Time Tangled Island

A malfunctioning time machine has messed up history! It's your job to go back in time and set things right in this online virtual world. Because if you don't, who knows what the future will hold?

Island Guide - Tips and Tricks!

Welcome to Time Tangled Island, first released in 2008, with an updated island release in 2013! On this tricky adventure you must reverse the damage done by Pendulum and his malfunctioning time machine. Are you prepared to help fix the future?

Poptropica Time Tangled Mission Card

First things first! Head to lowest level of Pendulum's Lab and make sure to push in the plug to get things going. Once that's done, make your way up to the machine and get your Mission Printout!

Poptropica Time Tangled Device

Collect your time travelling device and get ready for a wild ride into the past! Your journey will take you through time, from Ancient Greece, to Vikings, to the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The goal is to collect an item in each era and return it to the era it actually belongs to.

POPTROPICA TIP: Click on the Fact Monster bubbles in each location to learn real life facts about the era you are in!

Once you complete your mission, you'll re-enter the lab, power on the Future Machine, and head on inside. The future *should* be repaired! Pop on up the air tube to the monorail stop. Hitch a ride until you reach the elevator. Hop off at the very top and enter your future home, where you'll get a chance to meet your future self!

Need a little more help to complete this island? Check out the official Poptropica walkthrough video above!

Did You Know:Time Tangled Island was the first Poptropica Island to feature sound! Also, as you're exploring you can encounter amazing historical figures like Thomas Edison, Aristotle, Lewis and Clark, and more!