Wednesday, July 7, 2021

This Week's Store Update: Water Balloon Inspired Costumes ??

What’s new with you, Poptropica crew?! ?


In addition to the Baron’s Cabin of Curiosities pop up store, Mainstreet’s Adventure Outfitters had another inventory drop this week! You’ll notice the restock of some familiar favorites, including Acidic Dinosaur, Prom Princess, and Barbarian Warrior, but the update includes two new costumes!


Store Rotation 1


Store Rotation 2


Store Rotation 3


Store Rotation 4


There are two new costumes available: Water Fight and Water Battle! The costumes are perfect for summer’s most competitive game – water balloons. It’s a high risk, high reward brawl and your opponents would be irritated to see you come out of it still looking fresh as can be.


Water Fight and Water Battle costumes


The Water Fight costume is a laid back surfer look. The boardshorts and matching tank and sunglasses are a cool combo!  Fun sunglasses are IN right now! Of course, the costume wouldn’t be complete without a water cannon.


Water Fight costume


Water Battle is another outfit curated with water balloon games in mind! The costume includes a lush head of curls, round sunnies, a pink swimsuit, and water blaster. Be ready to take on your friends at any time with your blaster, balloon battles are no joke!


Water Battle


July’s members gifts also dropped recently! This month’s gifts include Big, Red Headphones, One Wheel Rider, and a Radio Controlled Helicopter follower!


Big, Red Headphones


One Wheel Rider and Remote Controlled Helicopter Follower


Don’t forget – July’s costume contest is in full swing, you can get your own costume design into the game and featured in the Baron’s Cabin of Curiosities! Click HERE to find out more about the monthly costume contest! This month’s contest ends Friday, July 16th at 8pm PST. 


Stay hydrated, Poptropicans! Catch you on the flippity flop! ???

Cheerful GamerJuly 8, 2021 pm31 3:11 pm

Can poptropica make a new island or bring back at least one old island, please.