Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Update: Store Stock and Sneak Peeks!

Good morning, Poptropicans!


On the docket for today: this week’s shop rotation and special sneak peeks at 2 brand new costumes hitting the shelves in July!


Adventure Outfitters is gearing up for a shop switcheroo. This week is your last chance to add the 2022 Pride collection to your inventories! 🌈


In case you haven’t already snagged June’s Pride memorabilia, all players can purchase the Rainbow Shoes, Sporty Pride, and Breezy Pride costumes for free (yep, 0 credits)! Likewise, decorate your clubhouse with the Rainbow Bean Bag and Pride Heart items for next to nothing (1 credit each). The Choose Love and Rainbow Ride costumes offer extra variety for representation (200 credits and 250 credits, respectively). Swing by AO on Mainstreet this week to get this year’s Pride gear! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️


2022 Pride Collection (1 of 2)2022 Pride Collection (2 of 2)


In the main rotation, costume highlights include casual clothes like the Flannel Tank (200 credits) and Sunset Tee (150 credits). Want something to make you stand out from the crowd? Check out the gamer-inspired pink Comfy Vibes (250 credits, members only) and Skull Mask outfits (350 credits).


6/27 shop update (1 of 4)6/27 shop update (2 of 4)6/27 shop update (3 of 4)6/27 shop update (4 of 4)


Who’s ready for a sneak peek at 2 brand new costumes planned for July’s storefront? Without further ado…


July Costume Teasers


The ensembles tickle the imagination! Both feature plenty of unique elements that will WOW when combined with other outfit pieces. Who else can’t wait for these awesome costume additions?! 🎀🦉


Want in on a fun experiment? Guess the costume names correctly and you’ll get the outfits for free! Share your name predictions in the comments before the first shop update of July for the chance to win. Good luck, y’all! 

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Hoptropica Has Returned to the Map! 🎉

This special event is a hoppin’ way to earn credits and test your arcade agility! 👾


Choose your favorite evil doc! Play as Dr. Hare or Dr. Beev in pixel form. Try out both characters to play against different backgrounds: Dr. Beev’s woodland habitat or Dr. Hare’s sunset cityscape. Which is your favorite of the two? 🤔


Hoptropica Event


Replay as many times you’d like – the credits will keep on comin’. Stock your credit reserves in preparation for next month’s store updates, you’re going to want the brand new gear we’ve got planned!


Bounce, hop, and hurdle  into this special event while you can. Hoptropica is only returning for a limited time!


Now that you’re up to speed on the latest hop-penings, are you TEAM BEEV or TEAM HARE? 🦫🐰

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Shop Update: Summer Style Takeover 🌞

We’ve got a short and sweet inventory refresh for you today! Find the shop's weekly updates in the main costume and pet displays in Adventure Outfitters. Shall we see what Amelia has in store for us? 🛍


6/20 store update 16/20 store update 26/20 store update 36/20 store update 4


Channel the spirit of summer through ‘sona styles! For a sporty look, gear up with the Baseball Uniform (400 credits, members only) and Soccer Champ outfit (200 credits, members only). Or opt for bright colors and with the pink Floral Spring ensemble (350 credits), Pretty Tough outfit (250 credits), and Fashionista Prep (200 credits). Perhaps you prefer a darker vibe? Add the Acidic Dino (150 credits, members only) and Dark Astro costumes (250 credits) to keep your wardrobe stocked with dark hues.


6/20 pets update 16/20 pets update 26/20 pets update 36/20 pets update 4


Of course, you can’t forget about your pet pals! Accessorize your adoptees with Fairy Wings, Black Mustache (members only), Lifeguard floatie, and pink Tear Drop Glasses (members only) for 75 credits each. 🐾


What’s your go-to warm weather combo for your Popsona? Do you usually mix and match your outfits to coordinate with the seasons or holidays? If you don’t, is there a specific style you like to stick to? We want to know!


That’s a wrap on the weekly shop updates! Bask in the sunny heat and enjoy your summer break, Poptropicans! ☀️🏖

Monday, June 20, 2022

Set Off with 🆕 Starter Popsona's! ✨

Happy Monday, Poptropicans! The first day of summer is just around the corner and summer vacation is setting in. Enjoy your break from school!


If you’ve played Pop recently, you might've noticed something different about the home page... Did you catch the latest changes? 👀


The new player Popsonas have been revamped! Start your adventures with an updated set of 8 character options: Cool Blade, Water Fight, Lightning Knight, Summer Vibes, Floral Spring, Snug Vibes, Coolin Dude, and Pumpkin Smash. 🎉 



New players – find your chosen costume’s card in your inventories, alongside the gifted Adventurer Outfit from Amelia! Whether your style leans into fantasy ‘fits, summer chic, or if you prefer casual comfort above all else, the latest default avatars have something for all players!


What do you think of the new starter Popsonas? Can you pick a favorite character from the bunch? Let us know what you choose! 👇

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

PoptropiCon Episode 2: Spoiler Alert is now open to all players! 🎉

Today’s the day, adventurers!


Episode 2 of PoptropiCon is now officially open to all players! ✨