – the excavation site is flooded, the digger and the tow truck are stuck, AND the spare machinery is lost in the desert. Everything that can go wrong, has gone wrong.


Howard Diggory and the curse


Explore the excavation area and swim past the tomb entrance. First things first, you’ll have to take care of the flooding.


Local villagers talking about the curse



Speak to the remaining locals to get all the information you can! An old merchant is selling ancient wares. It doesn’t look like she has anything we can use (yet), but she’s able to fill us in on the lore surrounding the Jade Scarab. The Scarab was given to the pharaoh long ago by the gods it brought great bounties to the villagers’ ancestors. She isn’t convinced the curse is real though, because “why would you curse something you’ve safely buried?”


Finally, stop in front of the camel herder on the right end of the village. The animals look so thirsty! The herder is offering camel tours for 9999 credits (over 9000)! Without the tourists, he can barely afford water for his camels. But there’s one person that might be interested…


Camel tour for 9999 credits!


Make your way back to the museum with Bes to find the camel enthusiast we spotted earlier. Pitch him the herder’s deal to see the camels up close and personal. He’d pay top dollar to see the creatures.



Camel Fanatic


Climb back into Bes’ car and return to the village. Find the museum goer we just met, who has already beat you to the village. After paying the 9999 credits, the camels are set free! They’ll run down the hill to drink every drop of water from the flooded area. Now we can enter the site!


Tomb Entrance


Upon entering the tomb, pick up the hawk blinder, which is used to block a bird’s distractions. Further inside, the tomb is caved in! But there must have been someone digging here before the flood.


Hawk Blinders


Exit the tomb and jump to the left to find the missing falcon. Equip the hawk blinder near the bird, which will automatically fly back up to its master. Now that you've retrieved the bird, the falcon’s handler offers to return the favor. Horus, the hawk, will be your eyes in the sky. He’ll help you find the missing equipment in the desert! Fly around the desert and keep an eye out for the missing machinery. Make a sharp right from the original starting point towards the bottom right corner to locate the digger.


Aerial view of the lost digger


The digger is in working order. Did somebody just park it out here? There’s an item in the front seat – a stack of receipts! A shovel, some buckets, scuba tank, crickets?! Why would anyone need a scuba tank in the desert? Curious... With the digger in tow, hop in Bes’ car and make your way back to the village.


Stack of receipts


Back in town, speak with Howard Diggory and be sure to ask him about the strange receipts. Apparently, the scuba tank is his birthday surprise!


Now with the working digger and the drained site, enter the tomb. Inside the tomb, the foreman is already clearing the cave in. Run past him, jump into the second room, and pick up the piece of charcoal from the floor. Above the charcoal, the wall is decorated with hieroglyphics and pictures. What do they mean?


Tomb tablets


Use the charcoal from your inventory and the receipt paper to make charcoal rubbings of the engravings. Once you have your own set of the wall’s engravings, return to the village. Maybe one of the locals can figure it out!


Charcoal rubbings of tomb engravings


The old merchant knows these pictograms! The images tell a story, but it's out of order. She’ll tell you about her ancestors’ legends in the pictograms. “In a time of famine, the pharaoh pleaded with the gods to God's gift to the spirit to the Pharaoh and his people. Overnight life and prosperity swept the land. Rainy bounties of crops, livestock and fish.” Keep the woman’s story in mind and return to the tomb.  


Pictogram Sequence


In front of the wall of pictograms, press the tablets on the wall in the correct order of events. After you choose the right arrangement of tablets, the sealed passage is unlocked. Go down the hidden stairway and emerge in the newly revealed room. 


Explore the room for clues.It looks like one of the contraptions is missing. You passed the other device in the village earlier today! Climb out of the tomb and search for the matching item.


At the village’s top level, find the boy chasing a cat – with the missing item in his hand. Follow the pair and try to catch the cat to stop him. Click on the boy and ask if he'll let you return the merkhet, which is used to track the paths of stars across the night sky. Once it’s in your possession, travel back into the tomb’s furthest room.


Merkhet item


In the constellation room, place your merkhet on the empty pedestal.  Move the wheel behind the merkhet and align the blue dot along the horizontal line.  The position the blue star meets the straight line is where you will align the merkhet’s strings. Repeat on the opposite end. Once both hanging strings are aligned with the blue star’s path, you'll be able to enter the next room.


Merkhet solution


You've found the Jade Scarab!


Jade Scarab


Unfortunately, your celebration is cut short. The foreman steals the Jade Scarab from your hands and seals the tomb behind him – with you trapped in. He’s the mastermind behind the curse!


When hope is almost lost, the green-eyed cat from the village appears from behind the mummy. Push the sarcophagus lid back and you'll find an escape route. Climb down the hole and follow the cat.


Mummy room's hidden passage


Your new friend seems to know its way around the maze. Navigate the tunnels and keep your eyes peeled for the green-eyed cat to show you the way. When you finally reach the bottom level, you’re surprised with the real Jade scarab.


Bastet maze


Finding the real Jade ScarabGenuine Jade Scarab


After adding the artifact to your inventory, a hidden outlet is revealed at the top right corner of the room. Climb up to exit the maze.


Back aboveground, you'll emerge smack dab between the foreman, Howard Diggory, and the green-eyed cat. The two men plan to sell the real Jade Scarab to the queen!


Howard Diggory and the ForemanA sandworm!


They’ve been in cahoots the entire time!


In a flash, the cat's eyes begin to glow and the feline levitates in the air. The black cat transforms into a human-like figure, declaring that the Jade Scarab must be protected by the people of this land. The cat is Bastet – the goddess of protection!


Bastet transformationBastet's warning


The floating figure turns the two men into dung beetles as punishment. Bastet is grateful that you've chosen the people over profit, but warns of making the same mistake as the men. Just as quickly as it began, Bastet transforms back into her feline form and returns to the village. Now that you're safely out, you're whisked back to the museum to deliver the real Jade Scarab.


Jade Scarab in the Museum of Really Old Things


With the Jade Scarab safe and sound in the Museum, your efforts are rewarded with 200 credits and your island medallion. Congratulations! The Scarab is protected and will remain where it belongs – with its people.  


Jade Scarab Island medallion


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Jade Scarab Island is HEREEEEE! 🪲🪲

Pack your bags, Poptropicans! There’s fantastic news to report, hot off the presses. No time to lose, who's ready for a brand new adventure?

At this very moment, Jade Scarab Island is now available to ALL PLAYERS🥳


Jade Scarab Island is now available!Jade Scarab Island on the map


Be one of the first players to dive into Jade Scarab Island – join the expedition on desktop! Explore the mysterious troubles plaguing an archaeological dig site in the Egyptian desert. It seems a curse has "befallen those looking for the jade scarab." Will you do whatever it takes to uncover the secrets of the jade scarab? 🪲

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Adventure Outfitters' Weekly Update and Design Reminders! ✨

Happy Monday, Poptropicans!


We’ve got a short and sweet inventory update to cover today, along with some contest reminders. Shall we pop right to it?


4/25 Adventure Outfitters rotation (1 of 4)4/25 Adventure Outfitters rotation (2 of 4)4/25 Adventure Outfitters rotation (3 of 4)4/25 Adventure Outfitters rotation (4 of 4)



Adventure Outfitters’ costume inventory have been updated to include returning fashions! Choose from Skull Mask (350 credits), Tie-Die Hoodie (250 credits), Fashionista Prep (250 credits), Fairy Queen (350 credits, members only), and Sunny Sport (75 credits). Whether you’re regularly swapping out your Popsona’s ensemble to reflect your daily moods and personal style, or if you prefer curating a long term costume combo, AO’s a one stop shop for all things fashion, pets, and decor! 🛍



In other news, April’s costume contest ends TONIGHT! Enter your costume designs through the submissions page by 8pm PST (9pm MST, 10pm CST, 11pm EST) tonight, for the chance to see your outfit idea become an in-game reality! 🏆


Monthly Costume Contest



If you’re in need of inspiration, check out the costume designs from previous months on our Youtube channel!


On a similar note, the Secret of the Jade Scarab Fan Challenge will be ending this Thursday! Your challenge, should you choose to accept it? Channel your inner archaeologist and design your own Egyptian artifact or redesign a preexisting relic from Ancient Egypt! 🏺🐈


Secret of the Jade Scarab fan challenge


Send in your Jade Scarab artifact drawings via the submissions page by 8pm PST (9pm MST, 10pm CST, 11pm EST) on Thursday, April 28th. Participating Poptropicans may be awarded big bucks credits for their handiwork!


That’s a wrap for this week’s shop update and reminders, folks! We’re looking forward to seeing your final outfit and artifact designs – good luck, Poptropicans! 👀

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The 13th and Final Steam Clue! 🗺🏝



Can you believe that in just over 2 weeks, we’ve gone from first sharing news of the upcoming the Steam release to finishing an entire series of island hints? It’s surreal! We hope you enjoyed the daily hints for each island! Stay tuned for more details about the Steam bundle, including release date, FAQ’s, and pricing. If all goes well, there may even be another surprise or two waiting for you...


Now, without further ado, here is the 13th and FINAL Steam clue!


Steam Island Hint #13


“Piece together the powers of one mighty hero to defeat this island’s storied villain. But first, you’ll have to play your cards right.” 🃏


After today, you should be able to figure out which islands will be included in the bundle. What are your final guesses? Share your complete list and check with your fellow players to see which islands are still up for debate!


Thank you for sharing the good news and excitement with other players – both past and present. Is anyone else feeling super nostalgic? We’d love to hear more about your personal experiences with Pop! When did you first discover Poptropica? What are your all-time favorite adventures? Are you a newer player in the community or have you stuck around since the early days? And of course, one of the most debated topics in the Pop community… Which villain has a special place, near and dear to your heart? Everyone’s got one! 😈

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Island Clue #12: A Mega Bot-Ched Op

Once again, the fate of an island rests in your hands. “Devise a plan to reverse a mega bot-ched op. Virtually everything is on the line!”

Steam Island Clue #12


If you think multiple islands could be the answer, you're right! The clue can actually be applied to a 2 other islands. Can you name the most likely candidate AND the other possible adventures? 

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Steam Clue #11: Hint Hint, Hooray! 👀

The Pop community has been on a hot streak! Shoutout to everyone who’s been tuning into for the daily clues! If you haven’t been keeping up with the previous hints, try putting your island expertise to the text (clues: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)!


With that, onto the 11th installment of the Steam series! 🔍


Poptropica Steam Island Hint #11


“You must resist a biteless bug that few can see or wait some time for reality.”


Which island is the most fitting for the 11th spot on the Steam lineup? Cast your votes, folks! How about your list of islands predictions ready? We’re closing in on the last few rounds, let’s finish strong!


See ya tomorrow, Poptropicans! 👋

Monday, April 18, 2022

Steam Hint #10: Calling All Adventurers! 📣

Let’s pick up the Steam streak where we last left off – clue 10! Today’s hint is a bit different than previous days. A message in a bottle with the "Adventurers Wanted” ad (below) was found just the other day! Is this snippet of information enough to figure out its island origin? 🗺


Poptropica Steam Island Hints #10


“Adventurers Wanted! Must be familiar with:

  • Search & Rescue
  • Fishing
  • Explosives
  • Heavy Lifting
  • Food service experience a plus”


This island’s in need of a hero with some serious skills! Are you fit for the challenge?


To decide if you’re right for the job, your first task is to predict the island in question! Think you know the answer? Let other Poptropicans know what your guesses are and what gave it away in the comments below! 🤔💭

Monday, April 18, 2022

Store Update: Spring Is in the Air! 🌞🌺

Hey there, Poptropicans! Hope you enjoyed your weekend! There’s a new inventory update in the shop to explore – let’s pop right to it! 


Adventure Outfitters store update - 1 of 4Adventure Outfitters store update - 2 of 4Adventure Outfitters store update - 3 of 4Adventure Outfitters store update - 4 of 4


Outfit your Popsona with some warm weather wear and fun accessories! Channel your spring spirit and try on the Boho Beauty look (250 credits), complete with a tie dye crop top, jeans, and half-up-half-down ponytail. The Floral Spring Dress costume (350 credits) includes a pink wrap dress, side bangs, and white purse – another strong contender for this season’s top styles!


Adventure Outfitters store update - right display


There’s a ton of exciting extras on the right end of the store, don’t miss out on ‘em! Be sure to add the Jetpack (300 credits) to take flight, Bug Rider (200 credits), Hedgehog Head Rider (100 credits), Octopus Head Rider (200 credits), and Cloud Follower (200 credits) to your wardrobe! 🐙


Adventure Outfitters pets - 1 of 4Adventure Outfitters pets - 2 of 4Adventure Outfitters pets - 3 of 4Adventure Outfitters pets - 4 of 4


Over in the pets section, check out the latest pet additions: Flower Necklace and Fedora (75 credits each). Style your pet’s outfit to match your Popsona’s current fashions for an unstoppable and fierce duo! Pop Tip: the Floral Spring Dress paired with the pet Flower Necklace is adorable! 🌺


What’s your go-to style at the moment, y'all? Suggest your favorite costumes and combinations for other Poptropicans to try on! 🤔