Friday, January 27, 2017

How to import your Poptropican's look to the Poptropica app

Hello Poptropicans! Lately a whole bunch of you have downloaded the Poptropica app, so we wanted to be sure you knew this: You can import your Poptropican's look from the web into the app!

Have a super sweet superhero costume that took you ages to put together? Or some hipster duds you don't want to lose? Did you create the perfect hair color in A New You that complements your gorgeous dress? Never fear, you can look just as fabulous on the Poptropica app.

Here's what to do:

1. Download the Poptropica app for your iPhone or iPad, your Android device, or your Kindle.

2. Open it up and select New Player.

2. Pick boy or girl.

3. Select your age.

4. A random Poptropican will appear.

5. Tap the Import Look button. Then enter your username and password.

6. Lo and behold, there is your Poptropican! Or in this case, there is Silly Claw.

7. Tap DONE and go play Poptropica! Wahoo!

Check out the Home Island where'll you find the Store (get new costumes and powers), A New You (change up your look again), and the Arcade (play games with other Poptropicans). Then go play one of the 13 Islands on the app and collect those medallions. Have fun!

PS: Waiting for the #MyPoptropicaCostume voting? The Creators are winding up their own voting, and we hope to open voting to you all early next week!

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