Wednesday, August 4, 2021

One of a kind Poptropican produced coloring book! 👀🖍🎨

Happy Wednesday, friends! It’s another glorious day around Pop HQ and we're thrilled to share the results of Poptropica’s first Coloring Creations Challenge🎉


For this challenge, your fellow Poptropicans created their own original blank coloring pages to be shared and enjoyed among the community – this is the first edition of an entirely fan-made Poptropica themed coloring book!! It’s wonderful to see the details that highlight your own personal flair, diverse creative styles, and which moments and characters you drew inspiration from. Thank you to everyone that participated in the challenge, we greatly appreciate your effort!


Without further ado, let’s celebrate these players’ creations and their wonderful coloring sheet submissions! 👏


"McGullicutty's Happily Ever After" by Barefoot Knuckle

"McGullicutty's Happily Ever After" by Barefoot Knuckle


"Fairytale Island's Big Bad Wolf" by Friendly Feather

"Fairytale Island's Big Bad Wolf" by Friendly Feather


"Underwater Ally" by Barefoot Knuckle

"Underwater Ally" by Barefoot Knuckle


by Mighty Fox

by Mighty Fox


by Barefoot Knuckle

by Barefoot Knuckle


by Magic Dolphin

by Magic Dolphin


by Smart Sinker

by Smart Sinker


"Hip Balloon Boy" by Barefoot Knuckle

"Hip Balloon Boy" by Barefoot Knuckle


by Smart Icicle

by Smart Icicle


"Tally Ho" by Maroon Ring

"Tally Ho!" by Maroon Ring


by Barefoot Knuckle

by Barefoot Knuckle


"Fly Away" by Zippy Flyer

"Fly Away" by Zippy Flyer


"Raven and Little Edgar" by Barefoot Knuckle

"Raven and Little Edgar" by Barefoot Knuckle


"The game's a-foot!" by Barefoot Knuckle

"The game's a-foot!" by Barefoot Knuckle


All coloring pages are available as free printable sheets for any and all Poptropicans to enjoy! Click HERE for a PDF version of the players' coloring book. 


Do you recognize all of the scenes from the coloring pages? If you’re not sure, take a guess! From Fairytale Island’s Big Bad Wolf to Survival Island’s murderous Myron Van Buren and nostalgic references to a few older islands like Monster Carnival, these coloring pages are yet another way to appreciate Poptropica – new and old!


Again, special thanks to all of the artists for coming up with these fantastic designs! Hopefully you enjoy the first fan-made Poptropica themed coloring book as much as we do. We'd also love to see the finished product after you color in these blank pages! Send in your colored creations via our submissions page or by tagging us on Instagram (@poptropicacreators) and using the #poptropica and #poptropicafanart tags! 🤩 🤩


Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Guest Blog: Review of the Baron's Airship by Warrior Moon ⚔️🌙

Hello fellow Poptropicans! Warrior Moon here!


Today I'll be reviewing the Baron's Airship! In case you didn't know, the Baron's Airship is where you can buy the winning outfits of the Monthly Costume Contest for free, as well as some other outfits stored in Poptropica's archives. The entrance to the Airship is the first thing you see when you enter poptropica, which is The Baron hanging from a rope in the sky. Click her and she will invite you to "Get off this dusty rock" and climb aboard. You will then be taken to the Airship's deck, which is also a common room. A special feature here is that you can invite people from your friends list to come to the ship! Walk to the left, and you will find the Cabin of Curiosities, where you can buy limited-edition outfits. To the right, you will find a plane mini-game, which will be discussed later.


Deck of the Baron's Airship


But for now, the Cabin of Curiosities! If you walk to the left, you will find the winning costumes of the Monthly Costume Contest, available to ALL players for FREE! Shown here are the June winners. Buy them before they're gone! If you walk to the right, you will see some LEGENDARY costumes from Islands lost in time Including Binary Bard, Cyber Hunter, and Cosmic Noble, as well as some clubhouse items like the Hercules statue. The Baron can also be seen eating grapes in her throne-like chair.


As for the mini-game, you have to dodge storms and hit other blimps. You earn 50 credits from playing this mini-game.


Overall, I don't see anything bad about the Airship. I give it a 10/10! Thank you for reading my post! Meet you halfway!


-Warrior Moon ⚔️🌙

Monday, August 2, 2021

NEW Store Update: Featuring Bucket Hats, Olympic Outfits, and August's Member Gifts! 🔥🥳

Speaking of store items… The Baron’s Airship isn’t the only update happening this week!


This month’s first inventory update delivers an exciting variety of headwear and athletic gear celebrating summer styles and the 2021 Olympics! Hurry to Adventure Outfitters on Home Island to claim these awesome new costumes and accessories! 🛍


Store Rotation 1


Store Rotation 2


Store Rotation 3


Store Rotation 4



The newest inventory additions include the Tie Dye Trends and Frog Buckets outfits!


The Tie Dye Trends outfit includes a retro tie-dyed bucket hat, tank top, and denim shorts, that gives off a relaxed, summery vibe. Get ready to catch some waves, soak in the sun, or skate into the sunset with this tie dyed fit! 


Tie Dye Trends Costume


Next up – Frog Buckets! The Frog Buckets costume features a froggy themed bucket hat, tank top, green shorts, and a fun ‘do. It’s the perfect look for Frogust! What could be better for the frog days of summer?! 🐸 


Frog Buckets Costume


And to celebrate the 2021 Olympics, this week’s store update includes some gold medal worthy sports uniforms and clubhouse items! Channel your inner Olympian and go for gold with the Karate, Tennis, Sparring Shoes, Gymnast, and Lifting Outfits! You’ll look picture perfect when you step up to the podium in these costumes. 🥇


Karate and Tennis Outfits


Sparring Shoes, Gymnast Outfit, Lifting Outfit


Customize your clubhouse with other Olympic themed equipment, including a blue basketball, tennis racquet, volleyball, and basketball hoop!


Tennis and Karate OutfitsGymnast and Lifting Outfits


As always, the beginning of the month delivers special item bonuses to our members! August’s member gifts include the Little Time Bot Follower, Game Tablet, and LED Football!


Member Gifts: Little Time Bot Follower, Game Tablet, and LED Football


Can you believe that’s still not all?! In addition to this week’s Adventure Outfitters inventory update, the Baron’s Airship has landed back on Home Island! The Airship has plenty of exciting surprises in the Cabin of Curiosities, including July’s winning costume design, clubhouse decorations, and throwback outfits! Have you visited the pop up shop aboard the Baron's vessel?



That wraps up this week’s inventory update in Poptropica! Get ready to shop til you pop with the latest inventory updates, limited time Cabin of Curiosities’ surprise stock, and brand new member gifts! Are you as excited as we are about all the awesome new releases? What do you think of this week's newest costume drops? Let us know in the comments below 👇


Until next time, pop on! 

Monday, August 2, 2021

The Baron has returned to Home Island! 🚨❤️

Visit Poptropica’s Home Island to visit the Baron and her Airship to try all of the exciting features and that our famous guest brought along! Visit the Baron’s Airship before they’re set to depart. Baron mind that you have until Friday, August 6th, to access the limited time vessel – that’s less than 5 days!  GO. GO. GO. 


The Baron's Back!


Board the Airship for endless opportunities for fun! The Baron’s Airship functions as a pop up common room, where you can interact and chat with your fellow Poptropicans, make new friends, play minigames, invite others (new and old friends!) to a private party room. You can invite Poptropicans from your friends list to a private party, separate from non-friended players, on the Baron’s deck or in your clubhouse!


Deck of the Baron's Airship


Hurry to the Baron’s Cabin of Curiosities to claim the winning costume from July’s contest that’s available for FREE for a limited time only! Should out to Silver Flame’s Ice Cream Cat costume design! 🍦🐈


Ice Cream Cat in the Cabin of Curiosities


Don’t forget that the Cabin of Curiosities is also fully stocked with returning items from Poptropica’s top secret store vaults! Expand your wardrobe and redecorate your clubhouse with the Baron’s newest round of surprises!  


Cabin of Curiosities 1


Cabin of Curiosities 2



The Cabin’s latest curiosities are certainly something to celebrate. Gretchen Grimlock gear, Retro Robot regalia, statues, Papa Pete’s Pizza box, aquarium set ups, trunks – oh my! Claim the limited time items before it’s too late. You have until Friday, August 6th, to visit the Baron’s Airship and the Cabin of Curiosities. You don't want to miss out, y'all! 👀



What do you think of the Baron's return?! Do you have a favorite costume or clubhouse item from the Airship’s Cabin that you're excited for? Let us know in the comments below 👇 

Friday, July 30, 2021

July's Costume Contest Showcase and Winning Design!

What’s happenin’, captain? 👀


All of the recent challenges have made one thing abundantly clear… The community is made up of so many creative and talented Poptropicans – it’s amazing! We want to give you a special look into all the costume designs submitted by your fellow players during the month of July! Watch the official Poptropica’s newest Youtube video featuring every design we received from July’s contest!  Can you spot yours? 👀



Aren’t they fantastic? There’s so much variety in your ideas, it’s super interesting to see your artwork! Thank you to everyone that participated in July’s costume contest, your work has not gone unnoticed!


Now, onto the winning design! Once again, determining the winner was not an easy decision. We received so many outstanding costume entries, it was an impossibly hard choice to make. But, after much time deliberating, we’d like to present the winner for Poptropica’s July Costume Contest! Drum roll please… 🥁 🥁 🥁


Put your hands together for Silver Flame and their Ice Cream Cat costume! 🔥🔥


Silver Flame's "Ice Cream Cat" Costume


Congratulations, Silver Flame! Your costume is such a sweet treat, we can’t wait to see Ice Cream Cat available for FREE in the Cabin of Curiosities aboard the Baron’s Airship. I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream Cat! 🐈🍦


If you didn’t win this time, don’t fret! There are plenty more opportunities to get your costume design into the game and available to players across the globe. The next round will be starting before you know it! In the meantime, you can start brainstorming your ideas for August’s upcoming costume contest!


Stay tuned for updates about the Baron’s next appearance and the return of the Airship! We’ve gotten word that the Airship has been fortunate in its travels – it’s been smooth sailing for the Baron and her crew! Keep your eyes peeled for an approaching vessel around Home Island, it won’t be long before they arrive!  🚢💨

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Reminder: The login challenge is coming to a close! 💻💸

Happy Thursday, Poptropicans! 


Tomorrow is the last day for the 10 day login challenge! If you’ve logged into Poptropica on desktop or mobile everyday for the past 10 days (since July 21st!), you're right around the corner from earning the 5,000 credit grand prize! 🎉


5,000 credits is a lot of loot that’s perfect for the Baron’s upcoming visit! The Baron and her Airship will be returning in August with the pop up shop on board. Get ready for unexpected store items, including vintage Pop costumes, clubhouse items, and more!


Keep logging in until tomorrow, Friday July 30th, and your free credit bonus will be automatically added to your account on Saturday, July 31st! Best of luck, y’all! 

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Guest Post: The Adventures of Ruby pt. 2 by Muddy Kid 🧒💙

Hello everyone!


It's PegaKid Studios once again with a continuation of the webcomic The Adventures of Ruby! This time, 6 years pass and our hero makes a new friend as well as a new goal: become an adventurer.


Adventures of Ruby 1


The Adventures of Ruby 2


The Adventures of Ruby 3


The Adventures of Ruby 4


The Adventures of Ruby 5


The Adventures of Ruby 6


If you're having a hard time reading the speech bubbles, check out Muddy Kid's Deviantart gallery! 🖼

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

More summer attire just dropped into Poptropica! 🆕🛍

Welcome back, y’all! Poptropica HQ is in a whirlwind of activity and the Team is hard at work! Seems like the perfect time for a little retail therapy.


Luckily, July’s last weekly store update is available in Adventure Outfitters!


Store Rotation 1Store Rotation 2Store Rotation 3Store Rotation 4


This week’s inventory update features the new Ocean Breezy costume and the return of 2 totally charming outfits representing fruitified fashion! Dress in the Ocean Breezy costume and beach it up with the outfit’s flattering shades and striped swimsuit!


Ocean Breezy Costume


The latest store update also welcomes back the Fruity Cutie and Lazy Days costumes! They’re perfect for any summer festivities and keeping cool.


Right: Fruity Cutie; Left: Lazy Days


Fruity Cutie includes a watermelon print romper, a curly haired cut, and a dark lipstick smile. The Lazy Days’ signature look features a pineapple print button down, blue shorts, and hair with a hint of tussle. If you opt for the Fruity Cutie or Lazy Day gear, be sure to tropic like it’s hot.


That concludes this month's store update! We’re so excited to share what August’s inventory updates have in store for you. 😉


July's New Costume Releases!


Don’t forget to keep up with the daily login streaks until this Friday – we’re in the final stretch! 5,000 credits goes a long way in expanding your wardrobe or decorating your clubhouse! See you next time, Poptropicans!