Thursday, January 5, 2023

January's Costume Contest Is Now Open!

This week has been full of firsts for Poptropica’s 2023, but we’re not done just yet. Let’s keep the good times coming! January’s costume contest is officially underway! ?


After the Airship’s recent Baron-less arrival and 2022 Costume Rewind, it’s time to get back to our regularly scheduled program. Each month, you’re invited to showcase your costume designs and creativity. These monthly contests offer all players – of any skill set – the opportunity to see your dream outfits become a reality in Poptropica! Your costume idea could be the next design created in-game and shared among millions across the Pop community! 


January’s costume contest will be open until Wednesday, January 18th at 8pm PT (9pm MT, 10pm CT, 11pm ET – for all other time zones, please use a time zone converter). That’s just about two weeks to think of your costume ideas, draw them out, and enter your designs in the contest. ?


Let’s get this show on the road. January’s costume contest begins in 3, 2, 1… 


Monthly Costume Contest promotional image, featuring two Poptropican characters centered around a work-in-progress, hand drawn costume design.


How do you enter?


First things first, brainstorm ideas for your costume. Costumes should be original, reproducible and age appropriate. There is also a 3 entry maximum per month.


Once you have your outfit ideas, the next step is to draw them out! You can do this on paper or go the digital route. Don’t worry about comparing yourself to the rest of the community. Differences in art skill will not affect your likelihood of being chosen.


Go all out with it! The Team loves seeing your imagination and creativity!


Once you’ve finished drawing your outfit designs, the final step is to share them with us! The easiest way is to enter through the submissions page. Submit your designs one at a time, but be sure to include your Poptropican’s name and your login username with each entry.


If you’re on social media, you can also share your costume design on Instagram for others to see your idea! Remember to tag us (@poptropicacreators) and use the hashtag #MyPoptropicaCostume – we’ll repost your costume design to our story to share your work!


NOTE: Please submit your designs one at a time, as multiple attachments will not be received. Each month, a handful of players’ entries are received without any attached files. If you’re unsure if your image was successfully included, feel free to resubmit!


To start brainstorming your outfit designs, here are a few tips!


Keep in mind, you have free reign over your design! You can opt for island inspired clothing or go in a completely different direction.


Are you in love with wacky, otherworldly, simple, or just downright weird costumes? Prehaps you’d like to see the latest fashion trends in-game? Are you excited by the thought of sharing your costume designs and art on a larger scale?


Maybe you have a quirky sense of style that you think others haven’t seen before? Don’t worry if you prefer to march to the beat of your own drum. Creativity and originality are always appreciated!


Keep these tips in mind as you’re designing your outfit:


  • Your costume submission should be original!
  • Get creative! Look for inspiration in your favorite looks that you can put your own spin on! From TV/film, your personal wishlist outfits, career uniforms, and celebrity sightings, you can design just about anything.
  • Costumes may also include accessories and special powers.
  • While designing your entry, be sure it can be reproduced as a Poptropica costume. Avoid including tiny details would be hard to recreate and using previous store costumes.

Don't be discouraged if your design hasn’t been chosen in the past! We’re blown away by the incredible amount of creativity and unique costume designs each month. We wish they could all be winners! We always welcome players to resubmit past design submissions or come up with new costume ideas for each month's contest!


If you need a nudge in the right direction to get started, check out previous month’s player submissions on our Youtube channel.



Good luck, Poptropicans! If you have any questions or comments about the contest, don’t hesitate to drop them below. Our Team's eager to see what you dream up! ?

Silver FoxJanuary 7, 2023 pm31 4:23 pm

I used to do a butterfly idea (I won't tell you what kind of butterfly idea, fellow poptropicans and POP creators because it's a surprise.)and summitted it...until I forgot there was a date limit. This time I'm going to do it better, brighter,creative-er and BIGGER!

WilliamFebruary 3, 2023 pm28 2:25 pm

I know mines the best! >:)

White MoonJanuary 9, 2023 pm31 10:50 pm

Can't do it this month, but if you have the contest in Feburary I can try my hand then

Silver FoxJanuary 11, 2023 pm31 4:46 pm

I hope you can do it next month...We will see soon! :)

White Spider January 12, 2023 am31 10:32 am

Just submitted my entry but I don’t even care if I win or not. Is there like a prize for winning?

Silver FoxJanuary 17, 2023 pm31 6:51 pm

Usually, on the themed drawing contest (or drawing contest to create and give the things you created to members), you receive the thing you created for free. But this is a monthly drawing contest, so I don't think they will give you a prize. P.S this is my 2nd time entering for a monthly contest (no, unfortenely I didn't win the 1st monthly contest I went to). P.S.S I hope you win, too!

Silver FoxJanuary 18, 2023 pm31 3:49 pm

I wish the biggest luck for everyone to win!

moody cloudJanuary 18, 2023 pm31 4:29 pm

I forgot to put the name!!!!! but the was hair-iett

January 19, 2023 pm31 12:15 pm

No problem, thanks for letting us know! :-)

Silver FoxJanuary 19, 2023 pm31 4:50 pm

Hi guys, sorry I didn't enter the contest because I was too busy with elementary schoolwork so I couldn't draw at the last minute! I'm very sorry....but when I have the time, I could try to submit my drawing.....and I'll promise I'll TRY. Thank you for understanding.

fudgy brownieJanuary 21, 2023 am31 10:46 am

mine is called the ghost of January i hope i win! p.s day 11 of Christmas is my sisters (pink panda)
creation! (White Christmas)

Silver FoxJanuary 23, 2023 pm31 4:49 pm

I have 3 things to say: 1. I hope that your costume wins this contest. 2. Oh, and your sister's idea, love it! 3. And my sister did Santa's helper (pet outfit in the Holly Jolly contest, but did not win unfortenely. T-T).