Monday, June 6, 2022

Guest Blog: Poptropashion (Poptropica Fashion) by Pink Crush ?✨ Part 2!

Hello there Poptropicans!! I am so incredibly excited to make another post for Poptropica! These are the last 11 photos from the total 21 I took. From the comments from the last post, I see that you all enjoyed it so here is part 2. From here, it is safe to say that I would be named "Official Poptropica Fashion Advisor". A little fancy, but eh. The following outfits are made with regular poptropican outfits and costume pieces of Poptropicon episode 1.


The eleventh design is called "Vanilla Creme Brulee"


Vanilla Creme Brulee


This outfit is one of my top favorites. I named it Creme Brulee because there is a French/European dessert called " Creme brulee" (with added accents over the letters) The colors remind me of that dessert, as the hat is like the caramel top layer with the dark blonde hair, jacket, and sweater as the vanilla custard. Adorned with this outfit is also a gold necklace and orange/brown pants with white hoop earrings and red lipstick.


The next design is " Electric-Eccentric Blue"


Electric-Eccentric Blue


This outfit is a personality of its own, with its own creative, different vibe. With electric-blue hair with pink and purple streaks and a purple star for eye makeup, this isn't a regular outfit you would see anywhere. This costume also has a neon green jacket with a neon blue "Cool" shirt. It also has green lipgloss and blue leggings.


Number lucky (or unlucky) 13 is " Sheroic Warrior"


Sheroic Warrior


Even though this post is being posted in late May or early June, I originally made a draft in March, which is the month for female recognition throughout history and today. So to me, this outfit says that not only boys/men can be heroes, but girls/women can too. ( Please don't take this message the wrong way, as it's not made to offend anyone) With a sword and a fur cape, this really reminds me of medieval times. This character also has red hair ( though you can do any hair color you want).


Number 14, " Preppy Goth"


Preppy Goth


This costume has a certain goth look it. ( To be honest, I like wearing all black) This costume has a plaid skirt, a spikey belt, black top with a necklace. It also has long spikey hair and makeup under the eyes. A little preppy, a little goth, a little of both.



Continuing with a palette of light colors, we have "Cool Pastel"


Cool Pastel


This fit would be perfect to wear on a nice autumn day, or even in the spring. Either way, you'll have a cool breezy day with a pastel hoodie and sky blue leggings. This outfit also has light pink hair in a high ponytail with light pink lipgloss.


Number 16, "Prep Chic"

Prep Chic


A very fashionable and chic outfit, this also is one of my favorites. With the following components of a green cap, gold earrings with curly hair, a green jacket with a star necklace, a short plaid skirt, and a buttoned blacktop, this is for sure a very "fashion-forward" fit.


Royal Princess


This gown would be perfect for a special, glamorous event. Maybe even glam enough for the PHB's Poppies! Dazzle away with this periwinkle gown, blue diamond earrings, and a fancy hairpiece, including a designer handbag bag.


Next up "Classy Evening"


Classy Evening


This one is for a more evening dinner, fancy event type of look. With a black dress, wavy hair with white hoop earrings, including a nice designer bag, you can dress the best for any occasion.


The next 3 are sure to fill your tummy with some yummy food. Here at 19, " My, My Miss Poptropica Pie!"


My, My Miss Poptropica Pie


Ok, so this isn't really an outfit, I just took these to be silly and fun. This may not be available to everyone since it was only out for a little while, but it's still a great costume. I would totally wear this around Thanksgiving.


Step right up to the concession stand for some snacks featuring the last outfits 20 & 21, "Hot Diggity Dog" and "Flippin' Fries"


Hot Diggity DogFlippin' Fries


These are also costumes I wore also just for fun, with a hotdog and fries outfit. Either way, still great to wear.


Well, that's it. I hope you enjoyed my post. This one may not have been as exciting as the last, but I hope you all still love it. I may make more posts in the future, as I plan to stay around the community of Poptropica for a little bit. If you haven't, check out my first post! I also go on this fan-based Poptropica website which has pretty much everything Poptropica related: The Poptropica Help Blog (It’s even named the official Poptropica Fansite)! My username is GoldenPuppy3 for friends on Poptropica.


Keep on crushing it~ Pink Crush ?

Dizzy FeatherJune 6, 2022 pm30 4:12 pm

Great outfits Pink Crush,
Quick question, in the vanilla cream brûlée where do I get the coat from?
Also not to steal Pink Crush’s thunder or anything but on the PHB I posted a fanfic
Called the Pink knight. There is a little thing I would like readers to be involved with more details in the post.
(Sorry if I was rude or anything)

Pink CrushJune 6, 2022 pm30 5:35 pm

I am very happy that my post got on here! I may do another post soon, maybe about my poptropican's persona, and maybe on here or on the PHB, I may do another clubhouse tour because I'm thinking of revonating my clubhouse. Check it out!: On the PHB, I am going to do another fashion post, or almost like a Poptropica fashion magazine post with fashion looks and advice. If you haven't, check out my first post! Share what you thought in the comment section! Keep on crushing it~ Pink Crush

Curious RiderJune 7, 2022 am30 3:23 am

y'know, we could have even more fashion like this if the membership-only islands were released to the public.

Pink CrushJune 7, 2022 pm30 6:17 pm

I would very much like for membership-only islands to be released to non-members too. There are also many other outfits for members only that I would love to have, but it's fine.

Lucky StarJune 7, 2022 am30 8:45 am

I love all these outfits! I love all the guest bloggers and I love it when they do stuff like this! Maybe I'll be a guest blogger someday...

Lucky Star🍀⭐️

Pink CrushJune 7, 2022 pm30 6:18 pm

Thank you for your feedback Lucky Star! If you wanted to, you could definitely be a guest blogger one day!