Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Guest Blog: A Possible Reappearance by Young Rider 👀🏇

Hello, fellow Poptropicans! It is me, Young Rider, back with a whole, new idea! Poptropicans, do you remember Sir Howard Diggory from the new island titled “Secret of the Jade Scarab”?


Howard Diggory from Jade Scarab


Photo Credit: (I would have preferred to replay the island and take a screenshot, but April was one of my busiest months, so I speeded up a little bit).  


For those who don’t know, Sir Howard Diggory was the main antagonist in the Secret of the Jade Scarab Island. He chose the money over the people (like stated by the goddess in the climax of the island) and he planned to make deals with the Jade Scarab to the queen. Shame on his disgrace towards the Poptropican inhabitants of the village where the Jade Scarab lies!! Judging by his name “Sir Howard Diggory”, he is most likely English. His hair is blond and according to Google, your hair can change depending on your genes, so another character that literally comes to the top of my mind right now is……


Burt Diamond!! 



Burt Diamond



Burt Diamond could possibly be Sir Howard Diggory. After all, Diamond and Sir Diggory share many traits…


1: They both are greedy and avaricious. 

2: They both commit sins and make vicious stealing attempts to gain luxury.

3: They both are fashionably fancy (Diamond having a tuxedo while Sir Diggory having a pipe and a green suit)

4: They possibly both share British names (If you don’t think Burt’s a British name, look up “Ickabog” by British author JK Rowling and see the main protagonist of Ickabog, which is a boy named Bert) 

5: They both have the same, exact, tan skin color which implies that there is a high chance that Diamond is Sir Diggory.



These 5 examples prove more of my point. After all, in Twisted Thicket Island, they never revealed Diamond’s background nor his nationality. Seeing his deal-making plans with the Queen, it might be possible that the Queen sent Diamond/Diggory to build a big casino in the forests of Twisted Thicket to create a humongous profit. After Diamond/Diggory failed to create the Casino, he came shame-faced to the Queen. Who knows? Maybe Sir Diggory disguised as a figure named Burt Diamond to blend in within the town and get his plan more and more successful as each day passed. He might have been making more profit over the whole decade after he got defeated and finally decided to get more luxury by coming to a city nearby the Jade Scarab village.  Now, poor Sir Diggory is a dung beetle who will probably get identified as a pet in the village or the city nearby. Like I said, Who Knows?


What do you think, guys? Reply your ideas in the comments below.👇👇👇👇👇 


-- YR 🏇🏇🏇

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Guest Blog: Invisible Ring Returns in a Blimpy Trance 💍✨

Guess who’s back up high in the sky after that hiatus? …It’s MEEEEE, Invisible Ring! Did ya miss me? 


I tell you, it’s been one heck of a ride for me… and I mean that quite literally! …I do believe this yellow blimp of mine SHRUNK! Why, I haven't seen a blimp this tiny since the tiny blimp of Shrink Ray Island!


Invisible Ring's Blimp


…Just the other day I woke up, I stepped out of my house, and my first thought was, “Hey, wait a minute… Didn’t this yellow blimp used to be bigger?”

…My second thought was, “Seriously? You’re noticing this just NOW?”


Invisible Ring's Tiny Blimp


…Then I turn my head and say, “Wait, WHAT? A second blimp? I thought I only had one! How long has that been there?”


Invisible Ring's Tiny Blimp


know from the late Monkey Wrench Island that the monkeys built a giant yellow blimp that looked more like THIS… and there was only ONE of ‘em at the time…


Invisible Ring on 24 Carrot


On the other hand, some of the islands… Particularly the episodic adventures… They don’t have blimps at all! It must trace back to Survival: Episode 1. What puzzles me there is that although the blimp gets destroyed in episode 1, not a single episode shows a new blimp coming back! It explains why the other episodic islands don’t have blimps, but it doesn’t explain why there’s a blimp in Pelican Rock… That one came out AFTER those episodes! …Quite the mystery indeed, I wonder if those monkeys from Monkey Wrench island kept building new blimps as needed.


Invisible Ring with Pelican Rock's Blimp


…Anyway, on my travels during leave, I found that the new home island, fairytale island, and goofball island are the only islands with those tiny blimps. …And aside from those, AND the blimpless episodes… The rest of the remaining islands still have the priceless classic blimp design.


Invisible Ring with Mythology's Blimp


…Big blimps on the old islands and small blimps on the new ones… THAT’s a tad suspicious. And confusing! Do the blimps suddenly change size when you cross over to one of the 2021 islands or what?...

How does that work? How does one even FATHOM the blimp changing shape while you’re inside the blimp? Most importantly, why is this happening in the first place?


Invisible Ring Blimp Basket


It’s one mystery after another. 2 mini-blimps on home island, 1 on fairytale, and 1 on goofball. One could guess that the miniature blimps are a side effect of Glowbhax, but it’s also possible that the strange occurrences on the new islands are responsible for this. …I can see it now: The Curse of Rumpelstiltskin, and/or the Goofball-Blandsworth Chaos Clash. 

…Anything is possible, but perhaps the most confounding possibility that comes to mind is that the blimp on home island started out as a big blimp, but split into 2 smaller blimps which got DISTRIBUTED to these 2 other islands. …A suggestion such as this makes me wonder what will become of the upcoming Jade Scarab island.


Invisible Ring on Goofball Island


...But considering my first thought of comparing the mini-blimps with the toy blimp on shrink-ray island makes me wonder if someone stole the shrink-ray again. ...And if this is true, then WHO?


The mind BOGGLES at the blimp mysteries and the answers could be anything… The sky is literally the limit in this case! As a mystery train detective would say… “This Game is Afoot!” 

Hmmm… Perhaps I should keep looking into this. …Considering the Home Island deductions I already made, I might have what it takes to be a mystery train detective myself!


- Invisible Ring 💍

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Guest Blog: Fairytale Island Fanfiction (Part 1) by Golden Horse 🐎💛

Note: This was written before the Fairy Tale island side quest was released, and before the king was found. This is what I had thought should happen right after the completion of Fairy Tale island.

(Continuing from the completion of Fairy Tale Island.)

(At the Palace.)

Ameilia: If I've ever learned anything about bad guys in Poptropica, it's that they always come back. Keep an eye out for that one.

(Poptropican goes up to the prince.)

Prince: Where's my real dad!

Poptropican: I wish there was something I could do to help him. . .

Mysterious Voice: There is.

(Poptropican stumbles)

Poptropican: What! Where?

Mysterious Voice: Go to the land of Aveyron, there you will find a castle, the Chateau de Belcastel.

Poptropican: Huh? What's this?

(Poptropican picks up a small dagger. The words 'Rymenhild of Aveyron' are inscribed on it)

Poptropican: Were you talking to me?

(Snow White runs up to Poptropican.)

Snow White: Quick, Adventurer! Come see!

(Snow White and Poptropican run to the stables.)

Snow White: The Unicorn is well now, and guess who he is.

(Snow White throws open the stable door. A beautiful pure white unicorn steps out of the stables.)

Snow White: It's one of the Lost Unicorns of Aveyron!

Player: What! Aveyron?

Snow White: Yes, many years ago. . .

(Screen switches to storytelling comic-like panel.)

Snow White's Dialog: Once upon a time, there was a herd of wild unicorns that lived peacefully in the land of Aveyron. They were special, and each had unique powers. But one day, an evil villain came and spread havoc across the land.

(Dark silhouette in front of a burning village.)

Snow White's Dialog: The Unicorns banded together and used their powers against the villain.

(Picture of Unicorns defeating the dark silhouette.)

Snow White's Dialog: After the villain was defeated, he fled Aveyron to continue spreading havoc across the world.

(End of storytelling comic-like strip. Switches back to regular screen.)

Snow White: Or so they say. . .

Poptropican: The WHOLE world?!

Snow White: Well, Granny knows more about it than I do, maybe you should ask her.

Poptropican: I will.

(Poptropican walks to Granny's cottage in the woods. Poptropican enters the cottage.)

Granny: Hi, deary. What brings you to my humble abode?

Poptropican: Tell me what happened to the Unicorns of Aveyron after they defeated the villain.

Granny: There ain't much to tell. But when I was a little girl, I heard stories. . .

(Screen changes to another storytelling comic-like strip.)

Granny's Dialog: After the Unicorns defeated the villain, he disappeared. The Unicorns then disguised themselves to look like normal unicorns and dispersed all over the lands to search for the villain.

(End of storytelling comic-like strip. Switches back to Granny's cottage.)

Poptropican: Do you know where the villain or the King is?

Granny: As far as I know, they haven't found either yet, but I haven't been out in a long time.

Poptropican: How long?

(Red bursts through the door.)

Red: My granddaddy used to deliver to her, that's how long! You're not filling another adventurer's head with nonsense again, are you Granny?

(Granny coughs innocently.)

Red: Adventurer, Snow White needs you. She says the future of Poptropica is at stake!

(Poptropican dashes out of the cottage, and goes back to the stables.)

Snow White: The Unicorn says he needs to talk to you!

Poptropican: The Unicorn talks!

Unicorn: I'm right here, you know.

Poptropican: Oops, sorry.

Unicorn: That's okay. A mysterious voice told me you needed my help. So I summoned you.

Poptropican: Oh yeah, the voice. We need to find the King!

Unicorn: Hop on.

Poptropican: Really? Cool!

(Poptropican hops onto the Unicorn, and they gallop away. They reach the land, Aveyron.)

(Above the sleepy village, the castle, Chateau de Belcastel, is located at the top of a cliff. Poptropican and Unicorn are below, in a "busy" marketplace.)

Poptropican: Let's ask someone to lead us to the top.

(Poptropican walks into a small shop, Ye olde Belcastel Gifts.)

Shop Owner: What can I get ye this day?

Poptropican: I need a guide to lead me to the castle.

Shop Owner: I cannot, therefore, grant thee help.

Poptropican: Why?

Shop Owner: The Castle be haunted!

Poptropican: I’m not afraid of ghosts.

Shop Owner: Ye will be if ye go there.

Poptropican: Ugh!

(Poptropican leaves Ye old Belcastel Gifts.)

Poptropican: Whoa, people sure talk funny around here.

(An old man is standing just outside the door.)

Wizened old Man: Are you going to the Chateau de Belcastel?

Poptropican: Yes. Can you take me?

Wizened old Man: My bones be too feeble to face the great Evil, only the Heir can make it.

Poptropican: Who's the Heir?

Wizened old Man: I will give thee a clue, to help ye find what ye seek.

(Wizened old Man gives Poptropican a worn old paper.)

These three items you must have,

To find the Heir to Aveyron's Throne.

Clarent, Arthur's sword from stone,

The Armor of Beowulf,

And, the Key to Rymenhild's Fir.

(On the edge of the paper are the words Moon Whisper.)

(Poptropican reads the clue, then turns around to find the Wizened old Man gone.)

Poptropican: He didn't stay long.

(Poptropican goes to the Field to look for Arthur, to hopefully get his sword. Arthur is on horseback, training warriors.)

Arthur: Now remember, always be loyal to your commanding officer, even if you've just pulled a sword from a stone and became king. Trust me, I know from experience.

Poptropican: Hey Arthur, can I have your sword?

Arthur: Daring me to a duel, are you?

(Arthur pulls out his sword.)

Poptropican: No, no! I was asking for your sword.

Arthur: Thou shalt not disarm me!

(Poptropican retrieves a sword from the ground and duels Arthur. After a long hard battle, Poptropican wins.)

Arthur: Ugh! You only won because I forgot about the Prophecy. Many have tried to take my dear Clarent from me, but all had failed. Except you.

(Arthur gives Poptropican the sword.)

Poptropican: Thanks, and would you mind telling me the Prophecy?

Arthur: Not at all.

(Arthur gives Poptropican a piece of paper.)

Ye shall not falter,

Ye shall guide us on our path,

Ye shall protect us from harm,

And Ye shall subdue the Evil.

(On the edge of the paper are the words Wind Breath.)

Poptropican: Wow, that's deep.

Arthur: If you ever decide to leave adventuring, maybe you can join me as a knight.

Poptropican: In your dreams!

(Poptropican leaves Field, and goes to Hrothgar's Hall to find Beowulf and the next item on the list.)

(Outside the hall stands Hrothgar, king of the Danes.)

Poptropican: Who are you?

Hrothgar: I am Hrothgar, king of the Danes. That's a beautiful unicorn ye have. It reminds me of something I heard once.

Poptropican: What's that?

Hrothgar: Something of a poem, here it is.

(Hrothgar gives Poptropican a piece of paper.)

And ye shall call the herd home again,

Each by the names,

Ye have been given.

(On the edge of the paper are the words Sky Wings.)

Hrothgar: Beautiful piece. Anyway, what brings you to my Hall?

Poptropican: I'm looking for Beowulf.

Hrothgar: He is inside, celebrating after defeating the great beast, Grendel.

Poptropican: Thanks.

(Poptropican enters the hall. Beowulf and Hrothgar's knights are ravenously devouring food.)

Poptropican: Beowulf?

Beowulf: That be me.

Poptropican: Can I have your armor?

Beowulf: Well, I didn't need it to defeat Grendel. Hand to claw, I used mine own strength and won.

(Beowulf gives his armor to Poptropican.)

Poptropican: Wow! That was easy.

(Suddenly, the hall starts shaking. The knights hide under their tables.)

Random Young Knight: Grendel hath returned!

Beowulf: Nay, it is Grendel's Mother, come to get revenge. Have faith, brave and gallant knights, I shall defeat her.

(Beowulf runs out of the hall. Hrothgar runs into the hall.)

Hrothgar: Adventurer, you must leave! It's too dangerous here!



To be continued... 


- Golden Horse 

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Guest Blog: Poptropica Fashion (Poptropashion?) by Pink Crush 💘✨

Hi there, Poptropicans! I would like to make a guest post about Poptropican Fashion. I took some photos and I would like to share them. I took 21 photos( a lot, I know). This post is 10 phots and will be a part 1. The other 11will be a part 2.


The first Poptropican fashion design is called " Punk Rock" This style has a reddish-brownish hair, with a light streak, with added black eyeliner. It has a black leather jacket, with a skull with fire shirt , and a chain with pants and a a belt with spikes. This is one of my favorite outfits to create because of the nice edgy look.


Poptropica Fashion: "Punk Rock" by Pink Crush


This outift I call "Sophisticated office look" It has a nice high ponytail with white earrings to pair with it. With light blush and red lipgloss, it completes the look with a pink sweater and brown jacket and casual blue pants. It also has a cup of coffee, ( or whatever beverage you prefer) for a long day at the workplace.


Poptropica Fashion: "Sophisticated Office Look" by Pink Crush


This outfit I call " Boho Chic" It shows a carefree style, perfect for late spring or early summer. With a light red/pink lipgloss, it has a flowing long white skirt , with a white top with egyptian pattern along it. This outfit comprises of wavy long hair with streaks and gold earrings and a blue handbag.


Poptropica Fashion: "Boho Chic" by Pink Crush


This design I call " Weekend Casual" A nice outfit for the weekend at home, it comprises of a sunset tee, and light blue leggings. It has a cute blond high ponytail, with pink blush and diamond earrings, with peach lipgloss.


Poptropica Fashion: "Weekend Casual" by Pink Crush


This outfit is " Tomboy blend" With a nice plaid light jacket, paired with blue pants, silver necklace , sea green wavy hair and cute freckles, this makes the perfect blend between tomboy and girly. DISCLAIMER: The writer of this guest blog, Pink Crush, hopes to not offend anyone of the term "tomboy". Some find it offensive, and wishes not to cause anyone discomfort or offensive views.


Poptropica Fashion: "Tomboy Blend" by Pink Crush


This outfit is called " Summer Vibes" ( As an alternative name, I want to call this outfit Watermelon Sugar Vibes, but since there is a song called "Watermelon Sugar High", I don't want to seem like copyright) With a watermelon strap romper, with neon heart earrings, and a cute long braid, this just screams "Summer!"


Poptropica Fashion: "Summer Vibes" by Pink Crush


This outfit is " Mauve Sheriff" The reason is that the shade of purple that is outfit has a a similar shade of purple called "mauve purple" To get this outfit, I had a get it from a passing Poptropican in Poptropicon episode 1. Ride into the wild west, Sheriff!


Poptropica Fashion: "Mauve Sheriff" by Pink Crush


This costume is called " Vintage Groove" With an '80s and '90s vibe, this costume has a blue cap, poofy hair with white hoop earrings and a necklace, paired with white leggings and a (very 1980) top.


Poptropica Fashion: "Vintage Groove" by Pink Crush


I just wanted to show this outfit, it called " Pink Crush" and I made this on Valentine's day. It has strawberry pink hair, and neon heart earrings. As you can see, it consist of a heart belt, heart top, pink wings, a necklace, and a cupid's bow.


Poptropica Fashion: "Valentine's Day" by Pink Crush


This is another of my favorite outfits. I call it " New York Chic" Comprised of a black buttoned jacket, it has a black cami top, with white and black dots for the skirt. It also has gold earrings, paired with fire red hair and a black cap. It also has a belt and a handbag purse to tie the whole outfit together.


Poptropica Fashion: "New York Chic" by Pink Crush


That is part 1, let me know what you think Poptropicans !


- Pink Crush

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Guest Blog: Real World Conversations by Busy Walker ⏳🏃‍♀️

Hellllooooo Poptropicans! I am Busy Walker. (Formally Serious Walker, for some reason I thought that was my Pop name for 6 months…) This is my debut guest post, hopefully with many more to come! 


Alrighty, so a bit of a background of what I aspire to write about. The world is a budding place with interesting events happening everywhere. My goal is to relate current world events to Poptropica. Also- every month things that have to do with that month. Once you start realizing what’s happening around you and relating it to yourself the better understanding you have of… well, everything. 


March is quickly coming around the corner. The biggest current world event is the Russian Invasion of Ukraine. It is a terrible event, and almost uncomfortable to mention. It’s terrible. It is important nevertheless. Now, to its relation to Poptropica…


The Island you all know and love: Arabian Nights! A quick background of the island: There are 1001 thieves, ransacking this town while a king is obsessed with his riches. Over three islands, you find out about the thieves' background, and a genie is eventually released. He wrecks havoc on the town, and your mission is to stop him. You end up reuniting a father and daughter, happily ever after. Where am I going with this, you might ask?


Havoc. Just think about that word. It kind of brings up a weird mix of feelings. Most would say sad, for me specifically it makes me mad, when ‘havoc’ reigns. Like the Genie flying through town, you feel helpless chasing him. The situation happening over in Russia is similar. 


Now to put a bow on it, it's a sad subject. A writing piece that makes you feel uncomfortable. But now here is the point: sometimes it needs to be said, stuff that isn’t 100% happy. Buuuuuuuutttt ending on a happy note is never a bad thing. Sometimes the world isn’t a peaceful happy Oasis, but the world always works together to get better, and slowly maybe world peace will be established.


Ok! So in March, Spring begins and with Spring there is Daylight Savings Time. You know it, you hate it. Make sure on March 13th you set your clock up an hour! So Seriously, Busy Walker (See what I did there?) This was my Monthly update, and it wasn’t exactly one of the more positive ones hopefully to come. Man, I should’ve started in February. 


Now for your thoughts! Let me know what you think!


-Busy Walker

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Secret of the Jade Scarab Island: My Opinion So Far (by Little Bubbles) 🧼

The final Dream Island, Secret of the Jade Scarab Island, created by Girl Power, is coming soon to a Poptropica near us. It's gonna be mysterious and historical with a dash of fun. Girl Power has created an amazing Egyptian-themed Dream Island. From the two sneak peeks I've seen, I can tell how fun this is going to be.


The first sneak peek showed us a cat. In fact, this cat has glowing green eyes and shiny golden accessories. And one of the backgrounds behind the cat definitely gives me an Arabian Nights kind of vibe. This made me have a lot of questions about how this cat ties into the story.


The second sneak peek showed us a few concepts of the cat I mentioned before its final design. This cat had earrings as well as the other golden accessories currently in the final design. Then, I thought maybe the cat belongs to somebody powerful? Possibly, Secret of the Jade Scarab Island's villain?


In conclusion, by the two sneak peeks I've seen, I say Girl Power really outdid themself when they created this island. One day, I hope to see them and congratulate them for making an amazing island. Although it may be the last Dream Island, it certainly won't be the least impressive! Congrats, Girl Power! I hope you enjoyed your membership!


- Little Bubbles ✨

Monday, February 21, 2022

Guest Blog: Taking A Well-Earned Hiatus by Invisible Ring 💍✨

Hey, everybody! It’s me, Invisible Ring! I’m back once again, and, well… I’m actually rather exhausted! I guess sooner or later, being the #1 most active guest blogger in all Poptropica really takes it out of you!


…What’s that? Am I SURE that I’m the most active guest blogger so far? …I'm Pretty sure! Who else has written TEN guest posts for Poptropica so far? Well actually, this post makes eleven, but it’s true. I have ten other guest posts in the vast blog of Poptropica, which is why I have put them all together in THIS guest post.


Invisible Ring soda talk - guest blog compilation


So, without further ado, here is the list of every guest post I made for Poptropica so far, from oldest to newest, all in one spot… for both your convenience and mine.


  1. An Airways interview with Poptropica
  2. Formulating Theories on Home Island
  3. Poptropica Musical Crusade
  4. All About Poptropica’s TRIBES
  5. Formulating Even MORE Theories on Home Island
  6. Spotlighting Perfect Sky on Poptropica Month
  7. Launching the Battle Morale Movie Trailer
  8. Dream Island Comparisons- Fairytale vs Arabian Nights
  9. Reviewing 2021: The Report on Poptropica’s Year of Stories
  10. (And lastly my personal favorite…) Battle Morale: The Ultimate Movie Premiere


Invisible Ring's taking a hiatus from guest blogging


Now that you have either read the post, looked through the post’s links, or just saved the link of THIS post for later, I bet you are wondering what I plan to write next. …Well, good question, because I don’t have a good answer! Now that both my ultimate movie is complete AND that I’m done summarizing everything I’ve guest blogged, I think that it’s high time I take a break and leave the blogging to the other guest bloggers for now. Pleasure doing business with you all! Sayonara for now, and I’ll be back later…when I feel like it!


- IR 💍

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Guest Post: A Special Birthday by Young Rider 🏇🥳

Young Rider and the Baron on Home Island


Hey Poptropicans!! It’s Young Rider here in Home Island with a striking spark! First of all, the Baron’s here in Home Island at this current time! Now, I should show you some photos, so you’re not confused. 


Inside the Baron's Cabin with Young Rider


Browsing the Baron's Store Items with Young Rider


Now, I know that the Creators already informed (in this linkand Baron might have piloted elsewhere by now but I’m showing because my clubhouse is a real helter-skelter mess. Look…….


Young Rider's Clubhouse (1 of 2)Young Rider's Clubhouse (2 of 2)


Anyway, pardon me but February 19th is a very special day!! It’s Jeff Kinney’s birthday!!


Jeff Kinney and the Poptropica Blimp


Jeff Kinney is the author of the Diary of A Wimpy Kid series and an original Poptropica creator!


Credits: Getty Images and Poptropica


In September 2007, Jeff Kinney created the game which would eventually become famous worldwide, Time Magazine-honored, widespread game… That game was Poptropica. I thank you for that, Jeff Kinney. It has been an honor playing Poptropica for years!!! Also, Jeff Kinney wrote one of my favorite book series ever which is called “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”. His newest book is “Diary of a Wimpy kid: Big Shot” (which is about basketball) which I recommend to you all.  You are a very special person, Jeff Kinney, I’ll never forget your marvelous work! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Please let me know what you guys think of Jeff Kinney’s work in the comments below. 👇👇