Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Shop Update: Summer Style Takeover 🌞

We’ve got a short and sweet inventory refresh for you today! Find the shop's weekly updates in the main costume and pet displays in Adventure Outfitters. Shall we see what Amelia has in store for us? 🛍


6/20 store update 16/20 store update 26/20 store update 36/20 store update 4


Channel the spirit of summer through ‘sona styles! For a sporty look, gear up with the Baseball Uniform (400 credits, members only) and Soccer Champ outfit (200 credits, members only). Or opt for bright colors and with the pink Floral Spring ensemble (350 credits), Pretty Tough outfit (250 credits), and Fashionista Prep (200 credits). Perhaps you prefer a darker vibe? Add the Acidic Dino (150 credits, members only) and Dark Astro costumes (250 credits) to keep your wardrobe stocked with dark hues.


6/20 pets update 16/20 pets update 26/20 pets update 36/20 pets update 4


Of course, you can’t forget about your pet pals! Accessorize your adoptees with Fairy Wings, Black Mustache (members only), Lifeguard floatie, and pink Tear Drop Glasses (members only) for 75 credits each. 🐾


What’s your go-to warm weather combo for your Popsona? Do you usually mix and match your outfits to coordinate with the seasons or holidays? If you don’t, is there a specific style you like to stick to? We want to know!


That’s a wrap on the weekly shop updates! Bask in the sunny heat and enjoy your summer break, Poptropicans! ☀️🏖

shifty PawJune 24, 2022 am30 5:52 am

Hey Poptropica, I've got an idea that is sure to bring back supporters and the original poptropica vibe.
We could have the homepage!
The one that has the poptropican's medallions, pictures, tribe, friends and more!
This was a really nostalgic piece of poptropica, along with the store, inventory ( bag with floating cards) and other stuff that is sadly deleted.
I think that if you bring back at least one of these ideas, supporters would flock back to you.

Incredible FlameJune 28, 2022 pm30 5:23 pm

Yes! Those are so nostalgic. They were an important piece of Poptropica, until, it was removed.

Shifty PawJune 26, 2022 pm30 10:04 pm

Can we have the daily pop back too ? I think that would bring back a lot of fans.
Good job on bringing back the islands, you guys are actually converting them pretty fast!
Keep up the work, Poptropica!

Incredible FlameJune 28, 2022 pm30 5:25 pm

Happy to see that some people are appreciating what Pop has done for us over the past few years. Also, bringing daily pop back is a great idea!