Monday, February 20, 2017

Behind the scenes: Designing the escape plan for Pelican Rock!

Have you completed Escape from Pelican Rock yet? It's one of our Islands of the Month. First-time finishers earn 500 credits and repeat finishers earn 300 credits the first time they complete Pelican Rock again! You can see the Island preview and the walkthrough in our IOTM announcement.

Aw, man! I've been framed!
At least I got to keep my Poptropica phone.

Have you ever wondered what goes into creating a Poptropica Island? In a post about Poptropolis Games we talked about how each Island has a style guide. Today we're giving you a peek into the development of Escape from Pelican Rock and its schematic. Check this out:

An Island's schematic lays out exactly how the game will be played. We're only posting a little bit of the schematic because we don't want to give away everything!

Here's part of the schematic that describes one of the last scenes of the game: When you break out of Pelican Rock.

After an Island's schematic is finalized, it's time for art and animation! Here's what an artist envisioned the escape scene looking like:

And here's an animator's concept of how a flood light would look as it searched for escapees:

The end result is a fun mini-game that challenges you to carefully navigate the rooftop while the warden and her cronies are on your tail!

Have you escaped from Pelican Rock this month? If not, play on Poptropica now and build up those credits!

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