Wednesday, September 21, 2016

2nd last round of #PoptropicaArt finalists - from Instagram!

Hello Poptropicans! Bad news and good news for you...

Bad news first: We've been so busy at Poptropica HQ that we're a little behind on posting the last round of finalists, and the overall winners of the #PoptropicaArt contest.

But the good news is this: We've had SO MANY AMAZING art entries that we're going to have two more rounds of finalists, not just one! Wahooo!

Today we're posting some more Instagram entries, and in the upcoming days we'll post more from Twitter and Facebook. Then the Poptropica Creators will vote next week on our winners, so stay tuned!

Now here is our last batch of finalists from Instagram -- congrats everyone!

by @beanskelly

by @beebearie

posted by @cbroxton

posted by @esyla0212

by @foshurr

posted by @julia_henry_la

by @sterlingwolfy

by @yazz._.minne

by @yun_goi

by @yuneiko_
Great work, Poptropicans!

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