Monday, January 24, 2022

Store Update: New Snow Styles and (Poptropi)Con-worthy costumes! ❄️

Good morning, Poptropicans! Happy Monday!


Good morning, starshine! The Earth says hello.


This week’s shop update is a short and sweet one! Let’s jump right in.


Poptropica store update - 1Poptropica store update - 2Poptropica store update - 3Poptropica store update - 4


Adventure Outfitters is now offering the super cute Sparkling Snow outfit (200 credits)! All players can layer up with the chic costume’s tan turtleneck, gold necklace, brown pants, and cream coat for a trendy look, or use individual clothing pieces to elevate your favorite styles!


January 2022 store update - left displayJanuary 2022 store update - right display


Don’t forget, Adventure Outfitters still has the special PoptropiCon merch on sale! Scoop up some action figures to decorate your clubhouse and add a Con-worthy costume or two (maybe even 5?) to your wardrobe. The Trash Collector, Cool Blade Ninja, Dirt Clod, Mutton Chops, and Large Fry costumes are a part of AO’s limited time inventory. Secure your favorite sci-fi costumes before they’re sold out!


That’s wraps up this week’s shop update! How are you gearing up for this week’s return of PoptropiCon, Episode 2: Spoiler Alert? Have you curated the costume you’re planning on wearing to the big event? It’s almost time to suit up! 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️🎉

Golden HorseJanuary 24, 2022 pm31 12:59 pm

Is Poptropicon 2 going to be free to all players, or just to members?