Tuesday, July 5, 2022

All Player Adventures Are on the Horizon!

Calling all players! Major update, everybody. ?


Con2: Wicked Cool News


Although the expanded release of PoptopiCon Ep. 2: Spoiler Alert to all players was just mere ago, we’re thrilled to share yet another bought of good news! Once again, a previously members-only adventure is set to become available to all! ?


Next week, Poptropicans far and wide are invited to join a massive expedition across the islands. Before the event in question is confirmed, we’ll give you one (huge) hint to aid in your predictions…


Something strange seems to be happening on the Airship. Pop onto the floating vessel to chat with the Baron. Once you’ve visited the sky pirate’s private quarters, prepare to embark on a puzzling journey with all your fellow players. ?


Who’s hyped for yet another adventure? ALL ABOARD!

Greedy MelonJuly 6, 2022 pm31 4:13 pm

Will Rumpelstiltskin open up the rereleased islands? I wonder...

Little BirdJuly 6, 2022 pm31 9:48 pm

I HOPE so! Maybe we have to find Rumpelstiltskin on all the different islands?

Shifty Paw July 7, 2022 am31 5:25 am

I say this because the barons adventure is sort of pirate themed.
Anyway I though that the baron was supposed to be selling original Poptropica items. Can we have some old stuff?
Thank you

Little BirdJuly 7, 2022 pm31 1:41 pm

Would this have anything to do with the book titles in the Baron's quarters and the poster that says, "Where is the golden city?!?!" Maybe? Just brainstorming random ideas here...

Incredible FlameJuly 7, 2022 pm31 11:05 pm


It's Rumplestiltskin's quest. On the quest, you visit different islands to find clues about the Prince's dad's whereabouts on Fairytale Island.

anonymous July 8, 2022 pm31 11:01 pm

No one said it would be Rumpel’s quest ?
Also, a little late to announce that

Greedy MelonJuly 10, 2022 pm31 4:33 pm

That's for members