Tuesday, September 1, 2020

A very merry birthday to us!

 It's Poptropica's birthday month! Hip hip!

We're over the moon that y'all are already helping us celebrate! If you haven't seen already, Dimension Bros have kicked off a month-long Poptropica video party on YouTube! 

Are you a video creator? Get in touch with Dimension Bros to be featured in what's sure to be an epic month of videos! 

Check back here for more from the Poptropica Creators to celebrate our birthday month!

UnknownSeptember 1, 2020 pm30 9:11 pm


TheOrangeHeSeptember 1, 2020 pm30 10:59 pm

Dear Poptropica Creators, what was the exact date of your birthday? We all know Poptropica was released on September 2007 but when was the exact date? I see some sources saying it's September 1, 2007? Is that true? I really hope to hear from you soon and happy birthmonth!!!!

Asante AgyeiSeptember 1, 2020 pm30 11:55 pm

Congrats to my best friend who runs the channel! He loves Poptropica and so do I so I’m sure this means a lot to someone like him.
—Your Friend,

AnonymousSeptember 2, 2020 am30 10:16 am

It's my birthday month too! I'm so excited to see what this month has in store for poptropica.

AlderSeptember 2, 2020 pm30 1:14 pm

Woo! Looks fun! Anything special in-game planned for this month maybe? Maybe I should prepare a small video...

AnonymousSeptember 2, 2020 pm30 1:58 pm

After all those birthday balloons and outfits, I am so excited for poptropica month! I am also so excited to hear that we can join too if we want! Best news I heard all day! YAY

AnonymousSeptember 2, 2020 pm30 5:15 pm


UnknownSeptember 2, 2020 pm30 11:17 pm

hi i know this isn't related but i'm really desperate to know: will players like me with old accounts have to make a new one to get all the updates? please tell us that our old accounts won't die along with flash! if you can, please update our old accounts so that they look like the new ones with the ice cream stand :)

from, Little Coyote

AnonymousSeptember 3, 2020 pm30 2:09 pm

Yeah what he said! We don't want to lose everything we collected after all those years with our old accounts! Updates will be severely appreciated, especially since I never got to see those common room stores so far...

AnonymousSeptember 4, 2020 pm30 10:45 pm

Yeah same here!!! I have accomplished SOOO much with my account and I don't want to lose it all just so I can see all the new updates.

OLD SCHOOL/INCREDIBLE HAWKSeptember 3, 2020 pm30 1:45 pm

Cant wait to see what comes for us this month but when will Quippy come to time tangled island common room on haxe.

JessSeptember 3, 2020 pm30 6:22 pm

Happy Birthmonth!! As a veteran player i can safely say this game has really come along :) I definetley miss the old islands and features but I hope Poptropica today will capture kid's hearts like it did for me

AnonymousSeptember 5, 2020 pm30 5:03 pm

can you celebrate by putting the old islands back

AnonymousSeptember 7, 2020 pm30 12:08 pm

When will there be new islands

AnonymousSeptember 8, 2020 am30 9:44 am


-White fox

AnonymousOctober 7, 2020 pm31 5:04 pm

My birthday is on September 1! Im the same birthday as Poptropica!!