Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Get Ready to Rumpel! The Baron's Reporting For Duty on Home Island! ?‍☠️


The Baron has landed on Home Island!


Buckle up, Poptropicans. This isn’t your average Baron visit, it’s certainly a sight to see! ?


Board the Airship and make your way into the Baron’s treasure trove, the Cabin of Curiosities. Before making a beeline for the free gear, there’s a good chance you’ll notice an unusual spin on this month’s Cabin collection – it’s almost impossible to ignore.


July's Cabin of Curiosities

Personally tailored by the Baron, July’s pop up shop inventory features a brass Rumpel Skull (50 credits), Rumpel Lamp (30 credits), Gold Rumpel Statue (100 credits), Unicorn Plushie (30 credits), Rumpel Plushie (100 credits), and a costume boasting an eccentric mashup of villains – Dr. Rumpel Bunskin (10 credits). The mysterious bundle totals 320 credits, not bad for a Rumpel redesign!


If you’re suspicious of the Baron’s sudden liking to Rumpelstiltskin, fear not! According to the sky pirate, they’re perfectly fine and “all of us little adventurers could learn a thing or two from him.” Hmm… the eye twitching "with the thrill of adventure" might say otherwise.


Baron's Rumpel Dialogue 1Baron's Rumpel Dialogue 2Baron's Rumpel Dialogue 3


Nonetheless, the Baron’s Cabin of Curiosities wouldn’t be complete without its free player-designed costume! Presenting, the winner of June’s costume contest…


June's Winning Costume: Star Kid by Busy Bee


STAR KID by Busy Bee! ??


Stellar space outfit all around – the star eye patch and planetary tee are lovely additions to the winning lineup. Congratulations on your cosmic costume, Busy Bee! ??


This is your sign to pay the Baron a visit ASAP! The Star Kid costume is FREE TO ALL PLAYERS while the Airship is docked on Home Island! There’s no telling if or when winning designs will return, so don’t miss July’s limited edition drop!


Honorable mentions: check out the entirety of players’ submissions from last month’s contest – there are tons of absolute gems (too many to count)! Shoutout to everyone who participated in June’s contest round! ?



Whew, what a whirlwind! What do you think about this month’s Cabin of Curiosities collection? Have any theories about the Baron’s behavior? Can you pick a favorite piece of Rumpel regalia? Share your thoughts with your fellow Poptropicans in the comments below! ⬇️


See you soon, little adventurers. ?

natalie grace watrousJuly 7, 2022 am31 12:10 am

I bought...3 rumpelstilltsskin gold staues!

shifty PawJuly 7, 2022 am31 6:27 am

Can we have the old inventory back? The original one was great and I think a lot of people like that one better than the one we have now. Can we have that one back?

anonymous July 7, 2022 am31 9:21 am

Okay, this has to STOP.
In old Poptropica, every island was its own individual quest, and the rest of Poptropica was just, well, Poptropica. Now, suddenly EVERYTHING is about Fairytale island, which in my opinion doesn’t deserve all that love! Weird animations, a time span of like 5 minutes, and getting all the answers handed to you? Is that what a good island is to you people?! I’m disgusted. Not to mention how you even made such an old, nostalgic character like the Baroness into FairyTale island! Just drop it already!!

Queen July 7, 2022 pm31 3:26 pm

I know right I hate all the answers handed to you I rather do it myself and the old islands were better because they were not easy, answers were not handed to you it was a challenge, we want challenges not easy fast islands, I hate how they changed everything the game was fine the way it was

White horseJuly 7, 2022 pm31 5:00 pm

Look, it’s fine that you don’t like the island, but Poptropica creators are trying their best, okay?

Little BirdJuly 7, 2022 pm31 9:19 pm

I agree, I feel like mindless playing isn't fun (or educational, as they claim Poptropica is...) It's more interesting to have to think and explore in order to finish islands!

Hyper BeeJuly 9, 2022 pm31 3:12 pm

The baron may be possessed by rumplestiltskin!

Hyper BeeJuly 19, 2022 am31 10:36 am

Cuz of “little adventurers” sez rumple and baron.

Moody CloudSeptember 12, 2022 am30 1:09 am

I know right!! In fact I think baron is rumple or is working for him .

MikaelaJuly 17, 2022 pm31 4:48 pm

I think Rumpel either blackmailed the Baron, or SCARED her into a state of denial. As you may or may not know, Rumpel can be seen in the top right corner of the desert in Jade Scarab Island when you fly around as the bird. Maybe something happened there?

chqeJuly 18, 2022 am31 9:02 am

dang i just made hank from madness combat into poptropica and i dont even know if this is gonna be in the contest because i spedrun