Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Poptropica is celebrating its 14th birthday this month! 🎂🎉🥳

Poptropica's 14th Birthday


Can you believe it’s been 14 years already? FOURTEEN! And what an adventure it's been! From everyone on the Creators’ Team, we want to thank you for your incredible love and support over the past 14 years – we sincerely appreciate every single one of you. 💙


Of course, we’re absolutely delighted to celebrate yet another year of Poptropica with the community. In honor of Pop’s anniversary, we are thrilled to announce that the game will be hosting a variety of birthday festivities for ALL players! Throughout the month of September, players will have access to exclusive, FREE costumes (like the Big Cake costume in the Cabin of Curiosities), generous credit opportunities, and rereleased mini games from Pop’s past, as a way to commemorate our most recent milestone!


Show your love for all things Poptropica and take to Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, or become a member of our guest blogging team to join in on the fun! Make your own Pop-inspired videos, fan art, memes, or written posts (anything age appropriate) and share your work with us via the submissions page or by tagging us on social media for the chance to be showcased in our birthday exhibition. The team will be picking some of our favorites to be featured throughout the remainder of September, so don’t be shy! 


Stay tuned for more updates about the special, upcoming birthday happenings and the community’s contributions to the celebration! We can't wait to se how you plan on participating in the festivities and what surpises this anninversary may bring along. The excitement around HQ is electrifying! ⚡️


Best of luck, Poptropicans! 🤩 🤞

janie September 7, 2021 pm30 7:52 pm

this is so cute happy birthday poptropica i love u

Maroon SealSeptember 8, 2021 am30 10:11 am

Can’t believe it’s been 14 years, feels like just yesterday I was playing it for the first time on my mother’s old computer.

Happy LizardSeptember 8, 2021 pm30 12:28 pm

I love you, I'm going to enjoy your birthday.

anonymousSeptember 8, 2021 pm30 5:56 pm

I love this game with all my heart, especially since the CREATORS STARTED LISTENING TO US AGAIN!
I want to give an enormous thank you to the creators. You put so much hard work into the game, through TWO conversions, a pandemic, and not having as many players as before. You keep Poptropica going.
I have a few requests, though. We love your game so much, but we really just want old stuff back. I'm not demanding old islands back immediately. But maybe you could stop making so many new features? Bring back the photo booth? Small stuff like that? Take baby steps.
If bringing back old stuff sounds complicated or expensive, let us know. THE FANDOM IS HERE TO HELP YOU. If you are having trouble thinking of ways to make money, bring back old features, or if you need extra money for a specific feature, LET US KNOW. You have no idea how delighted we would be to help.
In fact, I have some suggestions right now! For one thing, maybe stop putting ads in the middle of the game as clips when you switch screens, but have them put on a Home Island billboard with the promise of receiving a few hundred credits if you watch the ad video. For another, once you find the time and money to bring back a few old islands, you could start the first month with them all being members-only, and every month you rotate the islands that are open to all and open to members. For example, one month Shark Tooth, Back Lot, Night Watch, Super Power, and Wimpy Boardwalk are open to all, and the next month, Super Villain, Mystery Train, S.O.S., Red Dragon and Vampire's Curse are open to all. This way, members still have perks and reasons to keep their membership and continue to pay, but non-members still can have what they want.

Thank you so much for reading. Have a Pop-tastic day and continue to be awesome. Happy birthday again!

Shifty pawSeptember 11, 2021 pm30 5:55 pm

I agree, though what if there are two home islands, one for old Poptropica and one for the new Poptropica. The old Poptropica home island will have the old store of 2014, the Daily Pop, the old Inventory when you open your bag and see the items floating, and no fake Poptropicans.
Please consider this. Thankyou

AnonymousSeptember 9, 2021 pm30 5:21 pm

When you say "rereleased mini-games," do you mean recent ones like Hoptropica, or super blast-from-the-past ones, like Spook Central and D.C. Diner?

September 9, 2021 pm30 6:41 pm

You might be onto something...

Shifty pawSeptember 10, 2021 pm30 6:43 pm

Yes yes yes! I am so looking forward to the old mini quests because Poptropica from the Better old days is becoming something that frustrates us a lot because of the animations and fake Poptropicans. Anyway, I am looking forward to legendary swords and Earth Day.
What if there are two home islands? One for those who need the old one back and one for those who play the new one?
This won't make you have to delete all the work on the new poptropica, but it would bring back a lot of people who gave up on Poptropica because of the new changes with animations.
I am looking forward to seeing some old Poptropica again!

Shifty pawSeptember 11, 2021 pm30 5:49 pm

I am looking so forward to these minigames like Earth Day or Legendary Swords!
But I do have a question, will these come back without the animations that we don't like? Because it would be a bit of a killjoy if the old islands and minigames came back and all the old players couldn't wait for a shot of nostalgia only to have animations alienating the islands.
But I am looking forward to some old islands so keep up the good work.

skinny moon September 12, 2021 pm30 3:01 pm

Hi guys, of course i had to be here for the b-day of the best game in the world(I'm exaggerating.) can't wait to see what the team puts out there to celebrate this once in a life time event!, see you around guys!- Skinny moon