Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Check out all the ways to customize your avatar in Poptropica Worlds!

Hey there, Poptropicans! Have you taken advantage of all the ways you can customize your avatar in Poptropica Worlds? We want you to show us your unique look -- read on to learn how!

The Poptropica Worlds shop offers so many possibilities for unique outfits because you can buy a whole outfit or just one piece of an outfit. Buy the shorts from one, the basketball from another, the shirt and shoes from yet another... You can create a look that's totally your own!

Plus costumes aren't limited to gender -- if your Poptropican is a girl and you see a shirt you like in the store that is on a boy Poptropican, you can buy that shirt. Awesome!

Watch this short video that highlights all the ways you can customize your avatar, and gives you a peek into Poptropica Worlds:

After importing my avatar from Poptropica to Poptropica Worlds, I gave myself a whole new look. Check it out:

When I imported my Poptropican I gave her long, brown hair with no bangs and lips with a little lip gloss, just like I wear in real life. Later I bought a bunch of different items from the store and put them all together for my own special look!

We want to see how you've customized your Poptropican! Take a screenshot of your avatar (hint: If you go into your closet, your Poptropican will be much bigger - take a screenshot there!) and share it on social media with the hashtag #MyPoptropican. We'll repost some of our favorites!

Go customize your avatar in Poptropica Worlds now! We can't wait to see your look!

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