Monday, July 8, 2019

New pet incoming!!

Hey, Poptropicans, PONIES are officially joining the list of collectible pets!! The update is live NOW so Members, be sure to log on in your browser or on your phone and meet your newest friend!
dangerousjokerJuly 8, 2019 pm31 4:55 pm

Personally i dont like the way you've changed the home island and everything. I've been playing since 2014 and i love the game and I keep coming back to replay islands and what not. But why change home island? like there was never a movie place, you could take pictures, the common room was a club and not a boring vibrant arcade, the store was completely different, and just I feel like the old home island was more fun because you cant really do anything on the new home island like there platforms and what not but nothing to do. Also I see you changed the profile friends tab. like you could actually customize it before as well as see what medallions you have. Now you cant any of that you cant even see your entire friends list. I know this so far doesn't have anything to do with this post but I just had to say it I will still play the game and i still love it, its just like my childhood is fading. you used to be able to buy pets from the store and get certain outfits and things from ads which you still get things from ads but i dont know I just dont like that you get pets like this and i dont dig their design. its cute but the old store bought pets look more poptropican like in my opinion. Again I dont mean to be rude this is just my opinion about the game and all the updates. I know that I read somewhere that next year this game will no longer be a thing because well no flash games will. Which honestly breaks my heart because I grew up laying so many fantastic flash games. 8 YEARS of me playing flash games and 5 of those years poptropica was one of them. if its true that poptropica wont exists on the computer anymore maybe you could bring back some old items or old home island things. Maybe even bring back the old tutorial where you had to find all the medallion pieces to get the home medallion because if i count all the islands i did thats 37 but it says i have 38 which means its the home island. Im very sorry that I went off topic so many times and that im ranting about the home islands so much. I just miss what you guys used to do.

AnonymousJuly 9, 2019 am31 9:17 am

Another member pet?! Could you please give us non-members some love? All the pets in the pet barn are MEMBERS!

Joey NigroJuly 9, 2019 pm31 6:05 pm

To tell you the truth. Every show on PBS Kids or Nick Jr. is TV-MA

AnonymousJuly 10, 2019 am31 12:47 am

i want to know what happened to all of the islands on poptropica. i got a membership in hopes of have more islands but i ended up with nothing! please fix this!

RosegemJuly 10, 2019 pm31 4:18 pm

Can't wait to see it once I log on

AnonymousJuly 10, 2019 pm31 9:22 pm

can you please make less things members only? e.g. pets, costumes, unicorn horn in pet shop, ect. I think poptropica members shouldn't even be there. Thanks. #UNIKITTY

YeetJuly 13, 2019 pm31 3:45 pm


AnonymousDecember 20, 2019 pm31 4:39 pm

i aggre

Joey NigroJuly 12, 2019 pm31 6:32 pm

Can you please enable everything for the Avatar Studio.

AnonymousJuly 12, 2019 pm31 7:48 pm

Plz make less things members can only use.Thx

AnonymousJuly 14, 2019 pm31 5:45 pm

If you could please bring cool bubble gums back and actually add new worlds and give us the old costumes back in the shop that would be great. I also don't understand why you would make worlds members only that was a terrible idea in my I want to finish this game but I can't because you decided to make worlds demo's for non-members. I cannot play old maps because you decided to change worlds to members only and I really do not appreciate that at all.

AnonymousJuly 15, 2019 pm31 2:36 pm

Where's all the old maps?!

Joey NigroJuly 15, 2019 pm31 6:09 pm

I'm glad you liked the new Dora instead of the old Dora.

UnknownJuly 15, 2019 pm31 7:00 pm

It would be pretty cool if you let up on all the membership items in the pet shop... not that I don't like the free stuff, but it would be nice to have more options.

UnknownJanuary 5, 2021 pm31 2:15 pm

I love this! but its already in poptropica