Thursday, July 7, 2022

Guest Blog: The Pink Knight and Poptropica Heroes Continued by Dizzy Feather 😵‍💫🪶

Hello Everyone!


Dizzy Feather here with my newest fanfiction, as you probably guessed it's about the Poptropican Heroes, this story takes place after the events of The Pink Knight I posted on the PHB. It follows the story of the Pink Knight returning to the group after two years, only to discover that the group is falling apart, and on top of that, a portal has re-opened leading to a world of danger. I wrote it in script format, Let's go!


We see a large ship out on the open water, "2016" appears above the ship.


The camera zooms in and several Poptropicans in white lab coats are scooting past each other, a man with black curly hair makes his way to the top of a wooden box.



We are now at the location.


After he says this, Poptropicans start heading to the lifeboats on the side of the ship. Once everyone is on one, the boats head towards a large gray rock in the water. A woman with long straight blonde hair points to what looks like a remote at the top of the rock. A pastel blue portal opens beside the base of the rock. The boats enter the portal one by one.


The screen fades to black and in white letters, the phrase "Present Day" pops up.

The Pink Knight is standing next to an old rusted green fountain. She looks around before pressing the button on the water fountain's spout. Instead of water coming out the water fountain, along with the Pink Knight lowers into the ground. 

Underneath the water fountain is a large completely white room. The Dark Razor Knight is waiting beside a red circle in the middle of the room, where the water fountain eventually lowers down on.


Dark Razor Knight:

Pink Knight, welcome back to the team, meet me in the conference hall. We need you on a mission.


After he says this he walks through an also white door. The Pink Knight follows him.



The Pink knight walks behind the Dark Razor knight through a maze of hallways.


Dark Razor Knight:

So what have you been up to?


Pink Knight:

Other than that E.Vile thing, not much. You?


Dark Razor Knight:

We've been doing a lot since you disappeared from us two years ago. However, nothing we faced has been anything like what we're up against now.


Pink Knight:

What are we up against?


Dark Razor Knight:

You're about to see.


They walk into a room with tan walls and a green carpet. There is a long wooden table in the center with light green padded chairs positioned around it. Sitting at the table are Mr.Carrot, The Purple Razor Knight, Purple Galaxy, The Love Knight, The Lightning Hero, and The Plant Knight. The Dark Razor Knight pulls out two chairs and motions for The Pink Knight to come sit in one. Once she does he sits in the other chair, Purple Galaxy watches him sit down. Once he does, she jumps out of her chair, and after a purple blur, she appears standing at the end of the table.


Purple Galaxy:

Now that we're all finally here, let's get started on the Briefing. Recently...


The Lighting Hero:

Wait! Aren't we going to welcome back The Pink Knight?


Purple Galaxy:

We all saw her, therefore we all know she's back. Now let me talk! We don't have much time! Anyways, Like I was saying, Recently, a portal has opened or should I say re-opened. 

  This portal was first discovered in 2016 by a group of scientists. Inside that portal, they found several islands with nothing on them, four of the scientists took charge and decided that they should build on the islands.

  One of these islands was home to a gigantic supervolcano, The First of the Four Scientists built a national park while studying the underground caves on the island, his name was Dr. Crispin Vincent. 

  The second island was built on by a lady named Iris Ray, for the scientists who were living inside the portal. 

   An unknown scientist created an island almost identical to that of 24 Carrot Island. 


 Finally, a Lover of Greek Mythology named Theseus, put together a group to help him build five small islands relatively close to one another.


  Theseus and his group had just finished building on their islands when something happened, Radio signals went down and the portal began to collapse, brave Poptropicans rushed in to try and get others out but none succeeded or came out before the portal crashed completely. The project never went public so far and few know about it. 

  A few days ago I received this in an email addressed to me as well as the MAF and the Spy groups that we have alliances with.


(Purple Galaxy stops talking here, long speech I know)


After a purple blur, Purple Galaxy appears back at the spot where she was sitting when The Pink Knight first came in. Once she is there she opens a laptop and clicks the mouse. A video starts playing.

The screen flashes through pictures of the Project Purple Galaxy just described, A male voice starts speaking.


Dizzy Feather - Sneak peek at next month's guest blog


(A hint of what's coming)



Six years ago, a project was started in MY WORLD by uninvited guests, who didn't even ask for permission. I decided to use their hard work to create the place I dreamed of, by erasing their memories.

  So I invite you to come and save them. Once they leave my world or I leave my world, their memories will be returned to them.


The video ends after the voice stops speaking.


Purple Galaxy: 

We need to send someone there, all of the other teams are. I say we send our Spy, The Pink Knight. Pink Knight, You leave first thing tomorrow, be ready, we'll give you more details before you leave.



That's it for now. Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Dizzy FeatherJuly 7, 2022 pm31 7:17 pm

By the way, I’m aiming for three parts but I might go over some. It won’t be super long, because I can only send one part in per month and I don’t think it’ll be fair to make you wait to many months for the whole story.

shifty PawJuly 7, 2022 pm31 8:46 pm

Anyway, what island are you guys going to reconvert?
Maybe Astro Knights? We would even be happy if you guys brought back an original feature, maybe the original store, the original log on page, the original home island, friends page or even the old inventory with floating cards.

Red OctopusJuly 8, 2022 pm31 1:35 pm

Your a good writer, I really like your stories!!!

Dizzy FeatherJuly 10, 2022 pm31 5:44 pm

Thank you! I try my best to make them entertaining for the readers.

Noisy WolfJuly 8, 2022 pm31 3:35 pm

Can I pls be in the fanfiction too?
Noisy Wolf 🤗
Many Thanks

Light FootJuly 9, 2022 am31 9:11 am

Is this sonething like Pop and Pop Worlds. Also are the other heroes from your other adventure such as Gray Cloud and Pink Crush going to be involved in this

Dizzy FeatherJuly 10, 2022 pm31 5:42 pm

I can’t confirm the first part of your comment since I would spoil most of the next part if I did. But Gray Cloud and Pink Crush will not be in this Fanfic because they were the two players I choose to be in the Pink knight, but I will place one of the readers in future parts I’ll go into that at the end of the next part.

Young RiderJuly 11, 2022 am31 7:14 am

I love it so far and I can't wait to see what happens next!