Poptropica Membership Contest

Hello my fellow Poptropicans! We have an exciting challenge for you all. In honor of our 10th birthday, we are going to be giving away TEN, 1-MONTH MEMBERSHIPS to the winners of this fun contest. This contest is open from Friday, September 15th - Monday, September 25th (9am EST). **Make sure to read the rules, as there are certain requirements you need to meet in order to win (like make sure you are a registered user, include your contact email, and only 1 submission per person). So get your creative caps on, here we go...

What am I doing?

We want you to create a completely unique island with 3 special ingredients. Come up with your own storyline, plot, characters, minigame, or whatever you envision your Island being. You must include:

  1. A birthday cake
  2. A parrotfish
  3. The color green

We understand not everyone is a writer, drawer, or singer, so we invite you to come up with the most unique and creative way you want to submit your Island. From videos, songs, and poems, to comics, drawings, stories, or even a webpage, the possibilities are endless. We give you the choice of how you want to send us your vision!

How do I submit?

Once you have your Island all planned out and designed, you can go to this page and place your submission. Be sure to use the subject 'MEMBERSHIP CONTEST' so we can track it easily. While we do allow some attachments, if your file format cannot meet those requirements, feel free to include a link in the 'Text' section.

What Do I Win?

The Poptropica HQ team will review all applications on Monday, September 25th after closing and choose 10 winners to receive a 1-month membership. Once we have reviewed all applicants and chosen the winners we will be using the contact email you submitted to notify the winners that same week.

Just as a reminder of what an awesome Poptropica membership will give you:

Membership Infographic


  1. Contest runs from Friday Septepmber 15th - September 25th (9am EST)
  2. Island creation must include the 3 'ingredients' listed above
  3. You must submit on the submissions page- http://www.poptropica.com/submissions/index.html
  4. You must be a registered user
  5. You must include your contact email - so we can notify you if you win
  6. Only 1 submission per person - if you submit another one, your first submission will be the only one we review.
  7. See all the details on the NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. - CONTEST RULES