Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Celebrating Valentine's Day and Lunar New Year with new store updates and member gifts! 🎉

Back on Home Island, Amelia’s stepping up her store game to compete with the Baron’s pop-up shop. Let’s check out Amelia's new inventory! 👀


2/1 Adventure Outfitters costume rotation 12/1 Adventure Outfitters costume rotation 22/1 Adventure Outfitters costume rotation 32/1 Adventure Outfitters costume rotation 4


This week, Adventure Outfitters traded in last month’s PoptropiCon gear for the best winter wear yet and Valentine’s Day treats! The left display includes a cute Cupid follower (250 credits) and Ice Slice costume (350 credits) for all players! Meanwhile, members can also add on the Valentine Crushing accessory (300 credits), Cool Flame (350 credits) and Healthy Hike costumes (300 credits) to your purchase.


2/1 Adventure Outfitters left display


On the opposite end of the store, more winter apparel and Valentine’s Day goodies are on sale. All items included in the right display are available to all players! Dress up and dazzle with the Pretty Ponytail, Nature Trails, Short Hugs, and Small Breeze costumes (350 credits each). Stay warm out there, Poptropicans! 


2/1 Adventure Outfitters right display


If you’re in the mood for traditional V-Day staples, look no further! The Cupid Bow and Arrow (400 credits), Valentine Bouquet (150 credits), Valentine Chocolate Box (150 credits), and Valentine Heart Balloon (300 credits) are the perfect way to accessorize! 💘


New member gifts have also arrived today! As usual, the start of each month ushers in another round of member surprises. February’s member gifts are in celebration of Lunar New Year! In many East and Southeast Asian cultures, Lunar New Year marks the end of the lunar (moon-based) calendar and the unofficial start of spring. Because 2022 is considered the Year of the Tiger, members will find 3 tiger-ific gifts in their inventories: a Tiger Tail, Tiger Mask, and a Baby Tiger Follower! Happy Lunar New Year to all that celebrate! 🐅🎉


February's member gifts: Tiger tail, tiger mask, and tiger followerFebruary's Member Gifts


Whew! Amelia and the Baron have introduced a bunch of awesome, new items! What do you think about the latest inventory drops? Do any costumes or items stand out from the rest? Share your favorites in the comments below! 👇

Bored Poptropican NFTFebruary 1, 2022 pm28 10:01 pm

The tiger costume looks very cool. Will definitely get them. Happy lunar new year Pops 🎉

bronze kidFebruary 3, 2022 am28 6:07 am

yall should make more POC based costumes