Saturday, August 31, 2013

How to make the most of your Virus Hunter Island experience!

Now that Virus Hunter Island is available, we thought it would be helpful to point out some of the ways you can have the very best experience possible. Here's how to use some of the new features, and a note about how to fix a problem that some players are having.

First, most everything you need to know is in the new menu. That's the icon in the upper-righthand part of your screen. Open it, and you'll see several new icons.

The ones on the right side of the screen are the ones you should already be familiar with. From here you can access your Friends page, warp to the travel map, use the Costumizer (coming soon!), and open your game inventory. That last one's important -- this is where you'll find all of the items you've picked up on Virus Hunter Island.

The icons on the left side of the screen are new. The cog icon will open up your game settings, which looks like this.

Settings allow you to adjust the volume levels for music and sound FX separately, however you prefer.

You can also change the speed of dialogue bubbles. If you want more time to read what the characters are saying, move the slider to the left. If you want the bubbles to go away sooner, move the slider to the right. These changes save automatically, so just press the red X to get back to your game.

To start your adventure over, press the "Restart Island" button.

Of course, sometimes you want to play in blissful silence. To mute the game entirely, click on the speaker icon.

To return to your game from the menu, just click anywhere on the screen that isn't a menu option.

Finally, we've heard that some players may be encountering an issue with new scenes not loading. While we'll be working to fix this so that it doesn't happen for anyone, in the meantime there is something you can do if you're having this problem:

If you're having trouble getting new scenes to load, try using a different web browser!

This should solve the problem for most people. All of your game data will still be saved when you log in with a different browser.

We hope this helps you enjoy Virus Hunter Island even more!

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