Tuesday, April 12, 2022

New Updates to the Clubhouse Store!

This week’s shop update ushered in new clubhouse decorations, including plushies, furniture, and wallpaper. Check out the newly available gear in the clubhouse store in its entirety below! 🧸🏡


April Clubhouse Items


Some of the most notable additions are the Dragon and Spacesuit Plushies (300 credits each), PoptropiCon Action Figures (75 credits each), and 2 new wallpapers! The Pink Diner and Striped Wallpapers (150 credits each, members only) are a great way to switch up your clubhouse style without taking on a massive transformation. Lean into the Pink Diner’s vintage vibes for a retro retreat or add the Striped background for a subtle, stylish look! 🖼


That’s a wrap for the latest clubhouse items! When’s the last time you redecorated your room? If you’re in the mood for a change, try starting fresh and restyling! Do you have a favorite clubhouse item that you always include in your space?


Enjoy the rest of your day, Poptropicans! Catch you on the flippity flop!

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

STORE UPDATE: Find new spring styles and green gear for St. Patty's Day in Adventure Outfitters!

In with the new, out with the old! A new rotation of shop inventory has been restocked in Adventure Outfitters! Shake a tail feather and run down to Amelia’s shop to see the newest round of gear. With spring just around the corner, let’s kick off March with a new collection of seasonal swag for all players! 💐


3/1 store update - costumes (1 of 4)3/1 store update - costumes (2 of 4)3/1 store update - costumes (3 of 4)3/1 store update - costumes (4 of 4)


St. Patrick’s Day will also be here before we know it! Don’t forget to wear green or you’re due for a pinch – same goes for your Poptropican. You’ve been warned. 😉


Find your St. Patty's Day 'fit and a ton of outdoor items on display in AO. To the left, the Leprechaun Costume (350 credits), Mardi Gras Jester Costume (350 credits), and Poppy Lion clubhouse decoration (300 credits) are available to all players! 


3/1 store update - left display


On the opposite end of the store, choose from more greenery! All players can snag the Green Basket (75 credits), Green Vanity (200 credits), and Green Balloon (75 credits) decorations!


3/1 store update - right display


If you’re interested in sports and tackling the great outdoors, look no further. Check out AO’s Skateboard (200 credits), Soccer Ball (75 credits), Soda Can (75 credits), and Telescope (200 credits) – green gear all the way! ☘️



In other news, March member gifts are heeeere! This month’s surprise delivery is packing a ton of flower power! Try on the Flower Crown, Flower Bow, and Crazy Bee Follower to prepare for the new season.


Monthly Member Gift promotionsMarch Member Gifts


Spring is in the air, try some flowers in your hair! Put on the Flower Crown to add a vibrant bloom of sunflowers atop your head. Or arm your avatar with a Flower Bow! Activate the item’s special power by pressing the spacebar and let those flowers fly! To max out your spring spirit, invite the Big Bee Follower on your adventures! They’ll bumble around, minding their own business, while you’re buzz-y saving the day. 🌻🐝


That’s all for this week’s Adventure Outfitters updates! Heads up, this isn’t the only shop in town. Look to the next blog for full coverage about the Baron’s return and the Cabin of Curiosities’ new inventory!

Monday, December 27, 2021

Store Update: Adventure Outfitters' last inventory drop of 2021! 🛍🎉

Alas, ‘tis the last Monday and store update of 2021! This year, Adventure Outfitters has seen quite the variety of costume attire, pet wear, and clubhouse decorations! But there’s plenty more planned for 2022 – don’t forget to stop by Home Island’s shop every Monday for new gear!


With that, let’s check out Amelia’s offerings for this week!


12/27 Adventure Outfitters store update - 112/27 Adventure Outfitters store update - 212/27 Adventure Outfitters store update - 312/27 Adventure Outfitters store update - 4


The latest inventory drops have added a brand new holiday outfit, as well as a couple of trendy costumes that you might remember from earlier in the year – and they’re available to all players!


First up: Reindeer Ready (200 credits). Try on the Reindeer Ready costume’s antlers and cozy green sweater, before joining the ranks of Santa’s flying friends for sleigh duty!


As for the returning outfits, all players can snag the Neon Rockstar, Warm Vibes, and Pumpkin Pleasure costumes for 250 credits each! Experiment with the Neon Rockstar’s bright green biker jacket to create your own showstopping outfit for any of your adventures. If you’re looking for something a little more lowkey, the Warm Vibes and Pumpkin Pleasure costumes might be right up your alley. Stay cute and comfy while vibing in the maroon hoodie or opt for Pumpkin Pleasure’s classic rainbow tee, dark wash jeans, and high ponytail.


The gear displays on the far left and right of the shop also house more from this month’s winter wear! If you haven’t already purchased your Snowman, Tangled ‘N Lights, Candy Cane suits, or the festive clubhouse decorations, this week might be your last chance!


12/27 Adventure Outfitters store update - left12/27 Adventure Outfitters store update - right



On another note, all of the submissions from December’s costume contest can be seen in our most recent Youtube video! Check out the awesome costume designs created by people in the Pop community – let’s give all the costume creators a big hand for their amazing work! 👏👏👏


Wednesday, May 8, 2019

May store additions!

May has finally rolled around and we are COUNTING DOWN until Summer. Check out the new store items to get in on the Spring fever action!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Poptropica Update!

Hi, Poptropicans!

Some of you may have noticed changes happening in Poptropica and we know there's been A LOT of speculation about what's going on!

The Poptropica creators team is hard at work to make Poptropica a better experience for everyone and you'll be seeing changes big and small from now on! You've sent us a lot of brilliant ideas and we're doing our best to make those requests a reality!

One of our latest changes is updating the shop. A lot of you have reached out to us that the shop never gets updated in Poptropica, and you're right – it had been a really long time since any changes had been made! We'll be updating the shop every month with items for you to choose from. Have a favorite costume, follower, or special ability you want to see return to the Poptropica shop? Let us know in the comments below!
Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Hot fashions

It's the height of summer, and if you're looking for the hottest fashions, don't forget to check out customized shirts in the Poptropica Shop. You can get tons of t-shirts with your avatar's name and face!

For step-by-step instructions for how to get yours, click here.

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Last chance to get your Poptropica t-shirt by Christmas!

This is it. Today is the last day to order a customized Poptropica shirt and get it by Christmas! Just select two-day shipping at checkout to receive yours by December 24.

Visit the Poptropica Shop now to get started!

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Do you want your Poptropica t-shirt by Christmas?

Heads up, fashion bugs. If you want to get a customized Poptropica shirt for yourself or as a gift, time's running out to get it by Christmas!

This Monday, December 15, will be the last day that you can order with standard shipping for guaranteed delivery by December 24. (If you miss that date, you'll still be able to order with two-day shipping through December 19.)

Take a look in the Poptropica Shop now to find that perfect holiday gift!

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