Monday, October 17, 2011

Freight car puzzle: The answers!

Last week, we asked if you could figure out where all the of the mysterious freight came from on the freight car in Mystery Train, and showed you this picture:

As promised, here are the answers:
  1. Mythology Island 
  2. Time Tangled Island 
  3. Nabooti Island 
  4. Mythology Island 
  5. Nabooti Island 
  6. Mythology Island 
  7. Skullduggery Island 
  8. Astro-Knights Island 
  9. Time Tangled Island 
  10. Reality TV Island 
  11. Reality TV Island 
  12. Nabooti Island 
  13. Nabooti Island 
  14. Nabooti Island 
  15. Skullduggery Island 
  16. Skullduggery Island
  17. Counterfeit Island 
  18. Skullduggery Island 
  19. Counterfeit Island 
  20. Wild West Island
  21. Skullduggery Island 
  22. Time Tangled Island 
  23. Wild West Island
How many did you get right?

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