Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Weekly Shop Update and New Store Preview!

What's up Poptropicans?! 

Another week means another shop update with tons of NON-MEMBER items available! Check out the latest items in the store!

We also recently mentioned that we're revamping the store and we've got a little preview of it here for you! If you head to the NEW Home Island you'll see the store has a new exterior which means it needs a new interior too! 

Check back later this week for another behind-the-scenes look at the new Fairy Tale Island too!

AnonymousMarch 9, 2021 am31 8:52 am


parisMarch 20, 2021 pm31 4:25 pm

I am so happy for updates but i wonder can we get more ways to get money please thank you I AM SO EXSIDED THOGH

parisMarch 20, 2021 pm31 4:31 pm

Hello Guys um omg there are so many things chang already and i have been only playing for a year but please please make more things to talk to eahother and plaese please please please make a cafe please please i really like poptrapica and this only game i get to play but anyway please bring back old stuff please

Neat PeanutMarch 9, 2021 am31 10:13 am

There used to be a baby costume in the store, which was pretty cute. It had a pacifier, a baby rattle and everything. You should bring it back!

AnonymousMarch 9, 2021 pm31 12:55 pm

the only new one is the prom queen one

CheyenneMarch 19, 2021 pm31 9:47 pm

me want prom queen back

Invisible RingMarch 9, 2021 pm31 1:42 pm

Wow wow WOW! Keep it up, Poptropica! I believe in you! This legendary home island is the start of something GRAND. Something EPIC. The future of Poptropica is looking even brighter now.

AnonymousMarch 9, 2021 pm31 4:36 pm

THis is cool! But still would love for you to bring the customizer back.

moonMarch 10, 2021 pm31 9:01 pm


moonMarch 10, 2021 pm31 9:04 pm

wow i do like it :) but i kinda still like some parts from the old home island.
but it's still great!

goldensingerMarch 15, 2021 pm31 4:04 pm

how can you bring back winter scarves

CheyenneMarch 19, 2021 pm31 9:48 pm


Striped CometMarch 22, 2021 am31 9:51 am

I would love if Poptropica brought back the costumizer. I use it regularly in mobile Poptropica, but there is no clubhouse.

ShyIceMarch 10, 2021 am31 1:35 am

Thanks for the Prom Princess Outfit! It really fits The Upcoming Fairy Tale island! Well I guess boys would have to get THEIR prince outfits by bypassers in Poptropicon Island...

AnonymousMarch 10, 2021 am31 11:57 am

I wish I could still go into my backyard after the first challenge....I want to decorate it. Also where is the store to customize your looks and change your hair and skin color? I want it backkkkkk also bring back the customizer .

AutumnMarch 18, 2021 pm31 6:20 pm

I agree. I really miss seeing it.

AnonymousMarch 10, 2021 pm31 12:00 pm

Hey so I was playing Poptropicon and they say to save your outfit but I can't because you can't customize it back because you need membership. That kinda sucks.

AnonymousMarch 10, 2021 pm31 12:01 pm

Hey what about poptropica airlines can we get more info about it thanks!

GokuGirl/MaroonSealMarch 10, 2021 pm31 1:47 pm

i cant wait!

AnonymousMarch 12, 2021 pm31 12:23 pm

I wish that there was quicker turn around with new items...most of these items were available last week. Also, where is the customizer?

Sta je bre March 18, 2021 am31 3:59 am

When are the old islands coming back

Princess ParisMarch 20, 2021 pm31 5:35 pm

I wish the old stuff was back and you did not have to be a menber its not fair i am not tring to be rude but well yeak also can you make a cafe thanks

Miss kisha March 20, 2021 pm31 5:35 pm

Please make a cafe

loloMarch 20, 2021 pm31 5:38 pm

please make a cafe where you can eat and have some fun and dont have to pay for stuff also i wouuld like it if you can um be shure that you can invite your friends to come to the cafe and you can talk and stuff please make a cafe

Princess ParisMarch 20, 2021 pm31 5:38 pm

ooh A cafe would be nice please a cafe

Angel KingMarch 21, 2021 am31 10:47 am

Is all this new stuff for members?

white iceMarch 21, 2021 pm31 4:32 pm

i cant WAIT!!!!!!!! this is so exsited!!!!!

meMarch 22, 2021 pm31 2:49 pm

That seems pretty cool!! :)

tiktok sucksMarch 24, 2021 am31 6:31 am

wow! but PLEASE return the customizer

AnonymousMarch 24, 2021 pm31 3:16 pm

Wow! But I would love for you to bring back the customizer, the mannequins and the skin-tone/hair color changer.