Wednesday, January 26, 2022

PoptropiCon 2: Spoiler Alert is now LIVE on desktop and mobile! 🦹‍♀️

PoptropiCon logo


This release is ahead of schedule – we just couldn’t wait to share the newest island conversion with you!! We’re thrilled to announce that PoptropiCon, Ep. 2: Spoiler Alert has officially returned to the map!


PoptropiCon, Episode 2: Spoiler Alert returns to the map


As of this morning, members can now step inside the convention hall to experience Poptropica’s hottest event of the year! At the end of Episode 1: Line Forms Here, we finally found our way inside the sold-out event. Now, prepare to dive headfirst into the excitement! Superfans have flocked to the Con for the chance to meet their favorite stars, geek out over the most popular heroes, and participate in exclusive activities. Don’t miss this super event celebrating the island’s most beloved superheroes and villains!


PoptropiCon, Episode 2: Spoiler Alert intro popup


Grab your gear and suit up for an action-packed event! You’re invited to PoptropiCon 2: Spoiler Alert! 🥳

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Happy Opposite Day!

Everyday is Opposite Day on Goofball Island. For Goofball’s citizens, the constant wackiness might seem boring once you get used to it. But during Dr. Blandston’s near island takeover, the stark differences between the opposing Goofside and Dullsville were shocking!


Goofball Island's Detective Gram and Mayor Naise


Detective Gram and Mayor Naise are very familiar with the idea. They’re Poptropica’s most outrageous opposites! 🤪


Today, the US is celebrating the special occasion! January 25 is the one day a year dedicated to all things opposite. Switch up the day by trying the exact opposite things you’re used to!


Prefer to stay indoors? If you can, venture outside! You don’t like reading? Pick up a book, a few pages might surprise you. It’s Opposite Day!


Step outside your comfort zone (even tiny steps count) and find out what happens when you choose the reverse.


In the spirit of Opposite day – hi, Poptropicans!

Monday, January 24, 2022

PoptropiCon, Ep. 2: Spoiler Alert will be returning on January 27th 🦹‍♀️

It’s official, y’all! We’re less than a week out from the rerelease of another episode of PoptropiCon! Prepare for the island’s next installment by revisiting Episode 1: Line Forms Here! First and foremost, you’ll need a ticket to get into the sold-out convention. Can you find a way into the most exciting event of the year?


PoptropiCon Episode 2: Spoiler Alert


PoptropiCon, Episode 2: Spoiler Alert will be released to members Thursday, January 27th, on desktop and mobile! Before you know it, Poptropicans everywhere will be returning to the convention center. And this time, we’re finally getting in! Get ready to explore the huge expo hall, join the event’s costume contest, and face off with other superfans in a little friendly competition!


Brace yourselves, adventurers. The action is about to get real!



Countdown to PoptropiCon 2: 3 DAYS! 🦸‍♂️

Monday, January 24, 2022

Store Update: New Snow Styles and (Poptropi)Con-worthy costumes! ❄️

Good morning, Poptropicans! Happy Monday!


Good morning, starshine! The Earth says hello.


This week’s shop update is a short and sweet one! Let’s jump right in.


Poptropica store update - 1Poptropica store update - 2Poptropica store update - 3Poptropica store update - 4


Adventure Outfitters is now offering the super cute Sparkling Snow outfit (200 credits)! All players can layer up with the chic costume’s tan turtleneck, gold necklace, brown pants, and cream coat for a trendy look, or use individual clothing pieces to elevate your favorite styles!


January 2022 store update - left displayJanuary 2022 store update - right display


Don’t forget, Adventure Outfitters still has the special PoptropiCon merch on sale! Scoop up some action figures to decorate your clubhouse and add a Con-worthy costume or two (maybe even 5?) to your wardrobe. The Trash Collector, Cool Blade Ninja, Dirt Clod, Mutton Chops, and Large Fry costumes are a part of AO’s limited time inventory. Secure your favorite sci-fi costumes before they’re sold out!


That’s wraps up this week’s shop update! How are you gearing up for this week’s return of PoptropiCon, Episode 2: Spoiler Alert? Have you curated the costume you’re planning on wearing to the big event? It’s almost time to suit up! 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️🎉

Friday, January 21, 2022

WITNESS GREATNESS: Take a peek at all of January's costume designs! 👀

What’s crack-a-lackin’, Poptropicans? Happy Friday, we made it through another week! 🎉


As you know, January’s costume contest ended earlier this week. This month’s submissions have been wonderful and impossibly imaginative – it’s a real treat. Thank you to everyone who participated! The Team absolutely loves seeing your awesome creativity in action!


Right now, the Team is deliberating and casting their votes to determine this month’s winner. In the meantime, let's take a look at the entire roundup of January’s costume designs! You need to see all of the incredible talent your fellow Poptropicans have to offer! 🤩



As always, these decisions are super tough. We wish we could turn every single one of your designs into in-game costumes! Unfortunately, that’s not the case.


It’s important to note: don’t be discouraged if your costume isn’t chosen this month! We highly encourage you to continue sending in your original designs! They don’t have to be completely new outfit ideas either. You’re more than welcome to enter your favorite designs that you’ve already submitted in past contests!


Thank you for sharing all your hard work with the Pop community! Good luck, everyone! Stay tuned for January’s design reveal (coming soon!) and the start of next month’s costume contest. The Baron’s Airship will be back in town at the beginning of February, carrying exclusive treasures and the free, winning costume! Don’t miss out on the Baron’s limited time bounty!

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Guest Blog: Poptropica Tribes Are NOT Dead! by Golden Crown 👑🌟

Hey, Poptropicans, and happy New Year! Golden Crown here with a very interesting Poptropica observation!


While there are many Poptropica traditions I’m sure you miss, there is one, in particular, that was recently brought back to my attention: Tribes! Do you know what the Poptropica Tribes are? Here is Busy Hopper’s description of Tribes:


“Back in the days of old Poptropica, the Poptropicans were put into tribes. There were the Nanobots, the Yellowjackets, the Wildfires, the Pathfinders, the Seraphim, the Nightcrawlers, the Flying Squid, and the Black Flags. Back then, you got to hang out in the tribal rooms, adjust your tribe on the friends’ page (customizable page with all your info on it), and compete on an island called the Poptropolis Games, where all the representatives of each tribe compete in simple challenges (diving, hurdles, etc.) to win glory for their tribe. Recently, almost everything related to the tribes disappeared, and people stopped caring about what tribe they were in. Tribes were a big part of Poptropica, and many players have agreed to help restore the importance of the tribes.”

 - Busy Hopper                                                                                                                     


Golden Crown wearing a Pathfinders outfit

Me, Golden Crown, Wearing a Pathfinders’ Outfit!


The Poptropolis Games were a huge part of Poptropica way back when, and everyone misses Tribes. However, just because the Poptropolis Games are no longer around, that doesn’t mean Tribes bit the dust. 


I’m sure that we’re all familiar with the function after you complete an island that allows you to find your rank in comparison to other players for that island.                     


Golden Crown - Finding your Poptropica Rank


To find your rank, you have to put in your username. Once it has been put in, it will show you your rank, but did you ever realize that it also shows your Poptropica Tribe?


Golden Crown's rank and tribe

There it is! Pathfinders! It’s right there in blue and yellow.


What do you think? Could this be a foreshadowing of what is to come? Maybe you've been playing Poptropica for a while, and already have a tribe! If you haven't, choose one by looking at the links at the bottom of this post. If you want to be a Pathfinder, like me, come to my clubhouse and friend me! My username is SisiVince1. Dress up in your tribe's colors!  Please be mindful that we are trying to bring tribes back for the purpose of rebuilding our Pop community and bringing back a wonderful Poptropica tradition, not to create conflict between Poptropicans.


Keep Popping on, Poptropicans!


- Golden Crown 👑



For more info about Poptropica’s tribes, check out the PHB’s Tribe page!

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

SHOP UPDATE: Winter wear for you and your pet!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Hope you’re staying safe and warm out there. This week’s shop update is doozy! Let’s drop into Adventure Outfitters to see the latest merch, shall we? 


1/18 Store Update - Costumes 11/18 Store Update - Costumes 21/18 Store Update - Costumes 31/18 Store Update - Costumes 4


The newest costume to hit the racks is the Tough Tundra outfit (250 credits)! Members can add the layered hoodie and jean jacket combo for a cool but casual look. 🥶


Over in the pet section, three new styles have joined the roster for the week!


1/18 Shop Update - Pets 11/18 Shop Update - Pets 21/18 Shop Update - Pets 31/18 Shop Update - Pets 4


All players can add the Polar Bear outfit and Snowboard Goggles to your pet’s closet for 75 credits each! The Polar Bear outfit is unbearably cute. Bundle your bestie in the white hooded sweater to turn your fluffy friend into an arctic beast! Not really your style? Accessorize your pet with the Snowboard Goggles! Whether you’re hitting the slopes near Survival Island or just cruising around the map, your pet is looking fresh for any adventure. 🏂


Last but not least, members can also outfit their pets in a grey Puffy Jacket (75 credits)! Keep your pet snuggly and warm! Use the puffy jacket on its own or pair it with another accessory (like the Snowboard Goggles?) for an extra personal touch.



That wraps up this week’s shop update! Stop by Adventure Outfitters on Home Island’s Mainstreet to snag this season’s latest winter wear. Stay warm, Poptropicans! 🌡

Friday, January 14, 2022

A Closer Look: A Guide to the Blitz on the Fritz Side Quest 🔍🐝

What a week it’s been! Just in the past couple of days, Goofball Island’s side quest sequel was released, the Poptropica mobile apps have been updated, and news of PoptropiCon, Episode 2: Spoiler Alert’s return to Pop made headlines! If you’re curious about the Blitz on the Fritz side quest, here’s a quick guide detailing the chaos!



To begin the Blitz on the Fritz side quest, you can travel to Goofball Island directly or you can meet up with a unicycling Mayor Naise on Home Island who will escort you to Goofball himself. In order to accept the quest, you must have already received your island medallion.


A Unicycling Mayor Naise on Home IslandGoofball Medallion


Once on Goofball’s Mainstreet, you’ll find Katie Dare waiting outside her Hive News van. She’s looking for “bold, young hero that has what it takes to save the day.” Sound like anyone you know? If you match the description, you’re on the job! Into the news van we go!


Blitz on the Fritz intro pop upKatie Dare and the Hive News Van on Goofball Island


Inside the reporter’s van, there’s tons to take in! The walls are covered displays showing six Bee Bots’ status, screens recording altered versions of islands, and. Although Zip, Honey, Flit, Chad, and Queen bees are working smoothly, Blitz is definitely on the Fritz. Blitz has gone rogue! 


Inside the Hive News van


Apparently, Katie Dare was getting restless with all of the peace around Poptropica. In an attempt to conjure buzzworthy news, Miss Dare gave Blitz, a camera Bee Bot, a blandifying device. Now, Blitz is on a mission to blandify and goofify the other islands.


Katie Dare explaining Blitz inside Hive News van


As of now, Fairytale and Mythology Islands have gotten a dull transformation, while Survival and Escape from Pelican Rock appear wild and wacky. You must normalize the islands and restore them to their former glory!


Bland FairytaleGoofy Escape from Pelican RockBland Mythology IslandGoofy Survival


Click on each island screen to begin. Move your cursor to remove the bland and goofy makeovers, all the while the camera bot continues its chaos. You’ll have 1 minute to erase Blitz’s mess on each island. Secure at least 50% of the island’s normal appearance during that time, and you’ve successfully completed that stage! Do this for all 4 islands to transform the affected areas into their ordinary appearance!


Normalize Fairytale versus BlitzNormalize Escape From Pelican Rock versus BlitzNormalize Mythology versus BlitzNormalize Survival versus Blitz


After normalizing Fairytale, Survival, Mythology, and Escape from Pelican Rock, Blitz’s battery is empty. Congratulations, you’ve saved the day once again! As a thank you for your trouble, Katie Dare rewards you with 2,000 credits and a Zip Follower! Thanks for your help, hive five’s all around! 🥳


Blitz on the Fritz side quest completedZip Follower


That wraps up the Blitz on the Fritz side quest? What did you think of the bland and goofy versions of the islands? Do you think any packed in the glitz and glamour, or do you prefer the original island designs? Care to share your opinions/first impressions about the quest? Does Katie Dare have you feeling some type of way? How about Blitz or the unicycling Mayor? As always, you’re welcome to drop your thoughts in the comments below for other players to see! 👀


Thanks for stopping by Popstars! Happy Friday everyone, enjoy your weekend!