Wednesday, December 1, 2021


12 Days of Member Gifts!


Can you believe it’s already the first of December? 2022 is only 31 days away! Along with the new month, we have a bunch of surprises to share with you this holiday season. Beginning today, Poptropica’s annual 12 Days of Member Gifts is back and in full swing!


Every day for the next 12 days, members will receive special gifts in their inventory, for free! The annual event is a way to show members our appreciation for their support. Memberships are a part of what funds Poptropica that allow us to create brand new content and convert older islands! 


For the first day of the gift extravaganza, members can now find three new clubhouse decorations in their inventory! Deck your walls and get into the holiday spirit! Customize your clubhouse with the winter garland, snow globe, and deer decorations!


Day 1 member gifts


Check in every day to see what new surprises will be waiting in your inventory. You’ll even get bonus gifts for several days – make space in your inventory because you’re about to get a festive assortment of holiday goodies! 🎁

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Goofball Island: A Written Guide and Walkthrough 🤪



Dr. Blandston is wreaking havoc on Goofball Island! More and more people from the goofy island are being blandified – can you stop the dullness from taking over before it’s too late?


Goofball Island prefaceThe Blandston Case


City Hall


Half of City Hall has been blandified! Detective Gram instructs you to search the building for any clues Dr. Blandston might’ve left behind. Explore Goofball’s City Hall and speak with as many Poptropicans as you can! 


In the Mayor’s office, there are two items that might be useful to Detective Gram’s investigation: a broken mystery device and a matchbook from the Crazy Club. Hurry back to the detective and mayor to show them your findings!


Broken Device and Crazy Club Matchbook


After inspecting the items, Detective Gram’s very impressed with your sleuthing skills. You’ve been assigned to the investigation! Gram offers you the case’s suspect files detailing Goofball Island’s suspicious citizens that might be involved with or disguising themselves as Dr. Blandston. In the files, there are 6 people suspected of being Dr. Blandston: Detective Anna Gram, Mayor Naise, Jumpy Spinner, Bosko Oskob, Billy Bob, and you!


Suspect Files


Suspect Lineup



Now that you’re in on the investigation, Gram’s off to search for more clues! In the meantime,it's your job to collect the 4 remaining thumbprints to complete the file, minus yourself and Detective Gram’s. After locating and getting each suspect’s thumb prints, find Detective Gram in her room in the Dreary Building – Room 7. 


Before you leave City Hall, ask Mayor Naise for his thumbprint. He’s happy to oblige with the investigation. Easy peasy. 1 print down, 3 more to go! Jumpy Spinner can also be found in his office in City Hall. Head upstairs to the top floor to the right most room. Once you’ve found your way, Jumpy Spinner’s willing to comply with the investigation… under one condition. Jumpy Spinner wants to make sure you have the island’s best interest in mind. In exchange for a quick quiz on Goofball’s history, the newly bland city manager will give you his thumbprints. For a brief history lesson, take a look around the Mayor’s office right next door. The open book on the floor explains Goofball Island’s history – just what we needed! Luckily, the book’s author provides a TL;DR summary of Goofball’s history. Read the passage and return to Jumpy Spinner’s office to begin his quiz.


A Brief History of Goofball IslandJumpy Spinner's quiz


After correctly answering his questions, Jumpy Spinner’s convinced you’ve taken the time to acquaint yourself with the island’s history. In return, the bland city manager holds up his side of the bargain and presents you with his prints. 2 down, 2 to go!


Now that you’ve collected Mayor Naise’s and Jumpy Spinner’s thumbprints, it’s time to leave City Hall and explore Goofside!




Goofside is a charming and welcoming area, full of bright colors, interesting shops, and peculiar people. Immediately, you come across a goofy citizen trying to break open a pinata. Click on the pinata to drop it down. Surprise! You’ve earned a pinata costume reward!


Pinata costume


Further down the street, you come across a familiar Poptropican – Bosko Oskob. Ask him for his finger print. Bosko asks to try a joke out on you before he hands his thumbprint over. Who in their right mind could say no to him?!


Bosko Oskob


Next stop? Crazy Club!


Crazy Club


Your first attempt at entering the Crazy Club is likely unsuccessful. In order to get inside, you have to look the part! Put on the pinata costume from your quest inventory and voila! You’re in!


Inside the Crazy Club, talk to the clubgoers about the Blandston case to learn more about the blandifying doctor. Most importantly, Bobby Bill is on the dance floor near the DJ. He’s not going to give up his finger prints without something in return. Bobby Bill’s challenges you to a Freaky Dance Off in exchange for his prints. You’re on, Bobby Bill!


Freaky Dance Off challenge


Watch Bobby Bill’s dance moves and get ready to bust a move! Copy Bobby Bill’s dance sequence exactly. Make no more than 3 mistakes or you’ll have to start again. Finally, you’ve done it! But before you can add Bobby Bill’s thumb prints to his file, Dr. Blandston appears! Bobby Bill’s wacky personality is blandified. Although it might not be as useful, Bobby Bill hands over his prints. Now, follow Dr. Blandston onto the catwalk above the dance floor!


After that doctor!


Before you can capture Dr. Blandston, the platform gives out beneath them. The masked surgeon falls from the catwalk onto the stage. It’s time to see who’s behind the mask…


Mayor Naise as Dr. Blandston


It’s MAYOR NAISE?! Let’s take him to Gram – she’ll know what to do with him. Tie the mayor up, he’s officially in your custody.


Outside the Crazy Club, with the Mayor in tow, something’s terribly wrong. Despite having Mayor Naise beside you, Bosko’s blandified right before your eyes! There’s MORE THAN ONE Dr. Blandston?! Bosko seems fine, albeit dull as can be. And he has a gift for you! Apparently, goofy Bosko left himself a reminder to give you an item – a leaf blower. Who knows when this might come in handy? Thanks Bosko!


Leaf Blower


Run to the left past City Hall onto Dullsville’s drab Mainstreet.




Dullsville is fittingly named, given its bleak appearance and film noir filter. At this point, you should have found the missing thumbprints from the suspect files. If you don’t, complete the files before speaking with Detective Gram. Pass by the Dusty Crust Bakery and Dullsville’s subway station to enter the Dreary Building. Gram’s in Room 7; you can either use the stairs or the elevator to make your way there.


Room 7 in the Dreary Building


Once you’ve found the detective’s room, prepare to unveil the Mayor’s role in the Blandston case and enter. Inside, Gram is half goofy, half bland. There’s been a break in! Use the investigator’s finger print kit to find any remaining prints and compare them to the ones on file.


Finger Print Kit


We have a match! But… the only prints to be found are the detective’s. In your haste to identify the finger prints, Gram’s fled the scene! She’s on the move! Follow Gram out the window and down into the subway station.

Gramston Dentistry billboard


Stop to inspect the paper left behind on the billboard outside the Dreary Building. It’s a page from a dentist’s journal – Dr. Gramston’s journal?!


Dr. Gramston's Journal - page 1


Are Detective Gram and Dr. Gramston the same person?


Subway Station


With the Mayor still in tow, navigate the underground station. Keep an eye out for Detective Gram-turned-Dr. Blandston. You can catch a glimpse of her lurking in the shadows, but she’s disappeared before you can get a better look.

Travel deeper into the subway station. Before entering a tunnel headed away from the train, you spot another page.


Dr. Gramston's Journal - page 2


Could the stones be causing the island’s blandness?


Dr. Gramston's Journal - page 3


It’s starting to make a little more sense! Gramston’s weaponized the gray crystals to blandify the island’s citizens.


Travel into the tunnel and descend into an underground passage. Out of the darkness, you can make out a dentist’s office! There’s a massive hole in the floor, leading further down. On the right side of the office, Dr. Gramston’s left behind more pages from her journal!


Gramston Dentistry's officeDr. Gramston's Journal - page 4


Gramston’s the mastermind behind the entire army of Dr. Blandston’s?! Although it’s a temporary fix, Gramston’s blandify device is destined to turn the whole island into a dull and dreary place.


A final page from Dr. Gramston’s journal!


Dr. Gramston's Journal - page 5


The colorful crystals are destroying the dentist’s mind. No longer is Dr. Gramston just a plain, dull dentist. Her goofiness is taking over!


Below Gramston’s office, there’s a hidden cavern filled with crystals! Some are vibrant, while others are bleak and unimpressive. These must be the stones Dr. Gramston’s used to power the blandify device! Not only that, but mysterious hieroglyphics cover the cavern’s walls. It might look like to gibberish to you, but the Mayor’s able to translate.


Ancient crystals beneath Dr. Gramston's office


Many years ago, Goofball’s ancestors achieved balance between the bleak and bizarre by using the stones. Is Gramston trying to restore balance between the islands’ citizens?


Continue heading right and pick up one of the grey crystals. It’s a perfect fit for the blandify device! Dr. Gramston has to be around here somewhere. Drop deeper into the dark maze and take out the leaf blower Bosko gave you. This should flush her out from the shadows!


Aha! There she is! Now that you have her cornered, use the blandify device to turn Gramston into Detective Gram again. But watch out! She has one too. Avoid her blandifying rays and zap her before she gets the chance.


Gramston Showdown


Finally, we’ve got her! In a daze, Gramston’s become half bland and half goofy. She tells you to use to the finger print kit on your blandifying device. But there’s only one set of prints… YOURS! There must be a mistake!


Suddenly, you’re flooded with hazy memories.


Blandston induced flashbacks


You’re a Blandston! The vibrant crystals have taken a toll on you as well.


But there’s no time to waste! People will continue being blandified if we don’t intervene. The nearby machine can harness the stones’ power to warp the entire island. The decision is up to you. Goofy, balanced, or bland – what will it be?


Goofball fate options


Congratulations! You’ve protected the island from being overtaken by Dr. Blandston's and rightfully earned your Goofball medallion! Take pride in being Goofball Island’s hero.


Goofball Medallion


If you’re curious about the alternative endings, you can choose a different fate for Goofball! After completing the island, the next time you return to Goofball, you’ll be transported to Dullsville, where you’re in hot pursuit of Dr. Gramston. Follow her into Dullsville’s subway station and finish the final scene to select another ending!

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The Baron’s celebrating the holidays with Grapple gifts and free ‘fits! 🎁☃️

Have you stopped by Home Island today? There are a few things that seem a bit different…


Home Island's becoming a winter wonderland!


Most notably, Home Island’s turning into a wintery wonderland, complete with a flurry of fresh powder and holiday knick knacks! It’s the first snow of the year!


Rumor has it, there’s also another familiar sight spotted along Mainstreet! The Airship’s finally returned, which means the Baron’s back to welcoming Poptropicans onto her vessel! It’s time to “get off this dusty rock” – all aboard!


Onboard, it’s clear the Baron’s feeling the festive spirit! The Airship’s decked out with colorful lights and piles of snow. Head inside the Cabin of Curiosities for even more holiday decorations and check out the Grapple-goodies while you’re at it.


As per usual, the Cabin houses a variety of costumes and clubhouse items for your taking. November’s costume contest winner, Maroon Moon’s Dr. Hare outfit, is available to all players for FREE! Don the Dr. Hare attire and channel your inner hare-brained bunny! 🐰


November's contest winner - Maroon Moon's Dr. Hare costume


The Cabin of Curiosities is also offering players the chance to scoop up past months’ winning costumes. The returning outfits were selected by your fellow Poptropicans’ votes! Shoutout to everyone that participated in the most recent Pop poll!


Don’t miss out on these fleeting freebies! Be sure to stop by the Cabin to claim the Love Potion Demon, Ice Cream Cat, and Movie Geek costumesall for free


The Cabin of Curiosities' costumes and clubhouse gearCabin of Curiosities' costumes and clubhouse gear


The Baron’s popup shop doesn’t stop there. The Cabin also features a Grapple-Garb outfit (50 credits), Grapple totem (150 credits), stained glass chandelier (150 credits), mistletoe garland (50 credits), and a Grapple bust statue (150 credits)! Deck your walls with Grapple jolly, fa la la la la! 🎶


Run (don’t walk) to the Baron’s Cabin and take advantage of the limited time Grapple-worthy gifts! The sky pirate and her ship won’t be docked on Home Island for long. There’s no telling when the Baron will take off again. What do you think about the Airship’s winter wares for the month? Snow-body does it like the Baron! 


Stay tuned for more info about the upcoming return of Grapple-Pap later this month! Happy holidays, Poptropicans! 🎉

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving from the Baron’s family to you!

Happy Thanksgiving!


The Baron was away this November but returns next week with some Grapple-Pap goodies! Are you a member? Have you already discovered this royal family revelation in the castle’s treasury?


Enjoy your break from school and the turkey day, Poptropicans! 

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving and a Hare-y Fittings! 🦃🥇

Good morning, Poptropicans!


To everyone that celebrates the holiday, happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your holiday break and savor every minute you spend with family, friends, and fowl feasts.


Friends' turkey dance


This Thanksgiving, we’d like to thank YOU. The Team is incredibly grateful for the entire player community and your continued passion for Pop – you are deeply appreciated!


Before the festivities commence, the results are in for November’s contest winner! Following the Baron’s brief hiatus from Home Island and last month’s contest postponement, players have come back to the drawing board with a vengeance. Massive thank you to everyone that participated in the most recent contest! Without a doubt, every single costume submission demonstrates creativity and style. Although you might not have won this time, there will be plenty more chances to see your costume in the game!


After much deliberation and without further ado, we’re pleased to present the winning costume design. Put your hands together for Maroon Moon and their Dr. Hare inspired costume!


Maroon Moon's Dr.Hare inspired costume design


Congratulations to Maroon Moon! Your costume design’s statement spin on the evil rabbit’s iconic look will definitely be a memorable addition to the Baron’s Cabin of Curiosities! The winning outfit will be available for free to all players for a limited time during the Airship’s visit to Home Island. Train your eyes on the horizon, the sky pirate can dock at any minute!


On a completely unrelated note, can someone keep tabs on 24 Carrot Island while we’re at it?


Also, don’t forget to cast your votes for the Baron’s returning bounty! Choose from past Poptropican-produced outfits for a second chance to add any costumes you might’ve missed to your wardrobe! This Pop poll will close on Sunday, November 28th, at 8pm PST. Don’t dilly-dally, get your ballots in soon!


Monday, November 22, 2021

Store Update: New cute, cozy, and cuddly items are available in Adventure Outfitters! 🥶🧥🥧

Happy Monday, everybody! To those that celebrate Thanksgiving, enjoy this week’s holiday and the break from school!


This week’s store update is all about cuteness! Adventure Outfitters’ newest inventory drop offers Poptriopicans more snuggly sweater options for both you and your pet! Let’s check out what new inventory Amelia’s picked out for us!


Adventure Outfitters 1Adventure Outfitters 2Adventure Outfitters 3Adventure Outfitters 4


Are you in the mood to switch up your Popsona’s winter threads and match your cozy seasonal looks IRL? Try the new Cool Autumn sweater set from AO! The cute and comfy costume is available to all Poptropicans for 250 credits. Experiment with dressing the oversized sweater up or down to fit your taste! What costume elements are you planning to pair with the look? 👀


And who could forget our precious pets? The store’s pet section also got an upgrade! There are 3 new coordinating costumes to match your companion!


Pets 1Pets 2Pets 3


The latest pet release features a handful of matching accessories to dress your pet! All players can coordinate their pets and Popsona’s with the Sweater Buddy and Snug Bean costumes! Members can also add the sweet Slice of Pie outfit to their pet’s wardrobe! As usual, all pet costumes are available for 75 credits.


While that wraps up the new inventory, AO’s Goofball gear is still available for a limited time. Snag your own version of Mayor Naise’s cukoo clock hat, Hatters Gonna Hat, and a cornucopia of food related fashion!


Adventure Outfitters left displayAdventure Outfitters right display


Today is also the last day to enter the Goofy Clubhouse Challenge! In celebration of the outrageous island, we’re challenging all players to channel their absurdities into decorating a clubhouse fit for a goofball! Check out all challenge details HERE and get your final submissions in by tonight! The submission window ends tonight at 8pm PST!


One final thing, y’all. Don’t miss the poll post below! Vote for of the costume contests’ past winning designs to impact which outfits you’d like another shot at snagging. Cast your vote by Sunday, November 28th at 8pm PST!


That’s all for today’s updates! Share your favorite store items from the new inventory below! Do you have any matching outfits planned with your pet? Perhaps you've got some trendy threads you need other Poptropicans to know about? Don't hesitate to drop 'em in the comments! 


Pop on, friends!

Monday, November 22, 2021

The polls are open! Vote for next month's Cabin of Curiosities' contents! ✅

Ahoy, Poptropicans!


November’s contest has proved (yet again!) to be a difficult decision – thank you so much for all of your amazing design submissions! This round of costume designs are especially exciting this month as the Baron’s hiatus is coming to an end! Before you know it, the sky pirate will be returning to Home Island for her monthly visit. The jury is still out on November’s winners, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any upcoming announcements and the compilation vid of all players’ designs!


As always, the Baron never arrives empty handed. Every month, Amelia’s friend-turned-foe touches down and opens her pop up shop containing the contest’s winning costume and older merch from Pop’s past! It’s a grand occasion for everyone involved.


However, because the sky pirate is a fleeting force, the Baron’s inventory is only available for a limited time. Unfortunately for some, if you miss out on the Baron’s stay, you’d miss your chance at securing that month’s exclusive items.


Until now…



If you weren’t able to catch one (or all) of the Baron’s pop-ups, it’s your lucky day! As a fun experiment, all players have the chance to vote for which costumes they’d like to see rereleased in December's Cabin. This is another way for you to get involved!


Take a gander at the past winners of the monthly costume contest and cast your vote for which outfits are worthy of a reappearance! Voting will end this upcoming Sunday, November 28th, at 8pm PST. Please submit your votes before then!

Friday, November 19, 2021

Last call for November’s costume contest! ⏰🎨

Today is the final day to submit your costume designs for November! Don’t miss out on this month’s contest and your chance to see your outfit design come to life IN THE GAME!


Finalize your designs and enter them into the contest using the submissions page by 8pm PST. For more information about Poptropica’s monthly costume contests, check out the latest posts detailing guidelines and tips, as well as previous months’ design submissions!


As another reminder, the Goofy Clubhouse Challenge continues through the weekend! After completing your costume designs, join in on the next fun challenge! Deck your clubhouse out in the goofiest gear you can find! Put furniture in unexpected places, combine odd pairings, and just have fun with it! After you’re finished with your clubhouse goof-ication, send us a video or photo of your custom clubhouse through the submissions page. Or, if you prefer, send in your username for us to personally check out your space!


Goofy Clubhouse Challenge


One last thing… If you haven’t visited Goofball Island, what are you waiting for?! Goofball’s abnormal adventures take weird to a whole new level! Will you become the hero to save Goofball Island from a dull destiny? Get to the bottom of Dr. Blandston’s bonkers plot to blandify Goofball’s colorful character before the island becomes a boring shell of its former self. 


And if you’ve already completed the newest island, did you play with the sound on? Goofball’s musical journey is one of a kind – experience Goofball’s Island to the fullest by making sure your sound is on. 🔊


That’s all for this update! Best of luck, Poptropicans, and get your goof on! 🤪