Thursday, September 15, 2022

Guest Blog: September News and More with Invisible Ring ?✨

A breaking Poptropica news report is now live and ready to view.  Tune in now to find out what it is!



…But is that all the news a poptropican can give? Nope! This isn’t the first news report I’ve given here. THIS link is. The video you just saw is my 2nd news report.



This brings me to a very important question:  Which of these reports do you like better? The news link, or the news video? Leave a comment down below!


PS. Bonus question: Do you prefer reading the news or watching the news in general? (Or as a third option, do you just stay away from most news reports from any media and just go do something else?



You are welcome to leave a comment for this question as well; just play nice and have fun. …And I’ll be back again before you know it!


Thursday, January 27, 2022

Guest Blog: Invisible Ring's Ultimate Movie! ??

Poptropicans, this is the moment you've all been waiting for. 3 months after presenting my movie trailer of "Battle Morale", the battle is complete at last!


Here it is! One unforgettable full-length feature film that could very well determine the future of Poptropica ITSELF.



I have done my part and fought the good fight in the making of this film. I trust that all of you will do your part by watching this movie and share it with others if you believe this is really something worth sharing. 


Before I forget, you will find a link to a movie set playlist, a movie trailer link, and a subscribe button at the very end of the movie if you are looking for more. 


Thank you all, and enjoy the film!


- Invisible Ring ?

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Video Highlights: Poptropica TikToks and Youtube Vids made by PLAYERS! ?✨

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve shouted out some of the community’s latest work! Today’s theme is… VIDEO! There are a ton of videos made by players that have caught our eyes – here’s a handful of Youtube videos, TikToks, and livestream clips we thought you’d like! We’re popping off in 3, 2, 1…


Lieutenant Boo's channel (AKA Trusty Crush) recently started posting island speedruns, with their most recent playthroughs being Time Tangled, Goofball, and Fairytale Islands! Trusty Crush completed Time Tangled in an impressive 11 min and 38 seconds – super speedy indeed! Run Trusty Crush, run! ?‍♂️



PoptropicaPerfectSky recently popped up on Youtube after a 3 year hiatus! One of their first videos since their return focuses on a Pride Fashion Show! The video models previously released Pride collection constumes, in front of Goofball’s greying Dullsville background. The colors really pop here! We’re thrilled to see your videos again, Perfect Sky!




Videos posted under Pug Gladiator’s channel feature highlights of Pop’s most recent updates, including store items and mini games. In the “I bought a lot of stuff in Poptropica” video, this player invited us along to see their store splurge, clubhouse transformation, and treated viewers to arcade games like Crash-N-Bash and Poptastic. Thanks a bunch for sharing, Pug Gladiator!



The channel “The Cartoony Devil” posted a Dr. Hare vs. Dr. Krankcase in a Poptropica vs. Skylanders fan made battle trailer. The pink and green opponents face off, brandishing their evil hijinx as they prepare to head into battle. Nicely done edit! ?



The Youtuber EazySpeezy also posted a speed run of Counterfeit Island just a few months ago, attracting more than 1 million views! They completed the island in just under 18 minutes, all while entertaining us with his commentary and explaining the gameplay. Mad props for this feat!  




Over on TikTok, @ambahscambah posted a snippet of their recent Fairytale livestream and genuine reaction to Cinder’s rockstar transformation. Just like Cinder, the Poptropica streamer channels their inner pop-punk princess, complete with air guitar. 10/10


@ambahscambah Anyone else ever play Poptropica #twitchstream #twitch #y2kgames #poptropica #y2k ♬ original sound - Amber


@gokuostrich is an awesome Poptropi-TikToker that we love seeing! In an earlier feature, this player cosplayed as the infamous Dr. Hare. In a more recent video, they dressed up as Counterfeit Island’s Black Widow! Black clothing? Check. Matching earrings? Check. Red hourglass emblem? CHECK! Awesome cosplay, @gokuostrich!


@gokuostrich Not me still being banned from live streaming #poptropicablackwidow #poptropicacosplay ♬ Burning Pile - Mother Mother



@yo1os has been sharing a few chapters from our Mystery of the Map comic book series, featuring POV’s from 3 main characters: Mya, Oliver, and Jorge. Revisiting the comic series is always a fun time – shoutout to @yo1os for sharing!!


@yo1os POV: Mya </3 part 1 #poptropica #poptropicaseries #mya ♬ original sound - ✨Mars✨


@keairamaxwell combined the trending “I know something you don’t” soundbite with a Pop experience we can all probably relate to – helping friends earn their island medallions… but only after studying the island walkthroughs on Youtube. We've all been there!



i found this in my drafts ?

♬ everyone stream Carly Rae Jepsens Dedicated album - Jaden Damelio


@egg__sammich shared an awesome speed drawing of some Pop-themed fan art, featuring none other than SOS Island’s Assistant Captain. Loving their realistic approach to the character and the throwback! Well done!


@egg__sammich #poptropica #sosisland ♬ Ghost - Machine Girl


@jackoluckisntnormal is another amazing artist on TikTok, often times sharing hilarious edits and fanart! Their Arabian Nights video features two Scheherazade, a character introduced in Episode 2: Lair of Thieves. Scheherazade takes on two forms in Arabian Nights; first as a Poptropican thief who’s later transformed into a genie. The audio is a perfect for this one! ?‍♀️


@jackoluckisntnormal Scheherazade #poptropica #poptropicaworlds #poptropicavillains #poptropicafan #poptropicaclassic #poptropicavillains #fandom #art #artstyle #fypシ #fyp #myart #poptropicatiktok ♬ are you ok - Nex



Which video stood out the most to you? Do you have a favorite video that we haven’t featured? Be sure to share your favorites and other recommendations below so players and our Team can watch too! ?Massive thank you to all the players that created these videos! Although players may have different skill levels, we want you to know that they’re all appreciated just the same!  The Pop community is incredibly talented – keep up the fantastic work y’all! ??


If you liked these video spotlights, keep an eye out for an upcoming post featuring recent fan art! In the meantime, if you’d like to see your own Pop videos, art, edits, or whatever else you can dream up, be sure to send us a link, drop one in the comments section, or submit it through the submissions page. Doyou want to start making your own videos but you’re not sure where to start? No prob, we’ve got your back! Stay tuned for a short tutorial covering the basics of how to make your very own Pop videos!