Tuesday, March 1, 2022

You're invited onto the Baron's Airship! Catch this month's special edition treasures and 🆓 costume!

Ahoy, sailors!


As expected, the Baron has returned to Home Island! Their Airship is docked smack dab in the middle of Mainstreet – you can’t miss it. Board the Baron’s vessel to unlock the Cabin of Curiosities’ monthly bounty and stock up on credits!


Alongside the Baron’s arrival, a new outfit creation has been crowned winner for February’s costume contest! We’d like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who entered last month’s contest. Your ideas continue to blow us away! Sadly, only one player’s outfit can be selected. Don’t forget that you can resubmit your favorite costumes for other contests! These costume events are held monthly – there are plenty more chances to be had. Check out the entire lineup of February submissions, designed by your fellow players!


Now, it’s time to present this month’s winner. Without further ado, put your hands together for…


The De-man costume by Striped Thunder! Congratulations Striped Thunder, you designed an incredible outfit! ⛈

Striped Thunder's original "De-man" costume designWinner: De-man costume by Striped Thunder


The De-man costume takes extra to a completely different level. The outfit includes a polished set of horns, bat wings, dragon tail, a singular fang, and facial markings that fit just below your eyes. Underneath all of the fantastical features, the clothes themselves are also looking sharp! Pop on the white button up, grey blazer, and gold accessories for a casual look. The De-man costume is available to ALL players, for FREE! Don’t miss this month’s free outfit, courtesy of the Baron and Striped Thunder. 🆓🆓


Cabin of Curiosities' March inventory


In addition to the newest free costume, the Cabin is offering up some island memorabilia! Convert your clubhouse into the Carrot King Diner from (you guessed it) 24 Carrot Island! The Carrot King’s full set includes the diner’s Booth (50 credits), Table (50 credits), Hanging lamp (50 credits), Salt-n-Pepper Shakers (10 credits), and Exit Sign (50 credits). Can’t forget the Carrot King Sign (100 credits) either! Rounding out Cabin’s inventory, the Baron has also restocked the Gothic Cheerleader costume (100 credits). It’s a dark glam look, perfect to show off your skull spirit! ☠️


The Baron and their Airship will only be stationed on Home Island for a limited time! That means you better hurry to snag the free De-man costume. Once the Baron sets sail in a few days, it’s a mystery if (and when) we’ll catch the outfit again! While you’re on board, befriend other players, play the Clear the Skies mini-game, and save some credits for a rainy day. Climb into the Baron’s plane, the Red Jenny, to make your way through the air traffic. Each time you complete your flight, you’ll receive 50 credits! Not bad for less than a minute of flight time. If nothing else, make sure to to pay the sky pirate a visit before it’s too late!


That’s all for today, Poptropicans!  Signing off, mates. 🏴‍☠️



March 2, 2022 am31 12:07 am

Shouting into the void and hoping this Pink Crush sees this. @Pink Crush: Would you mind submitting an alternative email so we can follow up about your guest blog? The email attached to your post idea is invalid :-( Sorry for the trouble! 

anonymousMarch 5, 2022 pm31 9:56 pm

Wow. Just wow.
This is horrible. You promise to put old stuff in the Airship so we have a least a fragment of old Poptropica, but you get rid of that too? Why did I even trust for 2 seconds that you would keep your promise???!!! I just cannot believe how horrible you are

YoudontneedtoknowmynameMarch 30, 2022 pm31 11:32 pm

Hey, it’s hard for them to accommodate for every player. And don’t call them horrible. They do not deserve it, especially when they work so hard every day to make this game fun and make you happy. They try to make this fun for you and your complaining about furniture.

Bendy CrownMarch 21, 2022 pm31 4:01 pm

T-T yea poptropica crretors give us back the old island's