Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Land Ho! A Sneak Peek into Home Island’s Newest Visitors! 👀 🛳

Hey there, everybody! What’s new with you?


Poptropica HQ is in a whirlwind as the team prepares to launch some of the top-secret projects that have been in the pipeline. There will be plenty of exciting news coming your way in the next few weeks! 


While we can’t share everything in the works just yet, we’re thrilled to announce the upcoming arrival of The Baron and her airship, that are preparing to make landfall on Home Island very, very soon! The Baron’s reappearance is certainly a welcome one! Do you remember where we first encountered them in Poptropica? How time flies! 🛫


It's a bird! It's a plane! It's the Baron!
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's the Baron!


The soon to be released features provide an enhanced, communal space for players to interact amongst one another, play additional games to stock up on credits, and includes an exclusive, limited time storefront! 


The airship boasts an airborne store, affectionately dubbed “The Baron’s Cabin of Curiosities” – but this isn’t just any ol’ store though. No sir! Players can visit The Baron’s Cabin of Curiosities to check out exciting, new item inventories, enjoy a blast from the past by accessing previous store items that have been tucked away in Poptropica’s vaults, and purchase the winning outfits from each month’s costume contests for free! 🎉 🎉 


Yep, you heard that right. The winning costume contest designs will be made available to ALL PLAYERS FOR FREEEEEEEEEEE!! 


You won’t want to miss out on this one, Poptropicans. The visiting vessel will be accessible for a limited time only each month, so be on the lookout for any new updates! Can you think of a more perfect place to be sharin’ with the Baron?! We hope you’re as excited about the newest addition to Home Island as we are!


We’ll keep you updated with more sneak peeks and previews about our eagerly anticipated guests. Keep your eyes glued to the horizon, you won’t want to miss out! What do you think about the upcoming vessel headed for Home Island? Let us know in the comments below! 👀👇 



Monday, June 21, 2021

Shop ‘Til You Droptropica! New Store Update ✨

Welcome back, y’all! Hopefully you enjoyed your weekend and you’re ready to take on the start of summer! As a reminder, every Monday (!!), Poptropica’s Adventure Outfitters store releases an inventory update. This week’s store update is a short and sweet one, but it definitely packs a punch! Let's dive in. 


Store Rotation 1


Store Update 2



Store Update 3



Store Update 4


The newest addition to the store is the Acidic Dinosaur costume! This members only costume is front and center in the store rotation – and for good reason. The jurassic look guarantees you'll turn heads. But be wary of the attention, we've seen what could happen when a dinosaur is turned loose on an island. 😉


Need to disguise yourself? Inspired to perfectly execute Godzilla chic? Or do you just want to look like a giant lizard?!


Acidic Dinosaur is your answer. 🦖 🦖  🦖


Acidic Dinosaur Costume


You might also remember some costume items that are making a reappearance in the store, including Record Spinner and the Spring Floral Dress!


Record Spinner


Spring Floral Dress


You can still access the Pride themed costumes in the store -- the Sporty Pride, Breezy Pride, Rainbow Shoes, Choose Love, and Rainbow Ride costumes are still available!


Pride Costumes


Don’t forget to use the recently released Character Screen to mix and match your favorite costume elements to curate your wardrobe to complement your individuality.



There you have it, Poptropicans. Head to the store on Mainstreet to try some new threads and tune in next Monday for another Adventure Outfitters store update!


Until next time, keep on poppin' on. 👀


Saturday, June 19, 2021

The Adventures of Ruby! Guest Blog by Muddy Kid 🧒

The Adventures of Ruby logo


Yo, what's up fans! It's ya gal PegaKid Studios Official here with Muddy Kid, my avatar – you can call her Ruby! I have a webcomic for the Popcommunity.


Every month, I will post a panel or two on this blog. The webcomic focuses on Ruby's life, from start to how she got her blimp and started her adventures through the world, and even her most heartwarming and hilarious moments!


Without further ado, here is the first panel. The very beginning of a hero.


The Adventures of Ruby - by Muddy Kid



“Aaaand here we go! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Kidlot, it’s a girl!"


“'Aaaand here we go! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Kidlot, it’s a girl!'

'Aw, isn’t she the sweetest?'"


So, what should we name her?


"'So, what shall we name her?'”


"I’m thinking Mary. Or Willow. They sound lovely.”


"'I’m thinking Mary. Or Willow. They sound lovely.'”


“How about Rose? Like the time we took a walk through the rose garden!”


“'How about Rose? Like the time we took a walk through the rose garden!'”


"We shall call her Ruby"


"'Actually... I'm thinking of a name which could make her something valuable and important to our family. Her eyes are as bright as the stars, as bright as the gift you wanted to propose to me, to create a relationship and a happy family.


A ring with a bright red gem.


We shall call her ruby.'


'Ruby... Love that name.'"



Please join us in giving Muddy Kid a round of applause! Congratulations on your first installment of The Adventures of Ruby webcomic! 👏

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Guest Blog: Golden Wolf 🐺💛

Hi! This is my first guest writer post! My name is Golden Wolf.


Well, as my first post, I want to share a little Poptropica hack with you guys. If you are wondering how to change your hair color, hop (no pun intended) on your blimp and go to 24 Carrot island. Then you are going to go to Carrot King Diner.


24 Carrot King Diner


Then walk over to the drink counter.


24 Carrot King Diner Drink Counter


You are going to click on the drinks and mix colors to get the exact hair dye you want. Then click Drink!


Drink Varieties


Feel free to get creative! And that’s all there is to it! Thank you for reading my post!



Monday, June 14, 2021

Prideful Poptropicans and Colorful Costumes! 🏳️‍🌈

Happy Pride month, friends! It’s also Monday, so you know what that means… 👀


This week’s store update is a special one! June is Pride month and this week’s item inventory pays a special homage to the LGBTQIA+ community!  Poptropica is a safe, inclusive space for everyone. It’s only fitting that we recognize and celebrate the diverse identities and backgrounds from those within the Poptropica community and the world.





Store Rotation 1


Store Rotation 2Store Rotation 3Store Rotation 4Left StoreRight Store


Is anyone else excited to rep all of the rainbow gear for the rest of the month?! There are even new clubhouse decorations that you can use to celebrate! The pride heart wall hanging and the rainbow beanbag chair might be the perfect pieces to tie your clubhouse's look together.


This week’s new Pride themed costumes include:


Breezy Pride - currently available for 0 credits in the store!


Breezy Pride



Sporty Pride - currently available for 0 credits in the store!


Sporty Pride



Rainbow Kite


Rainbow Kite



Rainbow Shoes - currently available for 0 credits in the store!


Rainbow Shoes



Choose Love


Choose Love


Rainbow Ride


Rainbow Ride


You can switch it up and customize any and all of this month’s pride items to create your own colorful ensemble! Revel in your individuality and let your pride SHINE!


The store update also features other new additions, including a Volleyball Jersey and the Cat Traveler Pack!




Cat Traveler Pack


Last but not least, there are also awesome new pet costumes available in Adventure Outfitters – check them out in the store rotation to see what looks your pet can pull off!


Pets 1


Pets 2


Pets 3


There we have it for this week’s store update, Poptropicans! What’s your favorite costume from the store’s newest additions? Hope you have a fantastic week, stay proud! 🏳️‍🌈


Thursday, June 10, 2021

New Candy Crazed Mini Quest BTS Look and Walkthrough! 🤩

HELLOOOOO all you guys, gals, and non-binary pals!


Have you had a chance to play the new Candy Crazed mini quest?! Poptropica’s newest addition reimagines the story of Hansel and Gretel – they are the ones wreaking havoc on the Candy Palace, Little Witchy, Nanny, and Master Huggles! How the tables have turned…


The mini quest is replayable, so it’s a great way to earn easy credits! Especially with the launch of the new character screen, it’s the perfect time to stock up on credits to buy items in the store! 😉


We’re back with more behind the scenes looks into the design of the characters in the opening scene, Little Witchy’s Candy Palace, and the Treat Tower that Hansel and Gretel are entrapped! Following the introductory comic, you’re transported to the Candy Palace, where you’re surrounded by all the characters: Little Witchy, Master Huggles (sans leg), Nanny, Gumdrop Pup, and Gummy. It’s glucose galore! Candy, chocolate, cakes, cookies, and more! Is anyone else drooling just looking at it?!


Candy Crazed Characters


At the top of the Treat Tower, the ravenous rascals are surrounded by portraits of Little Witchy, Nanny, and Gumdrop Pup. This is the end of the gumdrop trail! Starting from the bottom, you must collect all 100 gumdrops in order to set Hansel and Gretel free.


Treat Tower Portraits


But the sweetest look into the Candy Crazed mini quest is the design itself! The Treat Tower is decorated with plenty of luxurious desserts at each level, each with their own trampoline to let you bounce higher and higher! Little Witchy’s whimsical aesthetic mirrors the original, enchanted fairytale, despite Poptropica’s own twix on Hansel and Gretel’s adventure.


Candy Palace Layout

Want to see more of Hansel and Gretel's terror plaguing Little Witchy and company? Tune into our Candy Crazed walkthrough to see the full experience and walkthrough!!



What do you think about the Candy Crazed mini quest?! Are you lucky charmed by the confectionary concept design? Let us know in the comments! 👇  


Tuesday, June 8, 2021

IT’S OFFICIAL!! The Character Screen Is Now L I V E! 🎉

Welcome back, friends!


Poptropica’s new character screen allows you to mix and match costume elements from the items you own! The costume combinations seem endless, especially when coupled with the hair and skin color colorizer! Adorn your Popsona and pet and in your own unique costumes and appearance features! Having the ability to create distinct costume combinations opens up a whole other can of worms – it may be worth it to take a closer look at past costumes included in the store rotations.


You can find the Character Screen any time – check under the drop down menu of sidebar menu to change try on something new or make your own new costume combinations!


Character Screen Icon



With the launch of the new character screen, this is your first opportunity to try out the character modifier with the new store items! Have you had the chance to check out this week’s store update? Head over to the American Outfitters store on Mainstreet to peruse the new store inventory! 


Store Update 1


Store Update 2


Store Update 3


Store Update 4


This week’s rotation includes two new outfits: Loose Twirl and Soccer Champ!


Loose Twirl is a casual, polished costume. It’s easy to match with this outfit – black dress and a middle part, and it could be your spitting image. The dainty necklace is also a nice touch!


Loose Twirl


The Soccer Champ costume is offered in three colors: yellow, green, and blue. Rep some of the most popular soccer teams! Maybe you’re a fan of Brazil? The yellow jerseys have you covered. Do you root for Mexico’s soccer team? Green’s the one for you! Or do you love Team Italy? Blue's got you covered.


Soccer Champ


Onto the clubhouse items!!

There are some new décor available for purchase in your clubhouse for ALL PLAYERS🎉


Enjoy some LED additions like the LED bonsai tree and LED photo clip! Or turn your clubhouse into the best boho boutique with the hanging hammock chair! And you wouldn’t want to forget to take a pic with the instant camera. 📸


Non-Member Clubhouse Items


For members, go all out and decorate your clubhouse with these new releases!


Curate your space to fit your style! Try out the new members-only clubhouse items! You can decorate your living quarters with the Popcorn Maker, Indoor Tent, Egg Chair, Punching Bag, Figure Display, and Salt Lamp!


Member Clubhouse Items


All the new decorations can really elevate your clubhouse from drab to fab!


Additionally, this month’s new member gifts include Trac Ball, Giant Squish Ball, and a Bouncy Beach Ball! Summer is in the air all throughout Poptropica, it’s the perfect time to bask in the sun. 🌞


Trac Ball


Giant Squish BallBouncy Beach Ball


That’s all for this week’s store update! Did anything catch your eye? What costumes are you going to put through the character screen? Let us know in the comments! 👀👇

Monday, June 7, 2021

Pop Culture Update: Sneak Peek at the New Character Screen! 👀

Hello Poptropicans! Pop HQ has been hustling and bustling lately! We have a few special projects in the works that we’ve been anxiously awaiting the green light to share with you! And finally, it’s go time.


Tomorrow (yes, TOMORROW), we are launching a brand new character screen!! 🎉 🎉


Character Screen



The new character screen will allow you to mix and match individual costume elements from any costume! The new character screen takes things to a whole other level. You can choose any of your costumes from your item inventory and select the desired features you’d like your Popsona to wear! Want to wear the hairstyle from one costume, a shirt from another, and the accessories from a third? Piece of cake.


Costume CombinationsCostume Combinations


But the best part might be the skin and hair modifier! Choose any color on the rainbow for your hair and skin colors! You can coordinate your Popsona’s look with your appearance irl or even to match your mood. Change your appearance at the pop of a hat and orchestrate a costume combination for any occasion! 


Skin Color


Try the color selector on your pets as well! Pair your pet friends with their own adorable costume. Ever wonder what it'd be like to have a purple or neon yellow pet? They deserve to be pampered too.


Pet Color


Choices, choices, choices.


On a similar note, we’ve been seeing a lot of messages and comments asking about the old costumizer feature. The costumizer was removed because we were receiving many complaints about the feature. Older players had to spend the credits to purchase a costume or they may have had a discontinued outfit from the early days that is unavailable in the store. Meanwhile, a new player would be able to instantly copy and wear the same items from any older profile, sidestepping the other player’s efforts.  Although the costumizer will not be returning to Poptropica, the upcoming unveiling of the new character screen enhances flexibility and creativity, while ensuring fairness to all players.


Keep an eye out for the launch of the new character screen TOMORROW, Poptropicans! As a reminder, June’s Monthly Costume Contest ends tonight at 8pm PST. Your costume design can be one of the first player costumes that can be customized with the character screen!


Are you keen on the previously unseen character screen?! Let us know in the comments 👇