Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The Baron’s celebrating the holidays with Grapple gifts and free ‘fits! 🎁☃️

Have you stopped by Home Island today? There are a few things that seem a bit different…


Home Island's becoming a winter wonderland!


Most notably, Home Island’s turning into a wintery wonderland, complete with a flurry of fresh powder and holiday knick knacks! It’s the first snow of the year!


Rumor has it, there’s also another familiar sight spotted along Mainstreet! The Airship’s finally returned, which means the Baron’s back to welcoming Poptropicans onto her vessel! It’s time to “get off this dusty rock” – all aboard!


Onboard, it’s clear the Baron’s feeling the festive spirit! The Airship’s decked out with colorful lights and piles of snow. Head inside the Cabin of Curiosities for even more holiday decorations and check out the Grapple-goodies while you’re at it.


As per usual, the Cabin houses a variety of costumes and clubhouse items for your taking. November’s costume contest winner, Maroon Moon’s Dr. Hare outfit, is available to all players for FREE! Don the Dr. Hare attire and channel your inner hare-brained bunny! 🐰


November's contest winner - Maroon Moon's Dr. Hare costume


The Cabin of Curiosities is also offering players the chance to scoop up past months’ winning costumes. The returning outfits were selected by your fellow Poptropicans’ votes! Shoutout to everyone that participated in the most recent Pop poll!


Don’t miss out on these fleeting freebies! Be sure to stop by the Cabin to claim the Love Potion Demon, Ice Cream Cat, and Movie Geek costumesall for free


The Cabin of Curiosities' costumes and clubhouse gearCabin of Curiosities' costumes and clubhouse gear


The Baron’s popup shop doesn’t stop there. The Cabin also features a Grapple-Garb outfit (50 credits), Grapple totem (150 credits), stained glass chandelier (150 credits), mistletoe garland (50 credits), and a Grapple bust statue (150 credits)! Deck your walls with Grapple jolly, fa la la la la! 🎶


Run (don’t walk) to the Baron’s Cabin and take advantage of the limited time Grapple-worthy gifts! The sky pirate and her ship won’t be docked on Home Island for long. There’s no telling when the Baron will take off again. What do you think about the Airship’s winter wares for the month? Snow-body does it like the Baron! 


Stay tuned for more info about the upcoming return of Grapple-Pap later this month! Happy holidays, Poptropicans! 🎉

Golden CrownNovember 30, 2021 pm30 4:19 pm

It's the Grapple-Pap season!

LiabilityDecember 1, 2021 am31 1:15 am

I ran to the ship, slipped on the ice, and died. Not cool.

Blue FireDecember 3, 2021 am31 10:16 am

Grapple-pap! Is it real or not? Who knows.

Blue FireDecember 3, 2021 am31 10:17 am

Grapple-pap season already though....

Bronze eye December 3, 2021 pm31 3:22 pm

Omg Tysm for getting my costume back in! 😀