Monday, February 21, 2022

Guest Blog: Taking A Well-Earned Hiatus by Invisible Ring ?✨

Hey, everybody! It’s me, Invisible Ring! I’m back once again, and, well… I’m actually rather exhausted! I guess sooner or later, being the #1 most active guest blogger in all Poptropica really takes it out of you!


…What’s that? Am I SURE that I’m the most active guest blogger so far? …I'm Pretty sure! Who else has written TEN guest posts for Poptropica so far? Well actually, this post makes eleven, but it’s true. I have ten other guest posts in the vast blog of Poptropica, which is why I have put them all together in THIS guest post.


Invisible Ring soda talk - guest blog compilation


So, without further ado, here is the list of every guest post I made for Poptropica so far, from oldest to newest, all in one spot… for both your convenience and mine.


  1. An Airways interview with Poptropica
  2. Formulating Theories on Home Island
  3. Poptropica Musical Crusade
  4. All About Poptropica’s TRIBES
  5. Formulating Even MORE Theories on Home Island
  6. Spotlighting Perfect Sky on Poptropica Month
  7. Launching the Battle Morale Movie Trailer
  8. Dream Island Comparisons- Fairytale vs Arabian Nights
  9. Reviewing 2021: The Report on Poptropica’s Year of Stories
  10. (And lastly my personal favorite…) Battle Morale: The Ultimate Movie Premiere


Invisible Ring's taking a hiatus from guest blogging


Now that you have either read the post, looked through the post’s links, or just saved the link of THIS post for later, I bet you are wondering what I plan to write next. …Well, good question, because I don’t have a good answer! Now that both my ultimate movie is complete AND that I’m done summarizing everything I’ve guest blogged, I think that it’s high time I take a break and leave the blogging to the other guest bloggers for now. Pleasure doing business with you all! Sayonara for now, and I’ll be back later…when I feel like it!


- IR ?

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Guest Blog: Invisible Ring’s Report of the Year! ??

Me: Helloooooo, Poptropica! Your favorite guest blogger, Invisible Ring has returned once again, here to give you yet another awesome guest post you DON’T want to miss! Grab your popcorn, grab your soda, grab your...


Invisible Ring and Cameraman on Home Island


Cameraman: ...Get to the point, Invisible Ring. We are on camera and the public is waiting…


Me: Right!...*ahem* Thank you all for coming today. As you all know, the new software age has caused incredibly large changes in Poptropica this year. My cameraman and I have kept a close eye on these changes ever since this particular blog post came out, promising new islands, new sidequests, new features, and new multiplayer content as well. For full information, you can view this post HERE! And wouldn’t you know it, that post even mentions ME in there! Right before my very first guest post came out! Ain’t that EXCITING?!


Cameraman: Yes, Invisible Ring, it’s exciting… Anyway, viewers, soon after the 2 of us read this post for the first time, we have heard a few Poptropicans here and there refer to this very year as Poptropica’s make-or-break year. We have compared Poptropica’s progress with that blog post and here are our results... Invisible Ring, would you do the honors?


Invisible Ring and Cameraman reporting from Home Island


Me: It would be my honor… SLIDESHOW PLEASE! ...First off, the new islands. The first 2020 Dream Island winner known as Fairytale Island came early this Spring. The critical consensus we have gathered says this island left something to be desired.


Invisible Ring's Fairytale Island WalkthroughInvisible Ring in Goofball Island's City Hall


However, the second dream island winner Goofball Island just came out last month, and the critical consensus we gathered for THAT island (summarized in our own words) says, “Much better, we are looking forward to Secret of the Jade Scarab.”


Mission Atlantis: Into the Deep


Cameraman: Now for the side-quests of this year. In a list from oldest to newest, we have:

  1. The bear quest
  2. The candy quest
  3. Amelia’s Tea House
  4. Rumplestiltskin Bonus Quest
  5. Wrench of the Red Baroness

The first 3 side quests were all made after FairyTale Island came out, and are said to share connections with it as well. Fans claim that the bear quest is a spinoff of the 3 bears story. The candy quest is a spinoff of Hansel and Gretel, and Amelia’s Tea House holds the lipstick that was never used. The Rumplestiltskin quest tied off loose ends to FairyTale island, and the Baron’s quest premiered on her Halloween visit. ...Only after all 5 of these mini-quests were made did Goofball Island come out. 


Invisible Ring's on the Lost Cub quest


Invisible Ring taking on Amelia's side quest


Me: Oh shoot! Look at the time! I think we need to move this along. Audiences are not known for their patience, so I think we better get a move-on with the rest of our report!

Cameraman: Duly noted. The Character menu is the most recognized new feature in Poptropica, specially designed to hold all categories of all store items, gifts, prizes, and closet items. ...We have mixed reviews of this. Some players love this feature because they are finally able to find all their belongings again! Other players STRONGLY disapprove of this feature because it replaced the costumizer feature that was around since Poptropica first began. Poptropi-con Island is the only island that has both the Character feature AND the Costumizer feature. This leads us to believe that the populus wants ALL of the islands to have both of these features available.


Character Screen Feature


Costumizer feature - exclusively on PoptropiCon


Party Room multiplayer feature


The final promise, multiplayer, was fulfilled by adding invite buttons on the friends page, making it easier than ever to invite friends and ultimately turning any clubhouse room into a party room!

Me: So what can we say with these results? New islands, new sidequests, new features, and new multiplayer content were all promised earlier this year, and all these promises have been FULFILLED! Congratulations, Poptropica, you have succeeded in meeting your goals!

Cameraman: Arguably, this make-or-break year is making it through, but it’s not over yet. The final dream island is yet to come, and many are wondering what will happen after that. The future of Poptropica is still an uncertain time, and that’s where our final announcement comes in. 



Cameraman: ...And that’s it for our special news report. Thank you all for joining us.


Me: And if you liked this special news report, let us know in the comments section! Your feedback matters, and we’re excited to give you more PRO-GRADE guest posts in months to come!


Cameraman: Whoa whoa whoa, we’ve been over this, mini-bracelet! There’s no “we” in the future posts. I’m only here for a one-time occasion! You’re on your own.

Me: Oh yeah, I forgot! I meant I! ...I’M excited to give you more pro-grade posts for months to come! But until then, it’s back to finishing the school finals and the holiday hustle-bustle! ...And most importantly my movie! That’s all, and I’ll see you next time.

Me: That’s right, viewers! I have been working around the clock on my official Poptropica movie known as BATTLE MORALE. In case any of you missed my memo from 2 months ago, the official movie trailer is right here! So get ready. Make sure you all watch it, because the movie is coming out on my next monthly guest post! ...Don’t miss ‘em.


Invisible Ring and Cameraman signing off!


Friday, August 13, 2021

Guest Blog: Home Island Theories Part 2 by Invisible Ring ??

Ok! For this guest post, I need to do a recap on one of my older guest posts; about my thoughts and theories on Home Island. We don’t know when Monkey Wrench island is coming back, but Poptropica told me themself, that it is planned to return. I theorize that Monkey Wrench island will return on the new home island; this one being the home island to stay, given that this is, in my opinion, the best home island ever! ...I think I’d better just put the link to the whole guest post right here in case I missed anything or in case any of you want any more information on my last post.


So, are you all up to date with my home island theories now?... Good! This was a post from a few months ago, but as of now, the Red Baroness is landing her ship every month so we can earn more credits, chat with friends, and best of all, buy the rare, lost store items! This is quite a surprise, isn’t it? Another major modification for Home island, but a good one at that. And nothing has changed. The ship is more of an island extension! ...ok, I take back what I said about nothing changed. SPOILER ALERT: I am going to do a rundown of Monkey Wrench island to prove my point!


Baron in the Cabin of Curiosities


It starts with a sky race above Poptropica, with you and Amelia. The red Baroness is the archrival and archenemy who sabotages the race for the both of you. In the loosest sense, that wasn’t very nice. It makes me wonder why the Red Baroness is being so nice now!....


But back to Monkey Wrench: You crash on the island, you get a yellow blimp on the way, and you leave the island and get back in the race. But once you catch up to the Red Baroness, you realize that Crusoe, leader of the island from which you came, stowed away with you. He “drops” his drink in the shotgun seat of the Baroness’ plane, gets in the cockpit to pick the drink up, and accidentally spills juice on the engine, and crashes the red baroness’ plane. 


The rest is history. You and Amelia win the race. You get the medallion and keep playing, while Amelia stays on Home island full-time. But we have not seen the Red baroness since that fateful day of her defeat… until now.


"Let's get off this dusty rock!"


It’s been years since the rise and fall of Monkey Wrench, and now that the Red Baroness has returned with a fully-stocked airship, I am beginning to see just what she has been up to all this time! As it has been mentioned before, the Red Baroness’s plane looks different than it did before, suggesting that the Baroness either repaired and remodeled her crashed plane, or just built a new one. She also has apparently built a huge airship to go with it! ...Or maybe she stole it and became a sky pirate. Who knows? A surprisingly pleasant conversation from the Red Baroness about finding lost costume items has given me the idea that she may have stolen some of those as well. 


Baron's invitation into her cabin


I’ll just keep the benefit of the doubt for now. Whether or not she is still vile and cunning still puzzles me, but at least she isn’t being vile to US now! 


But most importantly, I take this reappearance of the Red Baroness as a sign that Monkey Wrench is coming back and our new Home Island is here to stay! ...Now I’m starting to wonder how Crusoe has been doing lately… Perhaps we will see another home island extension featuring Crusoe in the future. And speaking of extensions, I have a feeling that one will soon be made directly on the island. One that will make a great landing pad for Amelia’s long-lost plane! I bet THAT’s how Monkey Wrench Island will return!


That's it for my thoughts on Home Island so far. They’re only theories, but I hope you like ‘em. Thanks for reading, and I’ll be back later!

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Guest Blog: Poptropica Fashion (Poptropashion?) by Pink Crush ?✨

Hi there, Poptropicans! I would like to make a guest post about Poptropican Fashion. I took some photos and I would like to share them. I took 21 photos( a lot, I know). This post is 10 phots and will be a part 1. The other 11will be a part 2.


The first Poptropican fashion design is called " Punk Rock" This style has a reddish-brownish hair, with a light streak, with added black eyeliner. It has a black leather jacket, with a skull with fire shirt , and a chain with pants and a a belt with spikes. This is one of my favorite outfits to create because of the nice edgy look.


Poptropica Fashion: "Punk Rock" by Pink Crush


This outift I call "Sophisticated office look" It has a nice high ponytail with white earrings to pair with it. With light blush and red lipgloss, it completes the look with a pink sweater and brown jacket and casual blue pants. It also has a cup of coffee, ( or whatever beverage you prefer) for a long day at the workplace.


Poptropica Fashion: "Sophisticated Office Look" by Pink Crush


This outfit I call " Boho Chic" It shows a carefree style, perfect for late spring or early summer. With a light red/pink lipgloss, it has a flowing long white skirt , with a white top with egyptian pattern along it. This outfit comprises of wavy long hair with streaks and gold earrings and a blue handbag.


Poptropica Fashion: "Boho Chic" by Pink Crush


This design I call " Weekend Casual" A nice outfit for the weekend at home, it comprises of a sunset tee, and light blue leggings. It has a cute blond high ponytail, with pink blush and diamond earrings, with peach lipgloss.


Poptropica Fashion: "Weekend Casual" by Pink Crush


This outfit is " Tomboy blend" With a nice plaid light jacket, paired with blue pants, silver necklace , sea green wavy hair and cute freckles, this makes the perfect blend between tomboy and girly. DISCLAIMER: The writer of this guest blog, Pink Crush, hopes to not offend anyone of the term "tomboy". Some find it offensive, and wishes not to cause anyone discomfort or offensive views.


Poptropica Fashion: "Tomboy Blend" by Pink Crush


This outfit is called " Summer Vibes" ( As an alternative name, I want to call this outfit Watermelon Sugar Vibes, but since there is a song called "Watermelon Sugar High", I don't want to seem like copyright) With a watermelon strap romper, with neon heart earrings, and a cute long braid, this just screams "Summer!"


Poptropica Fashion: "Summer Vibes" by Pink Crush


This outfit is " Mauve Sheriff" The reason is that the shade of purple that is outfit has a a similar shade of purple called "mauve purple" To get this outfit, I had a get it from a passing Poptropican in Poptropicon episode 1. Ride into the wild west, Sheriff!


Poptropica Fashion: "Mauve Sheriff" by Pink Crush


This costume is called " Vintage Groove" With an '80s and '90s vibe, this costume has a blue cap, poofy hair with white hoop earrings and a necklace, paired with white leggings and a (very 1980) top.


Poptropica Fashion: "Vintage Groove" by Pink Crush


I just wanted to show this outfit, it called " Pink Crush" and I made this on Valentine's day. It has strawberry pink hair, and neon heart earrings. As you can see, it consist of a heart belt, heart top, pink wings, a necklace, and a cupid's bow.


Poptropica Fashion: "Valentine's Day" by Pink Crush


This is another of my favorite outfits. I call it " New York Chic" Comprised of a black buttoned jacket, it has a black cami top, with white and black dots for the skirt. It also has gold earrings, paired with fire red hair and a black cap. It also has a belt and a handbag purse to tie the whole outfit together.


Poptropica Fashion: "New York Chic" by Pink Crush


That is part 1, let me know what you think Poptropicans !


- Pink Crush

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Guest Post: Reappearing Poptropican Deep Dive with Happy Starfish! ???

 Greetings fellow players! This is Happy Starfish reporting in for another guest blog post. As a veteran of Poptropica for 13 years, there’s been a lot of islands to explore and complete. One of the elements that makes an island unique is its extensive line of different characters. From innocent bystanders to hidden villains, each island has its own set of protagonists and antagonists.


That being said, you’ve probably been exploring and completing islands on your own, especially the new island: Fairytale Island. Now Fairytale Island also has an extensive line of characters like the surprisingly docile wolf, the mid-life crisis prince and the rock and roll Cinderella. However there is one character you might not have noticed right away: the boy with the puffy blue sweater and striped hat. Don’t know what I’m talking about? That’s okay! I’ll point it out!


When you’re escorting (or rather carrying) Cinderella to the ball (and rock and roll awakening), you pass a carriage wedged in the mud. On top of the carriage is the boy with the puffy blue sweater and striped hat.


Recent Appearance of the Poptropican from Fairytale Island


Starting to look familiar?


Now that you’ve seen him, some of you might be thinking: haven’t I seen him somewhere else? And that answer to that is YES! The mysterious blue boy can also be seen on various islands accompanied by an arcade advertisement.


Another Sighting of the Mysterious Blue Boy!


With so many appearances, you might be wondering who he is. Is he a mascot for Poptropica? Is he from another island? Does he have a significance? Or is he just another unique and interesting character?


Well the answer to all those questions is that the mysterious blue boy is actually from another island. And that island is…..SOS Island!


S.O.S. Island


SOS Island is one of the original islands Poptropica had before flash expired. It involved a sinking ship, a loyal captain and the concept of your avatar trying to save all remaining passengers before the ship completely submerged into the sea. Mysterious blue boy was one of those passengers. But...he didn’t always look like he did now. In fact, his hat actually had the emblem of I ❤️ 

whales on it and he was wearing a life vest. The whale boy was the first passenger your avatar rescued; he also had an intriguing love for whales to the point that he had a whale caller machine. For some of you, this fact might’ve been a blast from the past and for others it might’ve been a completely new fact!


"Save me, whale!"
Courtesy of Spotted Dragon for the Photo:


His adoration for whales and adorable outfit caused him to be an instant favorite in my book. And I guess I’m not the only one! After all, the whale boy has now made numerous appearances on different islands! So, while SOS island is gone for now, the whale boy lives on! And who knows? He might not be the only character from the original islands to appear on Poptropica.



Poptropicans, please join us in giving a warm round of applause to our friend, Happy Starfish for their amazing guest blog! What a sharp eye! Thank you so much for being a veteran player and sharing your catch with us, we appreciate it! 

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Guest Post: BraveSky!

 We're back with another guest post, this time by BraveSky!


Greetings, fellow Poptropican veterans and newcomers! I am BraveSky! Things are getting better here during this time of maintenance. The Poptropica Team is cooking up a storm with renewed islands and more cool stuff underway! So, stay in tune for that! As a Poptropican veteran (13yrs strong), I have created a sonnet based on the cherished moments I made from this website. It was difficult, but I managed to put the pieces together. My mind went blank a few times like that blue loading screen filled up with vines because it was hard to choose specific ones I remembered, but that's okay. Thank you all, please enjoy!

Breaking through, out of a box; a big world of puzzles and opportunity

Seeking problems and solve them with help from Pop community

My favorite islands are guarded by coconuts and a shark

And delicious fried dough that can hypnotize you into a lark


Thousands of things you can collect in your bag with no limits, luckily

For in real life, I would regret carrying a bag so heavily

Finding objects is fun even through dark tunnels and forests

Just make sure a creature doesn’t catch you with your missing florets

From encountering art thieves, pirates, and evil geniuses

To a lonely vampire and ringmaster, defeated by their weaknesses

Amazing cutscenes and a medallion are guided by dialogue

So, you can feel accomplished on the computer and then log---

Who says Poptropica is too different; is that truly so?

Ever stop to realize we have again rooms, shoes, pets, my beautiful afro?

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Guest Post: Create your own Popsona (Poptropica persona)!

Hey Poptropicans! Have you ever created a story for your Poptropica character? This fun practice is a longtime tradition among the Poptropica community and the creations are known as “Popsonas,” or Poptropica personas.

For my first guest post here on the official Poptropica Creators’ Blog, allow me to introduce myself through my Popsona:

Slanted Fish hails from Shark Tooth Island, where she has always admired the swimming fish, including the bright blue betta she adopted from the sea. Born as Friendly Fish, she acquired the nickname Slanted Fish in her youth as a wordplay on her Chinese name. This Fishy finds her home in both land and ocean; bustling cities and secluded islands.

She went on to study many of her passions, including art and writing, at Ephraim University on Mocktropica Island. These days, Slanted Fish works as the editor-in-chief of a Poptropica fan publication known as the Poptropica Help Blog. She is often traveling around various Poptropica islands to promote the PHB, but also travels to relax and catch up with Poptropicans all over the community.

By the way, many friends from the community have created Popsonas too —  you can meet Poptropicans who photograph their Poptropica adventures, study the Greek art and history of Mythology Island, and more on the PHB!

Now you try! Share your Popsona in the comments below, and keep on popping on!


Thursday, January 21, 2021


Hi, Poptropicans! We're super excited to introduce you to Fearless Walker, our first guest writer on the Poptropica blog!!! Check out this awesome pic of Fearless Walker in their clubhouse!

Hey Guys!! I'm Fearless Walker and I’m so excited to be writing for the Poptropica Blog! I’ve been playing for 8 years now so I know a lot about Poptropica! Today I want to share some little tips and random facts you may not have known about in the game! Without further ado here are 5 random facts and tips for Poptropica!

  1. If your character is in need of a makeover but nothing in the shop interests you, go to Poptropicon episode 1 and use the randomly generated people that walk in and out of scenes to get unique (and free!) outfits that you may not be able to find in the shop!
  2. Rumor has it that Jeff Kinney, the creator of Poptropica got the idea for the game while mowing the lawn!
  3. There's a Poptropica Nintendo 3Ds game!
  4. Poptropica islands used to have a scale to rate how difficult they were from Hard, Medium, and easy! 
  5. If you are having trouble beating the Poptropolis games island use this tip! Start with the events that are hardest for you first and then work your way up until you have the easiest events last. For example, the 3 jump is most difficult for me so I did that first and ended with hurdles which I knew I could get first in every time. Doing this makes it so you can work your way up to the top without getting pushed down to the bottom because of a bad event!

I hope you guys enjoyed my first post! I can't wait to write more posts in the future!

Signing off!

Fearless Walker!