Friday, April 2, 2021

Guest Post: Home Island Theories by Invisible Ring!

Poptropica Home Island in it's newest form in 2021

Hey, Poptropicans! It’s me, Invisible Ring! I know a lot of you have talked about the updates on home island, but do you know the history behind those updates? 

As a highly active veteran Poptropica player since fall 2014, I know for a fact that Home island did not start out as a center to return to your game or to swing by the store or the arcade. No, it actually started out as a fetch quest. Snagglemast is known as a fetch quest too, but the play area in that island strikes me as something much like that of the original home island...

Back in 2014, you were to visit a random guy that needed you to find 8 broken medallion pieces and put them together into 1 medallion. Once you did that, you got to keep the medallion and then get on your way to a new island. 

Characters from Poptropica in a Hot Air Balloon race

Later on, at the start of 2016, Home island completely changed. The space to search for the broken medallion disappeared, and a new quest emerged. Veterans, you know what I’m talking about here, don’t you?... That’s right, Monkey Wrench Island!

This island followed right after Pelican Rock, and it was made especially for new players. Was I a new player? Nope. But was the island good? ...I don’t know about everyone else’s opinion, but it was one of my favorite islands EVER! The adventure was so awesome that I replayed it 7 or 8 times. It never got old! I probably would have kept replaying it if the Monkey Wrench Island wasn’t taken down. 

So why did Monkey Wrench island go away? Let’s review the facts, shall we? During those 2 years Monkey Wrench was around, new features were added to the Home island. A wheel of loot was added and so was a movie theater. (I loved the movies but they didn’t last, so I compiled a playlist of those movies on my Youtube channel. But on with the story…) 

Poptropica characters in front of the spaceship arcade

The Monkey Wrench quest wasn’t removed until the actual island changed again in 2018. The Pop store turned into what looked like a button factory, and a pet barn and arcade rocket came out. Then in 2019, the ultimate treehouse home island came out. You can still find the treehouse home island on the Poptropica app if you don’t know what I am talking about here. Then in 2020, the year of flash conversion, home island came out like this. In retrospect, it wouldn’t have been useful to set up a fancy home island right before Flash gave out.

My memory is not perfect, so if any of that history overview was wrong, then my bad. But my point is that Monkeywrench was connected to Home island and since Home island was changed so many times to let in new features such as pets and clubhouses and holiday and seasonal themes… Monkey Wrench’s connections must have gotten cut off. How could Amelia land her airplane on Home island if Home Island won’t stay still and the landing pad keeps changing? I don’t think she can. Nothing to do but circle the skies with Balloon Boy, and watch the snagglemast island from the sidelines...

But wait! What about the home island we have right now, in the new age of haxe? This one is definitely not like the home islands of the past. The music… the art… the atmosphere… this one’s a masterpiece! It really screams Poptropica! Could this be the official home island for Poptropica to stay? I sure think so. Otherwise, the creators wouldn’t have put so much skill into it. This home island is like none I have ever seen before. 

Poptropica store interior with characters

Ok!... Now we know all about the home island. But what about Monkey Wrench? Don’t worry. I’m getting to that. ...After reading countless blog comments in the past year and finding Monkey Wrench posts on the PHB, I found out just how many poptropicans wanted Monkey Wrench Island back as much as I did. I sent an email about that to the Pop Creators, and I got an answer back from them.

Guess what, guys? Monkey Wrench is planned to return! No, we don’t know when it will be back, but for all of you veterans who lost hope long ago, take heart. It’s not gone for good! And for all of you who never played Monkey Wrench Island before… well, now you have another island to look forward to!

So there you have it. Now we all know about the history of Home Island and the Mystery of Monkey Wrench! ...Hey, I like those alliterations! But I have one more hypothesis mixed in with all of these facts. If this newest and best home island really is set in stone, then the monkey wrench island will return there. To think, that after everything these 2 islands have been through in the years prior to flash conversion, they are laying new foundations and reuniting at last! At least, that’s what I think. It makes sense to me. How about you? 

Hope this guest post satisfies you all as much as it has satisfied me. Thanks for reading!