Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Buckle up, Poptropicans! The Baron is BACK!! 🏴‍☠️❤️

It’s that time again! Make your way to Home Island and climb aboard the Baron’s Airship to begin another exciting adventure! 🤩


The Baron has returned!


The Baron’s visit is fleeting, so time is of the essence! Before long, the Baron will be back traversing the world on her next big adventure. Accept our infamous guest’s invitation to “get off this dusty rock” and enjoy the splendors of pirate life among Poptropica! Don’t miss out on the Airship’s limited time stay or its on board goodies!


Explore the flying vessel to play the piloting minigame to boost your credits, chat with your fellow Poptropicans on the common room deck, or create your own private party room. And there’s no forgetting one of most exciting things on the Airship –  the Baron’s Cabin of Curiosities! The Cabin is a pop up shop housing the Baron’s collection of top tier treasures available for purchase. Wander around the Cabin and claim your free Shooting Star Hero costume and buy newly unarchived costumes and clubhouse decorations from Poptropica’s past!


Cabin of Curiosities' - Shooting Star Hero costume




You probably noticed a brand-new costume contest promo on the Airship today! If you haven’t, let’s fill you in:


The Baron's Red October costume contest


It’s time for the Baron’s special edition Halloween costume contest! 🎃👻🧛


Because our favorite sky pirate usually returns around the beginning of every month with the previous month’s contest winner, it’s already time to start preparing! The Baron’s Red October Halloween costume contest will have SIX WINNERS chosen from this round of costume entries – all of witch will be available (for FREE!) at the beginning of October!


Get in the spooky spirit and take advantage of this month’s odds! You could be one of 6 chosen to be put into the game! If you’re in need of inspiration, check out last month’s round of costume submissions from the Poptropica community!


The Baron’s Red October costume contest will be open for two weeks and end on Tuesday, September 14th at 8pm PST. Use the submissions portal to enter your designs in the competition for the chance to get your idea into the game through Poptropica's most exclusive store! You can also share your costume design on Instagram. After submitting your design(s) through the submissions page, use the hashtags #MyPoptropicaCostume and #Poptropica and tag us @poptropicacreator! 👀



If you'd like to see YOUR IDEA in the Poptropica store, this is the way to do it! Do you wish you could match your favorite outfit with your Popsona? Do you fantasize about streetwear? Maybe you’d love to see some goth gear? Or do you want to celebrate your favorite holiday in a festive, frightening fit? The costume competition is held on a monthly basis, to give you the opportunity to turn your designs into a reality, visibly contribute to the game itself, and most importantly, share your ideas to millions across the community!


Your costume submission should be original! 

  • Get creative! Look for inspiration in your favorite looks that you can put your own spin on! From TV/film, your personal wishlist outfits, career uniforms, and celebrity sightings, you can design just about anything!


  • Costumes may also include accessories and special powers.


  • While designing your entry, be sure it can be reproduced as a Poptropica Costume. Avoid including tiny details would be hard to recreate and using previous store costumes. Where’s the fun in that?


Each month's costume contest will be open for 2 weeks! Enter your costume creations via our submissions page! Be sure to include your Poptropican’s name and your login username. Please be aware that there is a three entry maximum per person each month.


Don’t hesitate to leave any questions or comments about the contest below. Good luck, Poptropicans – we can’t wait to see what you put down the runway! 👀💃 🕺 

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

This Week's Store Update: Water Balloon Inspired Costumes 🌊🎈

What’s new with you, Poptropica crew?! 🕺


In addition to the Baron’s Cabin of Curiosities pop up store, Mainstreet’s Adventure Outfitters had another inventory drop this week! You’ll notice the restock of some familiar favorites, including Acidic Dinosaur, Prom Princess, and Barbarian Warrior, but the update includes two new costumes!


Store Rotation 1


Store Rotation 2


Store Rotation 3


Store Rotation 4


There are two new costumes available: Water Fight and Water Battle! The costumes are perfect for summer’s most competitive game – water balloons. It’s a high risk, high reward brawl and your opponents would be irritated to see you come out of it still looking fresh as can be.


Water Fight and Water Battle costumes


The Water Fight costume is a laid back surfer look. The boardshorts and matching tank and sunglasses are a cool combo!  Fun sunglasses are IN right now! Of course, the costume wouldn’t be complete without a water cannon.


Water Fight costume


Water Battle is another outfit curated with water balloon games in mind! The costume includes a lush head of curls, round sunnies, a pink swimsuit, and water blaster. Be ready to take on your friends at any time with your blaster, balloon battles are no joke!


Water Battle


July’s members gifts also dropped recently! This month’s gifts include Big, Red Headphones, One Wheel Rider, and a Radio Controlled Helicopter follower!


Big, Red Headphones


One Wheel Rider and Remote Controlled Helicopter Follower


Don’t forget – July’s costume contest is in full swing, you can get your own costume design into the game and featured in the Baron’s Cabin of Curiosities! Click HERE to find out more about the monthly costume contest! This month’s contest ends Friday, July 16th at 8pm PST. 


Stay hydrated, Poptropicans! Catch you on the flippity flop! 👉😎👉

Monday, September 13, 2021

Gear up with new costumes and clubhouse items! ✨

Howdy, Poptropicans, and happy Monday! 🤠 A new store update dropped in Adventure Outfitters this morning – let’s dive right in and check it out!


Store Rotation 1Store Rotation 2Store Rotation 3Store Rotation 4


This week’s update features the Flannel Tank costume for 200 credits! The brand new flannel ‘fit is paired with a white tank top, cute necklace, and a huge head of curls! It’s time to break out the flannels and welcome fall, y’all! 🍂


Flannel Tank costume


And back by pop-ular demand, the Fairy Queen costume has made a reappearance in Home Island’s store! 👑 There’s no need to choose between fae fashion and royal riches with this ensemble! Customize your Popsona’s look with the outfit’s golden tiara, green gown, ruby staff, and yellow fairy wings. Members can purchase the Fairy Queen look for 350 credits.


Fairy Queen costume


More clubhouse items have also become available! The newest decorations added to the store stock include the Daisy Printed Tapestry (100 credits), Rocking Gamer Chair (150 credits), Square Storage Ottoman (75 credits), Pink School Backpack (75 credits), Inhale & Exhale Wall Prints (100 credits), and a College-Style Electric Scooter (100 credits). Peruse the new clubhouse gear and pick out your favorites from the bunch to spice up your space! 🏡


New Clubhouse Gear


Speaking of store items, as a friendly reminder, the Baron’s Red October costume contest ends tomorrow! This special Halloween edition of the monthly costume contests will have six winning costumes that will be brought to life and become available to all players (for free!!) through the Baron’s Cabin of Curiosities! For more information, read HERE! Submit your costume designs through the submissions page by tomorrow, Tuesday, September 14th at 8pm PST/11 pm EST to enter the Baron’s Red October costume competition!


That’s all for this week, folks! Keep an eye out for upcoming news about special events celebrating Poptropica’s 14th birthday and most importantly, YOU

Monday, August 16, 2021

NEW Store Inventory is Available! 🛍🛒

Howdy, Poptropicans! Hopefully you had a wonderful weekend, let’s keep that energy going!  


This week’s inventory update has some fun stuff in store for us! Let’s take a gander at today’s store update’s newest additions.


Costume rotation 1


Costume rotation 2


Costume rotation 3


Costume rotation 4


Are you’re still riding the Olympic wave? Because the Tokyo Paralympics are set to begin next week! Dive into the upcoming competitions with the Power Swimmer costume! The swimming uniform includes a pair of goggles, head cap, bathing suit, and your own gold medal. Don’t forget to cop the Power Swimmer costume for 250 credits before it sells out! 🏊‍♀️🏊‍♀️


Power Swimmer costume


And who doesn’t love a poppin’ pet? The Adventure Outfitters’ pet inventory was also updated to include the Dino Suit, Toast Head, Lions Mane, and Bedazzled Bow costumes! Stock up with the newest pet looks for 75 credits each and send your pet out looking absolutely adorable. Come on, the Toast Head costume is so cute, it’s breadtaking.


New pet costumes


That concludes this week’s Adventure Outfitters store update! Are you inspired by the weekly updates to the store rotation? Don’t forget to participate in August’s costume contest by designing your own outfit idea! Every month, at least one costume design will be chosen to be Popified and available to all Poptropicans in the Baron’s Cabin of Curiosities’ store! Read more about the monthly costume contests HERE and have fun with it! 


Monday, August 23, 2021

🚨 NEW store inventory is here! 🚨

Another Monday, another exciting round of store updates in Adventure Outfitters! This week’s inventory update is a short and sweet one, so let’s pop right to it. 🛍


Store Rotation 1


Store Rotation 2


Store Rotation 3


Store Rotation 4


The store introduced a brand new costume – High Adventure! Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime with the trailblazing outfit’s aptly designed “adventure” logo hat, denim shorts, mountaineering shirt, and a layered red flannel. The High Adventure costume is available to members for 250 credits.


High Adventure Costume


Alongside the adventurous apparel, the store also recently restocked the Bookworm Kid and Fashionista Prep costumes (available for 250 credits each)! Inspired by the back-to-school season, these fabulous ‘fits are the perfect first day looks!


L: Bookworm Kid costume; R: Fashionista Prep costume


Bookworm Kid includes a friendly, toothy grin, complete with braces, casual striped tee, and brown shorts. You’ll fit right in with your classmates with these threads!


The Fashionista Prep costume features a cute side braid, unicorn shirt, and trendy plaid skirt. This outfits put a modern spin on the classic school ensemble. Out with the uniforms, in with the unicorns! 🦄✨



That concludes this week’s store update! If you haven’t copped the latest athletic wear, the store still has its Tokyo Olympics gear available for a limited time. As a reminder, August’s costume contest ends TODAY at 8pm PST. Get your designs in before the deadline for the chance to see your ideas in Poptropica! The Baron’s return is right around the corner and with her arrival, the Airship delivers some incredible costumes and clubhouse items. One of those costumes could be yours! Best of luck, y'all! 🤩💙


To find out more about the monthly costume contests, including directions, where to submit, and recent winners, click HERE!

Monday, November 22, 2021

The polls are open! Vote for next month's Cabin of Curiosities' contents! ✅

Ahoy, Poptropicans!


November’s contest has proved (yet again!) to be a difficult decision – thank you so much for all of your amazing design submissions! This round of costume designs are especially exciting this month as the Baron’s hiatus is coming to an end! Before you know it, the sky pirate will be returning to Home Island for her monthly visit. The jury is still out on November’s winners, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any upcoming announcements and the compilation vid of all players’ designs!


As always, the Baron never arrives empty handed. Every month, Amelia’s friend-turned-foe touches down and opens her pop up shop containing the contest’s winning costume and older merch from Pop’s past! It’s a grand occasion for everyone involved.


However, because the sky pirate is a fleeting force, the Baron’s inventory is only available for a limited time. Unfortunately for some, if you miss out on the Baron’s stay, you’d miss your chance at securing that month’s exclusive items.


Until now…



If you weren’t able to catch one (or all) of the Baron’s pop-ups, it’s your lucky day! As a fun experiment, all players have the chance to vote for which costumes they’d like to see rereleased in December's Cabin. This is another way for you to get involved!


Take a gander at the past winners of the monthly costume contest and cast your vote for which outfits are worthy of a reappearance! Voting will end this upcoming Sunday, November 28th, at 8pm PST. Please submit your votes before then!

Monday, November 15, 2021

You're Invited: NEW Goofy Clubhouse Challenge! 💥🤪🏡

Thought the goofy goodies were only limited to Adventure Outfitters? Think again! As Goofball Island’s release inches closer, we’d like to celebrate by challenging you to a Goofy Clubhouse Challenge!

We challenge all Poptropicans to decorate your clubhouses in the goofiest way imaginable! Don’t be afraid to go ALL OUT! If you need a little nudge in getting started, try converting your cottage with crazy combos, clashing decorations, and unexpected placements to get a feel of the challenge. If you’re asking yourself if your cottage is a bit too bizarre, you’re on the right path! The wackier, the better. Do you have decorations that you’ve thought were too weird or would look out of place? This is the perfect time to pull those out of your inventory!


As a reward for your silly transformations, the 3 most outrageous clubhouses will receive an awesome credit bonus that can be spent in Adventure Outfitters, the Baron’s Cabin of Curiosities, or the clubhouse store! To enter, please use the submissions page to submit a short video of your clubhouse or send us your account username so we can check out your bizarro arrangements ourselves! The Goofy Clubhouse Challenge will last exactly 1 week, and will end on Monday, November 22nd, at 8pm PST.


BUUUUUT, don’t forget about November’s ongoing costume contest! This month’s costume contest ends this Friday, November 19th, at 8pm PST. Create (draw, sketch, paint, etc.) and submit your original outfit designs for the chance to be one of the select few players that have won their costume and art in the game. Click the link above for all contest details or click here to see past submission reels, winners, and more!


Good luck, everyone!