Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Behind the scenes at Poptropica HQ!

Poptropica's office in Boston, Massachusetts, is a pretty cool place to work. In our world, office decor = toys and other fun stuff, so we thought you Poptropica fans would enjoy getting a behind the scenes look at where the magic happens!

No boring paintings hanging on the wall or drab cubicles for us...

We're surrounded by Poptropicans!

I spy Shark Guy! What else do you see?
I guess we have a thing for zombies and sharks?

Poptropica toys! Do you have any of these?
One of the coolest spots in the office is our smoothie bar area. We haven't actually made smoothies there yet... but we do drink smoothies there sometimes! It's actually a great place to hang out and do some work or have a quick meeting with other Creators.

This pic is from when we first moved in - we hadn't totally unpacked yet
but the fun stuff was on the walls right away!

We hope you liked this peek into the Poptropica Creators' office! You never know -- maybe someday you'll be able to join our team...

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