Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Guest Blog: Invisible Ring's Summertime Guide! 🏖☀️

Hey there, Poptropicans! Hope you all have been having an AWESOME summer so far! 


…But If you haven’t, because you’re getting really bored, it’s ok. It happens to all of us… It can be hard to find fun at times, and it’s also hard to get motivated enough to go LOOKING for fun. 


So I’m here to help with that. Here’s a 20-minute guide to summer fun from A to Z, brought to you by yours truly, Invisible Ring.



Now, whenever you get bored this summer (or next summer, or ANY summer for that matter), you now have THIS fun flick for every time you need instant inspiration and instant entertainment! 


Enjoy the video, everyone! And have a GREAT summer!

Monday, August 1, 2022

Shop Update: Werewolf Wear, Back-to-School Shopping, & College Collections!

Happy Monday, Poptropicans! There’s tons to cover today in the shopping sphere. Shall we dive right into the action?


First things first – monthly member gifts! Although this month’s delivery is 10 days shy of a full moon, August’s exclusive edition is a fur-nomenal howl!


Members can now find this month’s Werewolf costume, Werewolf Feet, and a Little Moon Follower in their inventories! Transform your Popsona into a howling werewolf at a moment’s notice, full moon not required. 🐺🌙


August Member Gifts


Adventure Outfitters is also sportin’ a fresh feel for the back-to-school season!


8/1 shop update - 1 of 48/1 shop update - 2 of 48/1 shop update - 3 of 48/1 shop update - 4 of 48/1 shop update - left display


Highlights from this week’s featured costumes include two robo-suits: Xenon Trooper (250 credits) and Retro Robot (350 credits, members only), two sets of bucket hat ensembles, Tie Dye Trends (250 credits) and Frog Buckets (250 credits), and matching workout gear with the Fitness Fun (250 credits) and Body Builder outfits (150 credits, members only). Like the saying goes: “Good things come in pairs.” 👯


But there’s more good things to be found in-store, sans pair. All players can still purchase last month’s new fantasy ‘fits, Cloaked Rogue and Demon Mischief (350 credits each), while members have the option of adding the Acidic Dinosaur (150 credits) and Glam Gamer Girl (250 credits) costumes to their wardrobes.


Alongside the updated costume rotation, AO’s restocked its college clubhouse collection!


8/1 shop update - right display


Just in time for back to school, players of all ages can decorate their clubhouses with a variety of transportation: Green and Purple Electric Bikes (200 credits each), Red College-style Electric Scooter (100 credits, members only), and Skateboard (200 credits), plus a rad Singer Poster (75 credits, members only). 🛵


For after school snacks, the Burger (75 credits), Chocolate Shake (75 credits), Soda Bottle (75 credits), Soda Can (75 credits), and Sub Sandwich (75 credits) are a must! 🥤🥪


What do you think about this week’s store update? Do you see a redecorating session in your future? Are you in the mood to share the back-to-school season with your Poptropican?


We want to know! Share your thoughts and responses in the comments section with your fellow players! 🤔

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

The Poptropica Comics Are BACK! 🎉

Beginning today, all players can start reading the Poptopica comics on desktop and mobile! As a bonus, you won’t have to wait long to find out what happens next. Rather than keep you waiting, more comics will be added EVERY DAY! 🎉


To kick things off, four comic strips have been added to the archives, with more installments arriving daily! 

Mystery of the Map comics


Head to the map to meet two misplaced students, Oliver and Jorge, as they struggle with the aftermath of dropping out of thin air into Poptropica. How will the duo navigate unknown dangers and mysterious lands? Will the islands mold the unsuspecting kids into hardened adventurers or is the pair at the mercy of a local hero? Only one way to find out...


Well, what are you waiting for? Experience Poptropica from an entirely new perspective and follow along the comical adventures that await our new friends. Safe travels, Poptropicans! 🏝🗺

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Weekly Shop Updates and July's Good-byes!

Top o’ the mornin’, Poptropicans! 🎩


Hopefully the tail end of your summer breaks have been going swimmingly. Items from July’s final store update are flying hot off the shelves – let’s take a look at this week’s inventory! 🔥


7/25 shop update - 17/25 shop update - 27/25 shop update - 37/25 shop update - 4


Standout styles from the latest update include Fruity Cutie’s sweet watermelon romper (350 credits), Summer Breeze’s yellow sundress (250 credits, members only), and the beautiful Swan Ballerina costume (350 credits). 


Dazzle in Denim Delight (250 credits) or level up your Popsona by adding a portable kitty with the Cat Pack Traveler (350 credits, members only). 🐈


7/25 shop update - left display7/25 shop update - right display


The costumes and clubhouse items at either end of the shop are nearing a swap. Snag the Cloaked Rogue and Demon Mischief costumes (350 credits each) and the cabana clubhouse collection while they’re still in stock! 


By this time next week, a new month will be underway. Adventure Outfitters is set to reopen with updated displays and exciting outfits, alongside a stellar set of monthly member gifts! 


Until then, catch you on the flip side. Stay poppin’, y’all!

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Updates: Extensions to July's Costume Contest and the 2022 Poppies! 🏆✨

Heads up, Poptropicans. If you missed the deadline for July’s costume contest, you’re in luck! 👀


Monthly Costume Contest


This month’s costume contest has been extended through the weekend! The submission period has been updated to end TOMORROW, Sunday July 24th at 8pm PST (9pm MST, 10pm CST, 11pm EST, use a time zone converter for other time zones). Send us your costume designs through the submissions page before Sunday’s cutoff for the chance to see your outfit ideas recreated in-game! For more details about the monthly costume contests, check out July’s contest announcement


The PHB's 2022 Poppies


Also on the books for this weekend – the 2022 Poppies! 🏆📸


The fan-run awards show is hosted by the PHB and will be livestreamed on Youtube, beginning Sunday, July 24th at 4pm PST (5pm MST, 6pm CST, 7pm EST). Join the community’s festivities as the spotlight is shined on the fanbase and stand out players like yourselves! While tuning into the Poppies, all Poptropicans are invited to hang out in the Arcade. Be sure to dress to impress! Step out on the blue carpet wearing your sharpest styles or favorite outfits. Can’t wait for the celebration to start – see you all there! 🎉

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Shop Update: Summer Stock for Pets and Players! 🛍

This week’s shop update is a brief affair, featuring seasonal sag, bright hues, and pet accessories. Who’s up to indulge in some good, old fashioned retail therapy? Adventure Outfitters awaits! 


7/18 Adventure Outfitters update - 1 of 47/18 Adventure Outfitters update - 2 of 47/18 Adventure Outfitters update - 3 of 47/18 Adventure Outfitters update - 4 of 4


Beat the heat and outfit your Popsona to match your vacation vibes! Dress up with the Spring Fling’s (300 credits) pink flower crown and a mint, polka-dot sundress, or dress down with Dangerous Waters (350 credits) and Sandy Beach costumes (200 credits) – sunscreen not included.🦈


Although summer’s usual focus is on the heat, Rainy Days (200 credits, members only) is a must for the season’s monstrous thunderstorms. Throw on the yellow raincoat and rain hat to avoid downpours around the islands! 


7/18 pet update - 1 of 57/18 pet update - 2 of 57/18 pet update - 3 of 57/18 pet update - 4 of 57/18 pet update - 5 of 5


This week’s featured addition is… the Pink Afro (75 credits, members only)! Style your fur-legged friend with a mane of fuchsia curls before experimenting with matching accessories, like the Pink Sunglasses, Pink Tutu, or Princess Dress (75 credits each).


There’s also a variety of summer gear at your pet’s disposal: a matching yellow Rain Hat (members only), Shark Fin (members only), Ladybug Swimsuit, and Lifeguard Vest (75 credits each). 🤿👙



What’s your current costume combo? 👀 Do you prefer to change your Popsona’s outfit or stick with a signature outfit? How about your pet’s look? We want to know! Share your pop preferences in the comments below! 👇


That’s all for today, folks. Told ya this week’s shop updates would be short and sweet! Stay poppin’, y'all! 🏝

Friday, July 15, 2022

Side Quest Help: Rumpel's Challenge Walkthrough and Written Guide ✨

What’s crack-a-lackin’, Poptropicans?


How many of you have gotten to the bottom of the Fairy Tale King’s disappearance?


ICYMI, sightings of Rumpelstiltskin have been reported on Fairy Tale Island and Mainstreet, now that he’s free to roam the islands. Just like Rumpel’s previously members-only return, ALL PLAYERS are finally invited to complete Fairy Tale Island’s side quest – Rumpel’s Challenge! 🥳


Rumpel's Challenge side quest - now available to all!Rumpel's Challenge side quest intro


Think you’re up for the test? It’s up to you to find the King of Fairy Tale Island! Solve Rumpel’s riddles, while hustling to follow the string of clues. Word of caution – this isn’t an ordinary side quest…


Without giving away too much, you’ll be facing the added hurdle of keeping up with Rumpel’s newfound freedom. Prepare for an island-hopping scavenger hunt that’ll test your sleuthing skills and Pop knowledge! 🗺🤔


If you need a nudge in the right direction, check out our Rumpel’s Challenge walkthrough and written guide!



Safe travels, “little adventurers!” 😉

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Rumpel's Challenge is now OPEN TO ALL! 📜🪄

Well, well, well “little adventurers.”


The secret’s out – Rumpel’s Challenge side quest is now open to everyone on desktop and mobile! 🥳🎉


Rumpel's Challenge is now available to all!


After Rumpel’s disappearance at the end of Fairy Tale Island, the thief of happy endings has returned. This time, he has a challenge for you – find the real King of Fairy Tale Island! 👑


Of course, Rumpel won’t be making this rescue mission easy for us. Unravel the magic man’s mischiefs by following his riddles to the source.


Rumpel's Challenge pop up


Run, don’t walk, Poptropicans! Complete Fairy Tale Island before meeting Rumpel on Mainstreet. The rightful king is awaiting his happy ending! 🏰✨