Mission Atlantis Island

It's a different world under the sea and an ancient secret at the bottom of the ocean is beyond your wildest dreams. Get ready for the ultimate underwater adventure!

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Island Guide - Tips and Tricks!

Welcome to Mission Atlantis, a series of three Island adventures that first appeared on the Poptropica map in 2014!

Poptropica Mission Atlantis Island


Episode one takes you Into the Deep, where your mission is to capture footage of rare sea creatures for Cam Jameson. From Sea Dragons to Angler Fish, you'll have to explore the deepest, darkest parts of the ocean to find these rare creatures. Just as you wrap up your adventure, a stunning discovery leads you to a brand new mission!


Poptropica Mission Atlantis


You've discovered something amazing at the bottom of the ocean! Now, you need to find a way inside. Take advantage of your subs exterior strength to break through to the other side. Dodge the shark while collecting your first two puzzle pieces! Get the puffer fish through the pipes, and don't forget to flush out the additional puzzle pieces stuck within them. Once you have all the pieces, assemble them to help you move forward to episode 3!


POPTROPICA TIP: Take pictures of the glyphs along the way - you'll need them!

In the depths of the ocean and disconnected from Cam Jameson, you'll be on your own to find your way back home. You'll be helping some out of this world characters get back to their world while you're at it!


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Did You Know: Members who complete Mission Atlantis Episodes 1, 2, and 3 get a Diving Suit, Atlantis Drone Follower, and Puffer Fish Costume!



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