Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Guest Blog: Invisible Ring's Summertime Guide! 🏖☀️

Hey there, Poptropicans! Hope you all have been having an AWESOME summer so far! 


…But If you haven’t, because you’re getting really bored, it’s ok. It happens to all of us… It can be hard to find fun at times, and it’s also hard to get motivated enough to go LOOKING for fun. 


So I’m here to help with that. Here’s a 20-minute guide to summer fun from A to Z, brought to you by yours truly, Invisible Ring.



Now, whenever you get bored this summer (or next summer, or ANY summer for that matter), you now have THIS fun flick for every time you need instant inspiration and instant entertainment! 


Enjoy the video, everyone! And have a GREAT summer!

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Guest Blog: Invisible Ring's Meme Message 💍

THIS post summarizes what Poptropica REALLY taught me. If you’ve been wondering exactly what Poptropica is, or what makes it Poptropica, this post is for you. 9 memes, 1 lesson… Pass it on!




What is Poptropica? It doesn’t end with the online game, it STARTS with the online game!




There is much more to it than meets the eye. It’s a gateway to many qualities, such as creativity, imagination, curiosity, adventure, and more. These are rare flowers that can be hard to plant, but they can grow into a most flourishing garden!


Club Castle 2


We all have our creative side. Inspiration can come from anywhere, but it’s up to us to figure out where to find it and how to use it!


Club Castle 7


Try something new! Take a challenge! Forge a new identity as you sharpen your skills!


Club Pub 26


Be yourself and be proud! Do what makes you YOU, even if it’s different. After all, we ALL have our differences.


Club Forest


Be confident! If someone puts you down for being you, don’t give up. Stand up for yourself and show them what you’re made of!


Club Pub


... And don’t forget to relax. Don’t worry, be happy! Those are words to live by.


Club Forest


There’s a world full of wonders out there. Keep your spirit of adventure and your sense of curiosity with you wherever you go… And don’t forget to enjoy the view.


Secret Society


This is Poptropica. It’s a special way of life. It’s a lesson on how to be young, have fun, and live to the fullest! Now get out there and create your own adventure!

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Guest Blog: The Pink Knight and Poptropica Heroes Continued by Dizzy Feather 😵‍💫🪶

Hello Everyone!


Dizzy Feather here with my newest fanfiction, as you probably guessed it's about the Poptropican Heroes, this story takes place after the events of The Pink Knight I posted on the PHB. It follows the story of the Pink Knight returning to the group after two years, only to discover that the group is falling apart, and on top of that, a portal has re-opened leading to a world of danger. I wrote it in script format, Let's go!


We see a large ship out on the open water, "2016" appears above the ship.


The camera zooms in and several Poptropicans in white lab coats are scooting past each other, a man with black curly hair makes his way to the top of a wooden box.



We are now at the location.


After he says this, Poptropicans start heading to the lifeboats on the side of the ship. Once everyone is on one, the boats head towards a large gray rock in the water. A woman with long straight blonde hair points to what looks like a remote at the top of the rock. A pastel blue portal opens beside the base of the rock. The boats enter the portal one by one.


The screen fades to black and in white letters, the phrase "Present Day" pops up.

The Pink Knight is standing next to an old rusted green fountain. She looks around before pressing the button on the water fountain's spout. Instead of water coming out the water fountain, along with the Pink Knight lowers into the ground. 

Underneath the water fountain is a large completely white room. The Dark Razor Knight is waiting beside a red circle in the middle of the room, where the water fountain eventually lowers down on.


Dark Razor Knight:

Pink Knight, welcome back to the team, meet me in the conference hall. We need you on a mission.


After he says this he walks through an also white door. The Pink Knight follows him.



The Pink knight walks behind the Dark Razor knight through a maze of hallways.


Dark Razor Knight:

So what have you been up to?


Pink Knight:

Other than that E.Vile thing, not much. You?


Dark Razor Knight:

We've been doing a lot since you disappeared from us two years ago. However, nothing we faced has been anything like what we're up against now.


Pink Knight:

What are we up against?


Dark Razor Knight:

You're about to see.


They walk into a room with tan walls and a green carpet. There is a long wooden table in the center with light green padded chairs positioned around it. Sitting at the table are Mr.Carrot, The Purple Razor Knight, Purple Galaxy, The Love Knight, The Lightning Hero, and The Plant Knight. The Dark Razor Knight pulls out two chairs and motions for The Pink Knight to come sit in one. Once she does he sits in the other chair, Purple Galaxy watches him sit down. Once he does, she jumps out of her chair, and after a purple blur, she appears standing at the end of the table.


Purple Galaxy:

Now that we're all finally here, let's get started on the Briefing. Recently...


The Lighting Hero:

Wait! Aren't we going to welcome back The Pink Knight?


Purple Galaxy:

We all saw her, therefore we all know she's back. Now let me talk! We don't have much time! Anyways, Like I was saying, Recently, a portal has opened or should I say re-opened. 

  This portal was first discovered in 2016 by a group of scientists. Inside that portal, they found several islands with nothing on them, four of the scientists took charge and decided that they should build on the islands.

  One of these islands was home to a gigantic supervolcano, The First of the Four Scientists built a national park while studying the underground caves on the island, his name was Dr. Crispin Vincent. 

  The second island was built on by a lady named Iris Ray, for the scientists who were living inside the portal. 

   An unknown scientist created an island almost identical to that of 24 Carrot Island. 


 Finally, a Lover of Greek Mythology named Theseus, put together a group to help him build five small islands relatively close to one another.


  Theseus and his group had just finished building on their islands when something happened, Radio signals went down and the portal began to collapse, brave Poptropicans rushed in to try and get others out but none succeeded or came out before the portal crashed completely. The project never went public so far and few know about it. 

  A few days ago I received this in an email addressed to me as well as the MAF and the Spy groups that we have alliances with.


(Purple Galaxy stops talking here, long speech I know)


After a purple blur, Purple Galaxy appears back at the spot where she was sitting when The Pink Knight first came in. Once she is there she opens a laptop and clicks the mouse. A video starts playing.

The screen flashes through pictures of the Project Purple Galaxy just described, A male voice starts speaking.


Dizzy Feather - Sneak peek at next month's guest blog


(A hint of what's coming)



Six years ago, a project was started in MY WORLD by uninvited guests, who didn't even ask for permission. I decided to use their hard work to create the place I dreamed of, by erasing their memories.

  So I invite you to come and save them. Once they leave my world or I leave my world, their memories will be returned to them.


The video ends after the voice stops speaking.


Purple Galaxy: 

We need to send someone there, all of the other teams are. I say we send our Spy, The Pink Knight. Pink Knight, You leave first thing tomorrow, be ready, we'll give you more details before you leave.



That's it for now. Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Guest Blog: Superhero Team Introductions by Dizzy Feather 🦸‍♀️🪶

Hello Everyone,


I'm your newest guest blogger Dizzy Feather, I'm a loyal Pathfinder, Poptropica super fan, fanfiction writer, and a Non-member. I would like to get all the Membership perks, but like so many others I can't bring myself to pay for a game, but I'm thankful Poptropica isn't like so many other games where Non-members can only do one or two things for free, and hey the let Non-members be guest bloggers!  I'm going to stop ranting on and on, I'll spend the whole post ranting if I don't stop now. Let's get started!


In this post I'll introduce you to my superhero team, The Poptropican Heros,I plan to use in future fan-fictions.  I'll list them in order from highest to lowest rank. Please note the way some of  the characters got their powers are completely fictional and not possible in real life, if you would try to do the same thing they did you would get badly hurt, so please do not try any of these.


The leader of the group:


Dizzy Feather - Group leader


Purple Galaxy. Her name, Hyper Clown, doesn't suit, she is serious and has no tolerance for her group to act silly or hyper. Purple Galaxy  is 19 years old, two year earlier she was helping her Father repair his car, When her Father left the garage, Hyper's hand got caught  in between the car's battery and the engine, Strangely enough the car started and Hyper absorbed the car's energy, gifting her with superspeed. She decided to put her newly found powers to good use.


The founder of the group:


Dizzy Feather - Group Founder


Mr.Carrot:Worked alongside Dr. Hare as a lab partner in NISS before the disaster that happened with Dr. Hare's rabbit experiment. After the disaster He decided to create a group of superheroes to protect Poptropica. He is the inventor for the group and one of the smartest members. Although he is rarely seen in the battlefield he is the backbone for the group.


Leader of the knight squadron:


Dizzy Feather - Leader of the Knight Squadron


The dark Razor knight: The  man behind the mask is unknown. All that is known is he is the older brother to the Purple Razor knight. His sword was given to him by a mysterious old man who told him to fight for the good, protect the people, and respect the sword. His sword can cut through anything but cannot seriously injure a living being, it also has the ability to make the user completely invisible, it can only be repaired by the Purple Razor Knight's sword. The sword's powers are only active when The Dark Razor knight is using it.


Backup leader of the Knight Squadron:


Dizzy Feather - Backup Leader of the Knight Squadron


The Purple Razor Knight: Much like her brother little is known about her. Her sword was given to her by  an old lady who told her to be careful what the sword is used for. The sword is only visible when The Purple Razor knight is touching it. Although she does claim she can see it when she is not touching it. The sword can shoot its blade and regrow one in a second. It can not seriously injure a living being.


The Knight Squadron Spy:


Dizzy Feather - Knight Squadron Spy



Dizzy Feather - Pink Knight alter ego

(Pink Knight, alter ego)


The Pink Knight. Dizzy Feather is the most trusted Superhero of the group. She found her sword under her aunt's bed at the age of 9. Her aunt decided to trust the sword to her, but warned her to only use it for good. She is now 13 years old. Her sword has a pink electrical charge, a pink laser, a light swing that cuts whatever the light comes in contact with, in the way that the sword was swung, and the sword can melt metal when it glows. The sword is the most powerful one, and cannot even cut a twig unless the pink Knight is the one using the sword.


Knight squadron monteir:


Dizzy Feather - Knight Squadron Monteir


Kightly Knight: An incredibly strict but noble knight. This knight's identity is unknown and only appears to put a knight squadron member back in line or to help in a dire situation. His sword has the power to temporarily remove the power from a knight squadron's armor or sword. 


Knight squadron member: 


Dizzy Feather - Knight Squadron Member


Love Knight: During her wedding ceremony, Small Bird received her uniform as a wedding gift. Thuse called herself the Love knight. She is the oldest member of the group at the age of 22. Her uniform had no sword so she bought her own, it often breaks in battle, Her armor is able to generate a strong pulse that  slows down her opponents moves.


Knight Squadron Member:


Dizzy Feather - Knight Squadron Member


Plant Knight: Jumpy Bean is the newest member he is 15 years old. He found his entire uniform inside of a hollow tree in the middle of the forest. His armor has the ability to  create a  green force field around him. 


Backup member:


Dizzy Feather - Backup Member


Lighting Hero.Recently, 17 year old Friendly Sky was walking home from a costume party when a lighting storm hit. She ran for her house, she was struck by lighting, which super charged her outfit, and her. She is able to fire electricity wherever she wants. 


Future recruit:


Dizzy Feather - Future Recruit


Jetpack. Red glove is 20 years old. He has recently created a technological suit complete with  jetpack, laser gun, and oxygen tank and vowed to use it correctly and justly.

Any favorites? Ideas? Thoughts? Share them in the comments below.


- Dizzy Feather 😵‍💫🪶

Friday, June 10, 2022

Guest Blog: Invisible Ring's STEAM Deduction 💍💨

I’ve heard the news going around about STEAM’s release of Poptropica’s restoration. …I’ve read the newsstands, and it didn’t take a lot of reading for me to realize how much chatter this news has stirred up. 


It’s a baffling case indeed. The STEAM software has just restored Poptropica’s Realms and a whopping 17 islands… They are all Beta islands, and a few of them are already on this website, left over from Glowbhax. The catch? STEAM may be free, but the Poptropica within it is not. This has caused a clash of reactions, from cheers of hope to dry runs of distress. 


Invisible Ring June Guest Blog 1


This distress includes not only the obvious complaint on nobody wanting to pay for Poptropica, but also the fact that none of the classic Alpha islands from 2007-2013 are yet on this gaming software. Worries are piling up, and Poptropicans are wondering when… or IF the classic islands will be added to STEAM. 


…In short, Venting ensues. And these vents are not mere breezes; They feel more like windstorms to me, and the squabbles are starting to roar in my mind like the subway passing by. It brings back memories of my daring and dangerous quest from right inside my movie.


Invisible Ring June Guest Blog 2


I’ve thought of the movie I have made… Based on real events, such as the event of ME, solving the deep dark mystery against the odds, and completing what seemed like an impossible quest. …And now that the big STEAM news has come out, it’s any Poptropican’s guess to whether or not that it was a mere COINCIDENCE that these big changes had started happening AFTER I shared this quest of mine with Poptropica. 



But I know now that the movie adventure was only the beginning. In the process of making it, I have grown stronger and smarter, and have uncovered an incredible amount of lost information since. I realized that it was time I do my duty as the ambitious guest blogger I am, and put that secret knowledge to good use.


Invisible Ring June Guest Blog 3


You see, this isn’t the ONLY time Poptropica has tried to move to a different gaming platform other than the world-wide web. Poptropica has quite a history with the release of its mobile app. I have selections from the mobile files right here, readers. They speak for themselves.


  1. Poptropica Coming To Your iPad
  2. Poptropica Now Available for iPad
  3. Dr. Hare's A Fan of Poptropica for the iPad
  4. Where's the Poptropica iPad app?
  5. There's the Poptropica iPad app!
  6. A Whole New World
  7. Survival: Crash Landing is Available for iPad!
  8. When Can You Play Mission Atlantis: Into the Deep?
  9. Where Can You Get One of those Cool Tablets?
  10. The Next Big Poptropica App Update Is Coming This Week!
  11. Mission Atlantis: Into the Deep Is Now Available on iPad and iPhone!
  12. Reach Out and Touch Someone
  13. Mythology Island Is Now Available on iOS
  14. Survival: Hook, Line & Sinker Is Now Available on the App Store
  15. Poptropica Is Now Available on Google Play!


Like STEAM, the app started small. But it grew bit by bit over time. This long and lucrative list of archived posts proves that I’m not making anything up. My point is that I believe the Poptropica on STEAM will grow, too. Just like the app did! ...That more islands will appear later, even the classic ones.


…On the other hand, this app changed a few years later into a mobile login app, and each app update since then caused it to leave behind archived islands that it once held (like Monkey Wrench, for example). Now THAT, I hope DOESN’T happen to STEAM. But I don’t think it will. A computer software is a LOT different than a fluid phone app. 


…But that reminds me… Speaking of Monkey Wrench, whatever HAPPENED to the news I got in my 1st Home Island Theories post? …About Monkey Wrench planning to return?


Invisible Ring June Guest Blog 4


…Gosh, it’s been over a YEAR since that post now! Some may call me crazy that I’m STILL being patient on the await of this famed final island, but I am starting to suspect that the birth of Poptropica on STEAM is the answer to finally bringing that island back for good… AND the legitimate reason of why it would take so long.


But one question still remains: Why is the Poptropica on STEAM not for free? Is Poptropica desparate for money? Is it a supply and demand problem? …OR, could it be an alternative to those memberships that everybody complains about? 


Remember, Realms is on STEAM now. Not all of Realms was free for everyone; you had to be a member to make up to 30 realms and share them with Poptropica. But now that there’s STEAM, you only pay once, and then you enjoy everything Realms has to offer from then on. No more member renewals. 


…Of course, this is only a hypothesis, since I haven’t purchased Poptropica on STEAM. But if any of YOU readers have, I’m all open for this hypothesis to be tested. 


Invisible Ring June Guest Blog 5


After all, when it comes to being a detective, it’s not only about the power of observation, but also about keeping an open mind. …The scientific method helps as well! 

Detectives don’t get everything right all the time, but they never stop searching for answers. They don’t jump to conclusions; they DRAW them! They also draw notes and draw files out of their filing cabinet all the time, just like me. …Believe me, if you think that information on the mobile app is all I have… You haven’t seen ANYTHING yet! I have a lot more files where THAT came from, but those are other stories for other times. …With that, I close my case and bid you folks adieu. …Until next time, viewers!


- Invisible Ring 💍

Monday, June 6, 2022

Guest Blog: Poptropashion (Poptropica Fashion) by Pink Crush 💘✨ Part 2!

Hello there Poptropicans!! I am so incredibly excited to make another post for Poptropica! These are the last 11 photos from the total 21 I took. From the comments from the last post, I see that you all enjoyed it so here is part 2. From here, it is safe to say that I would be named "Official Poptropica Fashion Advisor". A little fancy, but eh. The following outfits are made with regular poptropican outfits and costume pieces of Poptropicon episode 1.


The eleventh design is called "Vanilla Creme Brulee"


Vanilla Creme Brulee


This outfit is one of my top favorites. I named it Creme Brulee because there is a French/European dessert called " Creme brulee" (with added accents over the letters) The colors remind me of that dessert, as the hat is like the caramel top layer with the dark blonde hair, jacket, and sweater as the vanilla custard. Adorned with this outfit is also a gold necklace and orange/brown pants with white hoop earrings and red lipstick.


The next design is " Electric-Eccentric Blue"


Electric-Eccentric Blue


This outfit is a personality of its own, with its own creative, different vibe. With electric-blue hair with pink and purple streaks and a purple star for eye makeup, this isn't a regular outfit you would see anywhere. This costume also has a neon green jacket with a neon blue "Cool" shirt. It also has green lipgloss and blue leggings.


Number lucky (or unlucky) 13 is " Sheroic Warrior"


Sheroic Warrior


Even though this post is being posted in late May or early June, I originally made a draft in March, which is the month for female recognition throughout history and today. So to me, this outfit says that not only boys/men can be heroes, but girls/women can too. ( Please don't take this message the wrong way, as it's not made to offend anyone) With a sword and a fur cape, this really reminds me of medieval times. This character also has red hair ( though you can do any hair color you want).


Number 14, " Preppy Goth"


Preppy Goth


This costume has a certain goth look it. ( To be honest, I like wearing all black) This costume has a plaid skirt, a spikey belt, black top with a necklace. It also has long spikey hair and makeup under the eyes. A little preppy, a little goth, a little of both.



Continuing with a palette of light colors, we have "Cool Pastel"


Cool Pastel


This fit would be perfect to wear on a nice autumn day, or even in the spring. Either way, you'll have a cool breezy day with a pastel hoodie and sky blue leggings. This outfit also has light pink hair in a high ponytail with light pink lipgloss.


Number 16, "Prep Chic"

Prep Chic


A very fashionable and chic outfit, this also is one of my favorites. With the following components of a green cap, gold earrings with curly hair, a green jacket with a star necklace, a short plaid skirt, and a buttoned blacktop, this is for sure a very "fashion-forward" fit.


Royal Princess


This gown would be perfect for a special, glamorous event. Maybe even glam enough for the PHB's Poppies! Dazzle away with this periwinkle gown, blue diamond earrings, and a fancy hairpiece, including a designer handbag bag.


Next up "Classy Evening"


Classy Evening


This one is for a more evening dinner, fancy event type of look. With a black dress, wavy hair with white hoop earrings, including a nice designer bag, you can dress the best for any occasion.


The next 3 are sure to fill your tummy with some yummy food. Here at 19, " My, My Miss Poptropica Pie!"


My, My Miss Poptropica Pie


Ok, so this isn't really an outfit, I just took these to be silly and fun. This may not be available to everyone since it was only out for a little while, but it's still a great costume. I would totally wear this around Thanksgiving.


Step right up to the concession stand for some snacks featuring the last outfits 20 & 21, "Hot Diggity Dog" and "Flippin' Fries"


Hot Diggity DogFlippin' Fries


These are also costumes I wore also just for fun, with a hotdog and fries outfit. Either way, still great to wear.


Well, that's it. I hope you enjoyed my post. This one may not have been as exciting as the last, but I hope you all still love it. I may make more posts in the future, as I plan to stay around the community of Poptropica for a little bit. If you haven't, check out my first post! I also go on this fan-based Poptropica website which has pretty much everything Poptropica related: The Poptropica Help Blog (It’s even named the official Poptropica Fansite)! My username is GoldenPuppy3 for friends on Poptropica.


Keep on crushing it~ Pink Crush 💘

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Guest Blog: The Adventures of Ruby pt. 4 by Muddy Kid 🧒👣

The Adventures of Ruby (parts 1, 2, and 3)

Muddy Kid - 1 of 21Muddy Kid - 2 of 21Muddy Kid - 3 of 21Muddy Kid - 4 of 21Muddy Kid - 5 of 21Muddy Kid - 6 of 21Muddy Kid - 7 of 21Muddy Kid - 8 of 21Muddy Kid - 9 of 21Muddy Kid - 10 of 21Muddy Kid - 11 of 21Muddy Kid - 12 of 21Muddy Kid - 13 of 21Muddy Kid - 14 of 21Muddy Kid - 15 of 21Muddy Kid - 16 of 21Muddy Kid - 17 of 21Muddy Kid - 18 of 21Muddy Kid - 19 of 21Muddy Kid - 20 of 21Muddy Kid - 21 of 21


-- Muddy Kid 👣

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Guest Blog: A Possible Reappearance by Young Rider 👀🏇

Hello, fellow Poptropicans! It is me, Young Rider, back with a whole, new idea! Poptropicans, do you remember Sir Howard Diggory from the new island titled “Secret of the Jade Scarab”?


Howard Diggory from Jade Scarab


Photo Credit: (I would have preferred to replay the island and take a screenshot, but April was one of my busiest months, so I speeded up a little bit).  


For those who don’t know, Sir Howard Diggory was the main antagonist in the Secret of the Jade Scarab Island. He chose the money over the people (like stated by the goddess in the climax of the island) and he planned to make deals with the Jade Scarab to the queen. Shame on his disgrace towards the Poptropican inhabitants of the village where the Jade Scarab lies!! Judging by his name “Sir Howard Diggory”, he is most likely English. His hair is blond and according to Google, your hair can change depending on your genes, so another character that literally comes to the top of my mind right now is……


Burt Diamond!! 



Burt Diamond



Burt Diamond could possibly be Sir Howard Diggory. After all, Diamond and Sir Diggory share many traits…


1: They both are greedy and avaricious. 

2: They both commit sins and make vicious stealing attempts to gain luxury.

3: They both are fashionably fancy (Diamond having a tuxedo while Sir Diggory having a pipe and a green suit)

4: They possibly both share British names (If you don’t think Burt’s a British name, look up “Ickabog” by British author JK Rowling and see the main protagonist of Ickabog, which is a boy named Bert) 

5: They both have the same, exact, tan skin color which implies that there is a high chance that Diamond is Sir Diggory.



These 5 examples prove more of my point. After all, in Twisted Thicket Island, they never revealed Diamond’s background nor his nationality. Seeing his deal-making plans with the Queen, it might be possible that the Queen sent Diamond/Diggory to build a big casino in the forests of Twisted Thicket to create a humongous profit. After Diamond/Diggory failed to create the Casino, he came shame-faced to the Queen. Who knows? Maybe Sir Diggory disguised as a figure named Burt Diamond to blend in within the town and get his plan more and more successful as each day passed. He might have been making more profit over the whole decade after he got defeated and finally decided to get more luxury by coming to a city nearby the Jade Scarab village.  Now, poor Sir Diggory is a dung beetle who will probably get identified as a pet in the village or the city nearby. Like I said, Who Knows?


What do you think, guys? Reply your ideas in the comments below.👇👇👇👇👇 


-- YR 🏇🏇🏇