24 Carrot Island

Someone (or something…) is wreaking havoc on 24 Carrot Island. All of the island’s carrots have disappeared, children have been going missing, the town’s deserted, and the trail’s gone cold! Can you help solve the mystery of what’s happening to 24 Carrot Island and restore the town to its former splendor? 


24 Carrot Island


As you arrive on 24 Carrot’s Mainstreet, you’re greeted by a frantic mayor. There’s a number of disappearances that have been troubling the town – kids, carrots, even the cat is missing! You need to talk to everyone you can to see if they have any information.

Completion Status: 0%


Phase 1: Give Milk to the Cat

To the right on Mainstreet, enter Charlie’s Carrot Surplus Co. and chat with Charlie. Turns out Whiskers, the missing cat, is her pet! Apparently, Whiskers loved hanging out at the old farmhouse and Charlie used to bring milk to her feline friend there. If you return her cat to her, she’d be happy to give you a reward!


Exit the Carrot Surplus store and head left down Mainstreet. Pass the mayor and continue left, until you reach the Farmhouse. Outside the Farmhouse, a local farmer confirms the carrots are disappearing and warns that he’ll be left with nothing if the disappearances continue. Investigate the boarded-up farmhouse to look for a way in. There are pawprints on the roof! Jump onto the roof and follow the pawprints down the chimney. Once inside the house, you pick up an empty bowl. It must be Whiskers’ old milk bowl!


Empty Bowl item


Take a look around for other clues. Climb the rope in the downstairs closet to reach the second level. Walk towards the bathroom on the left. Is anyone there?! Turn the shower on and out comes Whiskers! He’s scared and won’t follow you, but maybe a bit of milk will change his mind?


Exit the farmhouse and run back towards Mainstreet. Enter the Carrot King Diner and ask the waitress to fill your empty bowl with milk. While waiting for your milk, head to the bulletin board. The board is filled with pictures of the missing kids!


Missing Bulletin Board


When the waitress returns with your milk dish, leave the Diner and run back to the Farmhouse. Slide down the chimney and leave the milk on the floor. Seems like Whiskers went back to his bathtub hiding spot. Turn the water on him again and watch him scurry downstairs to enjoy his milk. Finally! You’ve proven to be a friend. Leave the Farmhouse with Whiskers in tow and head back to Charlie’s Carrot Surplus Co.


Completion Status: 20%


Phase 2: Open Sewer

Reunite Charlie and Whiskers in the Carrot Surplus store. Charlie’s so thankful for your help, she gives you a crowbar as a reward! You never know when it might come in handy. On your way out, Charlie asks if you can figure out where the carrots and kids have disappeared to. You’re on the job!


Crowbar item


Leave the shop and run towards the right until you reach the abandoned Carrot Cake Factory. The windows and doors are boarded up. You’ll need to find another way in.  Jump on the wooden planks and look around for clues. Is that something stuck in the top window? Make your way towards the upper window to grab the item. Vent Blueprints?! It’s a miracle, an actual clue!


Vent Blueprints item


Jump down to the ground and finish taking a look around. Looks like there’s a sewer on the right end of the Factory. The crowbar Charlie gave you is perfect for the job. Jimmy the door off the sewer and enter the drain. Hopefully you’ve got shoes on…


Completion Status: 40%


Phase 3: Disable Security

Once inside, you have to navigate the sewer tunnels. Watch out for the open channels and avoid the rats to make your way out of the plumbing passages. After the sewer system, you find yourself in the Surface Warehouse. It’s too dark to see anything. There has to be a switch around here. The Master Engine has 3 levers, click on the handles until you see the green button on each.


Poptropica Tip: The left and right levers must set halfway, while the middle lever should be set to the lowest setting. We’ve got light!


Use the stacks of boxes to reach the elevated platform. Once on the platform, get ready to jump! There’s a mechanical claw moving back and forth above the platform. Time your leap carefully and watch out for the slot between the claws! Ride the claw as far to the right you can and take another jump. Look! The broken vent is your way out of here.


Warehouse to Processing Room - Vent Map


These vent blueprints are a lifesaver. Examine the blueprints and prepare to make your way to the Processing Room. You can consult the map at any time in case you get lost! As you navigate the vent system, you come across some Wire Cutters. These might come in handy later, better to be safe than sorry.


Climb through the open vent and enter the Processing Room. Jump towards the main floor to investigate. Is this real?! There’s someone down here! And they’re wearing rabbit ears?! Before you can get a closer look, a flying drone spots you and you’re transported away from the Processing Room. All of a sudden, you find yourself in the Freezer Room! Time for a new plan. What’s that on the wall? It’s a security system! Open the security system’s door and use the wire cutters you found in the air shaft to cut the three cords to disable security in the factory. Climb onto the stacks of boxes and get ready for another trip in the vents.


Disabling the Security SystemCompletion Status: 60%


Phase 4: Get Drone Ears

Pull out your Vent Blueprints to see exactly where the drone sent you. The only room left to explore is the Printer Room. Use the blueprints if you need to as you make your way to the next room.


Freezer to Printer Room


Once inside the Printer Room, avoid the falling boxes and cross the pipe obstacles. Don’t get hit! Head downwards to the lower floor. There’s someone in front of the printer and they’re wearing the same ears as the person in the Processing Room! Maybe they’ll know what’s going on around here? They won’t talk though, they’re busy loading carrots. Do their eyes look off to anyone else? As a last ditch effort, throw them off by asking what’s behind them. When they turn around, you’ll get a good look at their rabbit eared hats. Press the power button on the hat. Suddenly the life returns to her eyes and she’s so grateful to you for saving her! She needs to show you something that can save the others. Grab the small slip of paper from the printer. It’s the system password! Before you leave, the newly released Poptropican warns that you’ll need some Rabbot Ears too, or else you’ll be captured.


System Password: Fuzzy Bunny


Jump on top of the pipes connected to the printer to reach the air vent you used to come in. It’s time to go back to the Processing Room to save the kids we saw earlier. Study the blueprints and travel through the vents back to the Processing Room.


Printer Room to Processing Room


When you’re back in the Processing Room, distract all the kids wearing the Rabbot Ears and power down the mind control devices. They’re saved! Continue right until you reach the exit. Don’t be scared when you click on the exit and an underground hatch opens! You fall into another room that’s decked out with hydraulic presses, threatening to smush you alive.  Avoid the presses and grab the empty Rabbot Ears.  Put the drone ears on before you forget! Click on the highest chute and head back to the Processing Room.


Drone Ears


Completion Status: 80%


Phase 5: The Bunn-ale

Now that you have your Ears, try exit you used earlier, labeled “Authorized Bunny Drones Only!” Once through the passageway, you’re face to face with a rabbit. THE rabbit, Dr. Hare himself. Dr. Hare orders you to go to the computer and start the launch sequence, while he gets into the giant Rabbot Spaceship behind him.  


Scramble up the Rabbot Spaceship’s body until you reach the head. Once at the top, jump onto the elevated platform to the right. There’s another kid wearing the Rabbot Ears in front of the computer. Switch his device off! As the mind control wears off, he tells you Dr. Hare’s evil plan. Dr. Hare is going to use his Rabbot Spaceship to mind control the entire world. The only way to stop the rogue rabbit is his computer. Thank goodness we have the computer system’s password!


Rabbot Spaceship Codes


Click on the computer and type in the password. After the password “FUZZYBUNNY” is accepted, enter the launch command “LAUNCH RABBOT” and you’re in! The spaceship launches into space, but you have total control over the Rabbot Spaceship now!


Use the joystick to drive the Rabbot Spaceship into the flying meteors. After hitting four meteors, the spaceship is damaged beyond repair. The Rabbot Spaceship goes up in flames, with Dr. Hare inside.


You did it! Now, it’s time to get out of here. Jump off the ledge to the left and climb up the rope to freedom. Once you’re out of the Factory, you find yourself back on Mainstreet. The Mayor thanks you for saving his town by giving you a medallion in honor of your achievement.  


The town looks better already! The clouds have lifted, and the skies are blue. The townspeople are hard at work doing repairs. All is good in 24 Carrot Island.


Island Medallion


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