Thursday, September 20, 2018

It's Feeling a Little Chilly in Here...

We're so psyched for the new Smallfoot movie to come out, aren't you!? We have the latest trailer up on Poptropica, a super fun game, and an epic prize! This is a limited time event, so get to it before it's gone!

Stay tuned to learn about the newest membership benefit coming to Poptropica!
Joshua PridelanderSeptember 21, 2018 am30 9:20 am

I am also really excited for that Movie this i want to beable to be the first movie with Lebron James in it I was not intested in it at first untill I found out at school Lebron James is it my most favorite basketball player there should be this sounds like a cool idea for me a Smallfoot Island and hopefully if Smallfoot stuff come can the island have a demo if it comes out cause I miss that I still can't afford poptropica membership. hopefully if new stuff comes to poptropica it won't all be for members.

TallmeloniscoolSeptember 22, 2018 pm30 12:49 pm

Since i am a member in Poptropica, i am really curious to see what the new benefit is!

Joshua PridelanderSeptember 25, 2018 pm30 8:40 pm

I can't join in on my idea for a poptropica realms contest I can't share realms cause I still can't aford Poptropica membership hopefully someday I can but I would at least like to see others hard works for mainly lets try to see others designs for Poptropica islands knowing Poptropica is an awesome game I really love I got few idea's for some maps on realms that I hope will turn out good if I can ever afford membership for mostly I plan to try to do my top favorite islands I got no idea right now for forest map I might try for an island for me that was Ok not too bad I really love the most channgeing islands hard ones with tricky parts but for either Forest or Swamp I plan to try Twisted Thicket and ok island for me. for ice there is ice in S.O.S. Island which is another ok Island that is what I got planed for ice realm. for Desert I plan Arabian nights to me that was a pretty great episode adventure I really loved. finally got to the pretty hard islands I love and beaten with really tricky parts for Lunar it has to be Lunar Colony that I want to try for and if I can ever get Poptropica membership I know what I am doing for fire map Astro Knights island my Most favorite really hard island.I feel that if poor Thinknoodles ever find that realm same for me I did not have a great enjoyment first time playing Astro Knights Island The last Jump was not easy but was possible I saw his first let's play. but Things were not good on the fire planet. got really tough on the final jump. but Astro Knights is still an amazeing Island Fun , Hard and a challange just the way I really love Poptropica islands.

TallmeloniscoolSeptember 26, 2018 pm30 4:26 pm

I really want to know what this membership benefit is going to be because I am a member in Poptropica!

pentesterOctober 1, 2018 am31 2:12 am