Tuesday, April 23, 2013

LEGO CUUSOO -- another milestone is in sight


We are verging on 6,000 supporters of our LEGO CUUSOO project. This seems like an important milestone, and once again I offer you an enticement to help us attain it. Once we reach 6,000 supporters, we'll release a brand-new, never-before-seen desktop wallpaper!

I can't even preview it here. That would be to spoil the surprise. But rest assured: if you lend your support to Dr. Hare's Lair, we'll give away a wallpaper that works on your desktop, tablet, or phone.

It is distasteful to me that I must continue to bribe you instead of simply brainwashing you to ensure compliance. Alas, until my lair is complete, this is the best I can do. Don't continue to humiliate me like this. Vote for Poptropica's LEGO CUUSOO project today! (Or, if you're under 13, ask someone over 13 to cast a vote for you!)

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