Friday, October 15, 2021

SNEAK PEEK: You're invited to join the Baron on a brand new side quest! 🏴‍☠️🚢✨

Have you been visiting Home Island and the Airship throughout the month? We’ve been frequenting the Airship’s deck, and boy, your Red October Halloween looks are spectacular! Poptropicans are putting on a show with their inventive Halloween costume combinations, it’s the perfect spot to people watch (Poptropican watch?) and get some inspiration for fun and frightning ‘fits! But there’s more planned for the Baron and her Airship during Red October… As hinted in the Rumpel’s side quest walkthrough, another special Halloween surprise is in the works. Finally, we're thrilled to share the news with you!


While the Baron’s stationed on Home Island for the entirety Red October, she’s not finished with her Red October hijinx. The Baron’s headed on an adventure and rumor has it, you’re the prime candidate to come along! Prepare yourself to be first mate (or more likely second 🐒) to the notorious sky pirate in the Baron’s upcoming side quest!


But before we embark on the secret adventure, the buccaneering Baron was nice enough to share a special sneak peek into her mysterious plans! Behold, the Baron and Ack in all their glory!


Baron Painting


This portrait is a masterpiece in and of itself, but there’s more where this came from. 👀


The Baron’s new side quest is coming soon to ALL PLAYERS! Visit the Airship to check out other players’ costumes and be sure to keep an eye on the horizon for the Baron’s next adventure! What do you think we’ll see in the Baron’s upcoming side quest? 🤔




Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Riddling Rumpel Challenges Poptropicans to a Fairytale Twist | Side Quest Walkthrough 🪄🏰


Rumpel’s Challenge was recently released as a members only side quest, that picks up where Fairytale Island left off! The side quest begins with Rumpel reappearing on Home Island’s Mainstreet, offering players the chance to uncover the King’s whereabouts. 


Rumpel's Challenge Side Quest


Thankfully for our “puny” Poptropican brains, the magic man’s gracious enough to write down t the riddles leading to the King. With a burst of his signature puff of purple smoke, Rumpel’s disappeared in thin air and we can begin the adventure.


Rumpel's Challenge objective


Examine the first riddle in your sidebar’s quest tab to get started!


Rumpel's 1st Riddle


Where gods stand…” the next destination must be on Mythology Island! Use the map to travel to Ancient Greece to search “beneath a pretender’s head.” Hmm, who do we know Mythology that might fit that description?


After arriving to the next island, consider the lines “here your education is fed” and “hard as stone…” The Museum of Olympus fits the riddle’s clues – the Greek gods’ and goddesses’ statues are housed inside. Enter the Museum and sure enough, you’ve found the second riddle under Zeus’ statue.


Rumpel's 2nd riddle


The next riddle offers further clues to the next destination. If you’re familiar with the islands, this one should be relatively easy! “The clock is always striking” refers to Time Tangled island! But the unknown era on Time Tangled is the harder question. Let’s check out the time device options to see where we should travel. Rumpel’s hints the next leg of the challenge is located “above my lost herd of viking” – and sure enough, the Vikings are represented on the time device’s watchface. At Rumpel’s recommendation, take a hike above the Viking herd near the cave to find the next clue! 


Rumpel's 3rd riddle


Finally, it seems we’ve come across the last riddle. Who have we met that’s notorious for his weeping and crying? The Fairytale Prince, of course! Use the map to travel to Fairytale Island and up to the crying royal on the palace’s steps. He’s overjoyed by Rumpel’s “pretty bad poem” and the prospect of finding his missing father. The Prince suspects that the room housing “golden troves” is the treasury!


Side by side, you and the Prince must descend into the depths of the treasury, making sure to use the levers to unlock the gates blocking your path. As you navigate the golden troves, you might notice Rumpel’s back to his usual mind games. Look closely at the statues you pass – the figures’ heads are replaced by Rumpelstiltskin’s smirking face.



of visitors touching his gold. Try to keep both you and the Prince from touching the dragon’s spoils, or the Prince will run away when the dragon wakes up.


On the lowest floors of the treasury, you can see the King! He’s imprisoned in a cell, protected by electrified panels. The Prince’s reunion with his father is too much for him; he can’t help but cry! Surprisingly, the young royal’s tears damage the electrified panels, overriding the system’s locking mechanism. Several cell doors swing open. That’s it! Who would’ve thought that the Prince’s vulnerability would be the very thing to save his father?!


Let his fragile, crybaby disposition chariot me to freedom!


Click on the Prince above the panels to insult and make him cry! Move the Prince around the panels until you find the right combination to release the jailed King. It seems Rumpel’s left one last riddle to aid our efforts. The walls read, “Two are shocking, four are not. In a column, or he’ll stay caught.” There are several different combinations you can use to manipulate the security system. With Rumpel’s last riddle in mind, you can make the Prince cry over both levels’ panels on the left and right sides. Alternatively, making the Prince cry over the upper and lower middle panels is just as effective. What other combinations have you found that unlock the King’s cell?


After the Prince’s tears force the system to malfunction, the two royals are finally reunited! But their celebration is short lived. The King warns of a rumor Rumpel delivered just before he disappeared. The Queen, the Prince’s mother, is returning to Fairytale Island. Both men simultaneously burst into tears and flee the treasury. What would make them react so poorly?!


Congratulations! You saved the day! Upon completing Rumpel’s Challenge, you’re rewarded with 2,000 credits and left with one final clue – Rumpel shall return.



Whew! What did you think about Rumpel’s Challenge? Did you use a different combination of broken panels to breach the security system? And why on earth would the King and Prince be terrified by the Queen’s return? Only time will tell!


Bonus Question: How many statues did you see Rumpel’s head temporarily replace? Mischevious should be the magic man’s middle name…



Tuesday, October 12, 2021

New store update: Red October’s costume-ary Halloween additions continue! 🕷👻

This week’s inventory update has some wicked surprises beheaded your way! Get your freak on and get ready to frighten with the newest spine-chilling clubhouse items and Halloween costumes. Let’s start with the clubhouse gear, shall we?


Halloween clubhouse items


Treat yourself to a clubhouse revamp with these devilishly good décor items! Turn your cottage into a creepy clubhouse with the Coffin (250 credits), Tombstone (250 credits), Candle Holder (250 credits), Ghost (75 credits), and Bat (75 credits) decorations. If that doesn’t bat-isfy you, consider adding the Scary Plaque (75 credits), Dr. Jekyll portrait (250 credits), and the Bride of Frankenstein portrait (250 credits) to your walls! Legend has it, the portraits’ eyes follow the movements of any nearby Poptropicans. 👀


Next up, costumes!


Adventure Outfitters 1Adventure Outfitters 2Adventure Outfitters 3Adventure Outfitters 4


Adventure Outfitters’ Halloween costume releases continue with the Headless Man (250 credits) and Egyptian Mummy costumes (members only, 250 credits)If you think these outfits look familiar, you know your Pop culture! These eerie looks are a revival from Poptropica’s previous Halloween celebrations that have reappeared to relive their past.


That’s all for this week, Poptropicans! How are you going to incorporate the new inventory items into your customized creations? Between the Baron’s free costumes and Amelia’s outstanding outfits, which Halloween costumes are your favorites so far? Keep an eye out for more store updates coming next week and throughout the entirety of Red October!



Monday, October 11, 2021

Guest Blog: Fairytale Island MBTI! ft. Golden Wolf 💛🐺

Sorry for not posting in awhile guys! I’ve just been super busy the last month.


Ok, let’s just start off guessing you don’t know what an MBTI is. It stands for Myer Briggs Type Indicator. It’s made up of 4 words that tell if you are introverted or extroverted, how you deal with your feelings, if you focus on the real world or if you mostly daydream about fictional things, and how you react in certain situations. The 16 personalities site explains this better than I do, so go here to take the test and gather some info about your personality type.


So! Without further ado, let’s go!




TBH, Rumpel was a hard one to figure out. At first I thought he was ENTP (Like my favorite anime villain, Orochimaru, him and Rumpel are so much alike!), but then I thought “Wait Rumpelstiltskin is a feeler!” (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just go with the flow).


 Orochimaru and Rumpelstiltskin

                                    Orochimaru and Rumpelstiltskin


So Rumpel is an ENFP from what I think…



Cinder is ESTP. She is independent, strong-willed and has a mind of her own. She hates it when people get in her way, yet she still has a caring side when others need it.



Red is ISTP. She is serious about keeping a good profit for her job, and is very practical. Even though she seems serious, she still keeps up that happiness that seems to make the rainy days a little brighter.


Red from Fairytale Island


The Prince

IDK his real name, nor have I played the mini quest so we’ll just call him The Prince. The Prince is INFP (same as me 😁). He gets very emotional and seems like a crybaby at first but INFP’s are not always crying. Most of the time they are sunny and positive.


Prince from Fairytale Island




I have some creepy anime/Poptropica art for you guys! Here’s Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul!


Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul


Also, I will be cosplaying as Kakashi Hatake from Naruto in Poptropica on Oct. 9-Oct 15.


Golden Wolf's Kakashi Hatake cosplay in Poptropica


Well, that wraps it up for this guest post. Hope you guys enjoyed! 👋

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Are you sitting down for this, Poptropicans? 👀

Something’s about to make a splash! Here’s the sneakiest of peeks into just one of the special surprises currently in the works around Pop HQ! 



There’s more info coming soon, but until then, our lips are sealed! What do you think could be headed your way? Have any theories?! Share your first impressions in the comments below! 🤔




Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Guest Blog: Invisible Ring's Movie Mission! 🎬💍

In my last guest post, I showcased a very special Poptropican known as Perfect Sky. She was known for her skills in creating Poptropica movies, shows, and specials. If you missed my last post, don’t worry. You can look it up right here!


Upon closer examination of Perfect Sky’s channel, I found there was a lot of talk on wanting SOMEONE to take Perfect Sky’s place now that she is done with Poptropica moviemaking. I’ve decided that someone is gonna be ME.


Like some Poptropicans, I want to see more Poptropica content like what Perfect Sky made. And when you want something badly enough, you don’t wish for it to happen. You MAKE it happen.


...Which brings us up to the here and now. I will be making a full-length movie, and I have made an official Poptropica movie trailer for it that WON’T disappoint you. 



Once this movie of mine is complete, I will showcase it in another guest post later on. Until then, I will continue sharing monthly guest posts packed with quality content.


If you like my movie trailer, please let me know in the comments down below, and be sure to share the trailer with others who would like to see it, too!


Thank you, and I’ll be back next month!

Tuesday, October 5, 2021


The Baron's Red October is live!


Happy Red October, Poptropicans! 🎉 The Baron has begun her Halloween takeover of Home Island! The island is covered in thrilling decorations for the special occasion – it’s Baron-ly recognizable! Pop into Mainstreet to see for yourself! 


Red October on Home Island 1


How do you think Amelia’s adjusting to the sky pirate’s changes?


Red October on Home Island 2


The Baron’s reappearance and sudden redecorating isn’t the only thing she has in store for you! Climb aboard the airship and visit the Cabin of Curiosities to find the Baron’s special Halloween goodies! 🍭


Red October on the Baron's Airship


As always, the Baron has brought along some rewards that will be sure to give ya pumpkin to talk about. All Poptropicans have the chance to get the 6 winning costumes from the Baron’s Red October costume contest – all for FREEEEE! Yep, you heard that right. The Baron is offering SIX FREE COSTUMES for all players in the Cabin of Curiosities! Stop by the Airship’s pop up shop to add the Heart Witch, Pumpkin Punk, Will-O’-Wisp, Zombie Nerd, Midnight Kitten, and the Phantom costumes to your wardrobe! They’re to die for! 💀


Red October cabin costumes 1Red October cabin costumes 2


Trick-o-treat yourself to a new look (or 6)!  


The Cabin also features the winners’ original costume submissions! Once again, let’s give a hand to the artists behind the costumes. Congratulations to Big Rider and the Heart Witch, Gentle Dolphin for Pumpkin Punk, Sleepy Biker and Will-O’-Wisp, Cheerful Boot for Zombie Nerd, Quiet Crumb and their Midnight Kitten, and last but certainly not least, Maroon Cloud for their Phantom design! Don’t forget to check out your fellow Poptropicans artwork before you leave the Cabin! 👀


Winning Red October contest designs


You can also buy two different pumpkin decorations in the Cabin! One of the pumpkins is smiling while the other is grimacing, but for 50 credits each, you can't go wrong!


While you’re on the Airship, you can play the Baron’s flying mini game to earn extra credits for the Halloween costumes available in Amelia’s store on Home Island. Not only that, the deck also functions as a common room! Interact and friend other players, invite Poptropicans from your friends’ list to a private party room, and use the chat and emotion features to play with other Poptropicans in real time. Or, if you need any costume inspiration, you can take a peek at the other players’ costumes to get some new ideas for your Popsona’s outfit!


Red October on the Baron's Airship


The Baron will be docked on Home Island for the ENTIRETY OF RED OCTOBER! Get used to painting the town red! Share your love for the Baron’s Red October takeover in the comments! What are your favorite fa-boo-lous looks from the Baron’s exclusive Halloween costume collection?! Have any ideas about how you’re going to customize them to fit your style?


Free Red October costumes



Monday, October 4, 2021

Oh my gourd! A monstrous inventory update to lift your spirits! 👻🧟

Howl you doin’, Poptropicans?!


For the entire month of October, Adventure Outfitters’ store updates will be Halloween themed! The festive attire includes spooky and silly costumes that will help you deliver a trick or treat. No time to waste, let’s have some skele-fun! 💀


Store 1Store 2Store 3Store 4


The wicked invent-gory update offers limited time spooky styles, including the Sweater Weather, Inflatable Rex, and Legendary Swords robot costumes (all available for 250 credits each). Members can also add the Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein ‘fits to their collection for 250 credits! Candies costumes be the ghoul-est we’ve seen yet?! 👀


Left display


To the peripherals of the store, Amelia’s even put out more costumes to celebrate the spooky season! Channel your Halloween spirit and outfit your Popsona with the Ghastly Pumpkin follower (250 credits), customizable Fuzzy Monster (350 credits), and Lemon Shark costumes (350 credits). Members can also expand their wardrobes a step further with the Bubblegum Unicorn ensemble (350 credits). Don’t miss the chance to creepify your clubhouse with the Bride of Frankenstein wall hanging for just 75 credits!  


Hmm… can you take a wild guess what Amelia might wear for the haunted holiday? 🦄


Right display


This store update isn’t over just yet! The displays on other end of the shop feature a few everyday looks that still fit October’s theme. Look closely at the October Shade, Chillin’ Chills, and Bit Dark costumes (250 credits) p-ICK your favorite threads! Are you still missing a little something special? Polish your Popsona’s Halloween look by adding the Witch’s Brew accessory (120 credits) or the Wolf Pup follower (250 credits)! Pumpkin spice up your cottage by adding a batty lil friend with the Bat wall hanging (75 credits).


One last treat! Dis-member gifts are here!


For the first store update of every month, members also receive their monthly gifts! This round of gifts are particularly special – they match some of the available pet costumes! Coordinate with your cuddly sidekick with the new Bread Head, Lion Mane, and Dino outfits!


October member gifts


Check your wardrobe to find your new costumes and get to work mixin’ and matchin’ with your critter!



With that, that concludes this week’s store update! Which costumes are you looking forward to most? What are you planning on dressing as for the haunted holiday IRL? Drop your costume ideas in the comments below! Creep it real, y’all! 🕷