Tuesday, July 27, 2021

More summer attire just dropped into Poptropica! ??

Welcome back, y’all! Poptropica HQ is in a whirlwind of activity and the Team is hard at work! Seems like the perfect time for a little retail therapy.


Luckily, July’s last weekly store update is available in Adventure Outfitters!


Store Rotation 1Store Rotation 2Store Rotation 3Store Rotation 4


This week’s inventory update features the new Ocean Breezy costume and the return of 2 totally charming outfits representing fruitified fashion! Dress in the Ocean Breezy costume and beach it up with the outfit’s flattering shades and striped swimsuit!


Ocean Breezy Costume


The latest store update also welcomes back the Fruity Cutie and Lazy Days costumes! They’re perfect for any summer festivities and keeping cool.


Right: Fruity Cutie; Left: Lazy Days


Fruity Cutie includes a watermelon print romper, a curly haired cut, and a dark lipstick smile. The Lazy Days’ signature look features a pineapple print button down, blue shorts, and hair with a hint of tussle. If you opt for the Fruity Cutie or Lazy Day gear, be sure to tropic like it’s hot.


That concludes this month's store update! We’re so excited to share what August’s inventory updates have in store for you. ?


July's New Costume Releases!


Don’t forget to keep up with the daily login streaks until this Friday – we’re in the final stretch! 5,000 credits goes a long way in expanding your wardrobe or decorating your clubhouse! See you next time, Poptropicans!