Friday, May 6, 2022

Pop Highlight: Fan Art Appreciation 🤩🎨

We see you, Poptropicans! Shoutout to everyone who has been making and sharing fanart with us, your talent never fails to impress! Here are just a few special pieces we’ve seen on social media – let’s show these Poptropicans some love!


First up, Instagram!


@goldsberrie on Instagram


@goldsberrie shared two awesome redraws, one of their Popsona as an 80’s anime character and a stand out scene from Jade Scarab… the infamous 4,000 year old dung bottle! While the art is certainly appealing, the same can’t be said for the dung bottle. 🏺


@curlie.png on Instagram


@curlie.png shared an original piece, featuring none other than Black Widow! In true Black Widow fashion, @curlie.png also included ‘The Scream’ painting, one of the invaluable masterpieces our femme fatale tried to swipe in Counterfeit Island.


@Howdyitslj on Instagram


@howdyitslj had Zomberries on their mind while painting eggs! Who would have thought that rocks would be such a perfect canvas? The rocks are near identically shaped like the Zomberry heads and the color looks so vibrant! 🥚🧟‍♀️


@cniionnn on Instagram


@cniionnn’s one-of-a-kind view delivers an aerial shot looking down from the big, yellow blimp onto the map. Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to fly above Poptropica? Look no further, @cniionnn’s got ya covered!


@sockf00ted.books on Instagram


@sockf00ted.books is taking an amazingly creative approach to the islands. They’re designing outfits that match island-specific vibes! They’ve already covered a bunch of islands, but there’s still plenty of Pop-inspired fashion to go. Follow along their IRL costume curation for more trendy 'fits! ✨


Also, there’s been some activity in our submissions page since the last time we’ve highlighted it!


Red Toes sent in their take on the Jade Scarab and cat from the latest island – green eyes, gold jewelry, and all! Lovely art and so, so cute, Red Toes! 🐱


Red Toes' JS Fanart


This character compilation by Pink Crush (napstachill) also made us smile! Check out PR’s nifty illustrations of famous villains (plus Amelia) with some incredibly animated expressions! BinaryBard.exe may need a reboot…


Pink Crush's Character Compilatin


Last but certainly not least is Maroon Fox’s ominous drawing of Poptropica’s resident magic man. “Rumpel hears all,” paired with a tiny glimpse of his ear, resembles either a warning or simple fact. Whichever it is, be careful what you’re saying about Rumpel – especially on Fairytale Island.


Maroon Fox's Rumpel Fanart


Woooo, what a lineup! Special thanks to the Poptropicans above and ALL the artists that have shared fan art, videos, and stories with the community! It’s a pleasure to see your creativity and artistry in action. We can’t get enough! WELL DONE, EVERYONE! 👏 👏 👏



Want the chance to be featured next? Tag us on social media (IG: @popcreators, Twitter: @Poptropica, TikTok: @Poptropicacreator) and use #Poptropica! If social media’s not your thing, you can share your creations through the submissions page as well!

Maroon foxMay 7, 2022 am31 9:05 am

I am so glad you guys like my art! It’s not my bets work but still! Thanks so much pop team!

Bony BonesMay 8, 2022 pm31 1:47 pm

Looking forward to the return of Survival: Hook, Line, and Sinker!

Moody Clown May 9, 2022 am31 5:33 am

actually, the OG artist of the villains' expressions is napstachill (pronoun is they/them), you can simply search their name on Google and there are now-deleted drawings by them in the Google images. the drawing of villains' expressions was part of facial expressions meme on Tumblr, which were requested by people on the Poptropica community on the same site and i guarantee if you asked one or two or more people about it, they'll say the artist was napstachill, not "Pink Crush".

i apologize if i sound harsh here, but i'm not tolerant toward those who steal other people's artworks and post it without crediting them. a very disrespectful behavior.

May 9, 2022 pm31 12:27 pm

The fan art was sent in through our submissions page and did not include any additional info. Thank you for the correction, editing the post now to properly credit the artist! :)