Using Google Chrome?

If the instructions here don't work, try these.

Click on what you see in the red squares below!

Step 1: Go to “Settings”

“Settings” is the menu you see when you click the three dots to the top right of your browser. Click on “Settings.”

Chrome 3 vertical dots menu

Step 2: Go to “Advanced”

Scroll all the way down the Settings page until you see “Advanced” and click on it.

Chrome settings

Step 3: Go to “Site Settings”

Once you open advanced settings, you will see a list of categories below it. Under Privacy and security, click the “Site Settings” triangle

Chrome Advanced Settings

Step 4: Scroll down to Flash setting and open it

Once you open Site Settings, scroll down until you see “Flash”. Click the triangle on the right.

Chrome Site Settings

Step 5: Unblock Flash

Click the slider on the right to change the setting from "Block sites from running Flash" to "Ask first".


Chrome Flash Settings - Before


Chrome Flash Settings - After

Step 6: Refresh the page

Go back to Poptropica and click the circular arrow to refresh the page

Step 7: Allow Flash

Click in the Poptropica window and allow Flash when prompted. is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.