Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Guest Blog: Invisible Ring's Movie Mission! 🎬💍

In my last guest post, I showcased a very special Poptropican known as Perfect Sky. She was known for her skills in creating Poptropica movies, shows, and specials. If you missed my last post, don’t worry. You can look it up right here!


Upon closer examination of Perfect Sky’s channel, I found there was a lot of talk on wanting SOMEONE to take Perfect Sky’s place now that she is done with Poptropica moviemaking. I’ve decided that someone is gonna be ME.


Like some Poptropicans, I want to see more Poptropica content like what Perfect Sky made. And when you want something badly enough, you don’t wish for it to happen. You MAKE it happen.


...Which brings us up to the here and now. I will be making a full-length movie, and I have made an official Poptropica movie trailer for it that WON’T disappoint you. 



Once this movie of mine is complete, I will showcase it in another guest post later on. Until then, I will continue sharing monthly guest posts packed with quality content.


If you like my movie trailer, please let me know in the comments down below, and be sure to share the trailer with others who would like to see it, too!


Thank you, and I’ll be back next month!

Happy LizardOctober 6, 2021 pm31 1:12 pm

Nice movie.

Golden CrownOctober 6, 2021 pm31 2:17 pm

SO AWESOME INVISIBLE RING! You're right! It all starts with one Poptropican! I'm gonna start getting ready my campaign to bring tribes back...

Silver ClawOctober 6, 2021 pm31 5:58 pm

Two things:
for one, GREAT job invisible ring. I know that you used to work close with a close friend of mine.(Golden Crown!😁)
for two, -to the creators- I did time tangled island, and it turned me INTO A GIRL! plzplzplz help!

anonymousOctober 6, 2021 pm31 7:27 pm

Awesome! I can't wait for this to come out!
The Poptropica community makes so many videos and fanfics, we should get a movie deal! 🤣

Wild CarrotOctober 6, 2021 pm31 7:39 pm

Wow! Good job Invisible Ring... it was funny too. :D

Funny KidOctober 7, 2021 am31 7:40 am

Hello Invisibile Ring! Anyway other members of the Poptropica fanbase can help out and collaborate? I am really good at story writing and other stuff and thought you might be gathering anyone to help out!

Invisible RingOctober 7, 2021 pm31 9:46 pm

Nice to meet you, Funny Kid! That's a great question, I never even thought of that... I'd like to talk more about this subject, but I am no longer in kahoots with fanbases. However, if you subscribe to my channel and message me on the discussions section of my channel, we can talk more over there. How does that sound?

Funny KidOctober 9, 2021 am31 2:52 am

Sure! I have some story idea's already!

Happy BubblesOctober 13, 2021 pm31 12:58 pm

Nice! Have any specific idea on when this will come out?

Invisible RingOctober 13, 2021 pm31 11:50 pm

I hope to have it out before the year ends, but no guarantees. It says so on the video description. In other news, Youtube has just discontinued all channel discussion boards, dang it! Now it looks like the whole collaboration with other fans on this movie isn't gonna work out at all! ...Sorry, guys.