Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Poptropica is now available on Steam! 🖥🎉

No matter if you’re visiting the islands for the first time or reliving treasured childhood memories, the expanded collection of stories delivers a variety of satisfying adventures that place you at the forefront of the action. Play Poptropica on Steam NOW! 🗺🏝

Poptropica Steam Promo

Fully experience the one-of-a-kind narratives guiding each island, often rooted in factual history. Complete quests of Olympic proportions, retrieve ancient relics, and solve puzzles that put your problem-solving skills to the test!

Across the map, islanders are unified by a shared desperation. The citizens need a hero that can topple villains and curb unknown dangers. Will you rise to the challenge? 🏆

Prove your bold prowess by completing 17 islands that present players with magical expeditions – each more exciting than the last. Choose from a variety of game styles, ranging between casual, leisurely exploration, captivating adventures, and eerie mysteries that embrace the theatrics.

After completing each island, your efforts are rewarded with a medallion certifying your achievements. Collect the entire set to become Poptropica’s top adventurer! 🥇


Poptropica Steam Promo


For $19.99 USD (the same price as a 6 month membership!), players receive: 

17 complete islands

  • Shrink Ray, Monster Carnival, Virus Hunter, Poptropolis, Mystery of the Map, Mocktropica, Escape from Pelican Rock, Galactic Hot Dogs, Mythology (classic), Time Tangled, Reality TV 2: Wild Safari, Timmy Failure, and 24 Carrot islands.
  • 4 complete episodic Islands: Survival, PoptropiCon, Arabian Nights, and Mission Atlantis islands.

Realms: A journey of infinite discovery awaits you in Poptropica Realms! Allow your imagination to run wild in the sandbox platform, as you create brand-new worlds and explore randomly generated terrain. Encounter and tame strange creatures. Mine essential resources. Most importantly, wield ancient magic to build never-before seen environments. In Realms, you are the mastermind behind every detail!



Costumes: Tailor your Popsona to fit your style! Mix and match costume pieces to create personalized outfits that can be changed at any time.
Clubhouse: Customize your personal cottage with decor and furniture.
Pets: Adopt loyal pet followers to accompany you on your travels!
Store: Visit Mainstreet’s shop to buy costumes, special power items, decorations, followers, and more!
Common rooms: Visit an island’s common room to find exclusive island-specific gear. The common rooms double as player hubs, where you can interact and challenge other players to 1-on-1 minigames in real time.


Confront daunting challenges with brains and brawn. Encounter peculiar creatures native to fabled lands and uncover centuries old secrets. Piece together subtle hints and information while searching for clues to aid your expedition. Become the hero you've always known you are! 🥇💪

Some GuyMay 31, 2022 am31 1:21 am

IMO, besides the fact it’s TOO EXPENSIVE for the majority of players, it’s not even worth it. Theres many other games that would be a more worthy buy than this..

Curious RiderMay 31, 2022 am31 3:16 am

Are there any plans involving further expansion for Poptropica Steam or allowing the Steam version to be playable offline like the mobile app? Will more islands be added to Steam or are we stuck with what's presently available for the indefinite future? Will there be any major bug fixes and general performance maintenance? Was really hoping for more classic islands to be there but instead there's the more mediocre stuff like Timmy Failure and Galactic Hotdogs.

Are there also any plans regarding the release of the episodic islands on the browser version of Poptropica? Y'know, the islands that have been sitting there for months now and are still stuck behind a membership???

I once again implore the devs to release the membership-only islands to the rest of the players. It's becoming increasingly bothersome that Poptropicon 2 has officially been four months since it was released to members. Remove the paywall. It's well overdue.

DavidMay 31, 2022 am31 5:01 am

Are there plans to release the other islands on steam and if so, will they be free or paid. Does the steam version have the benefits included in the membership packages or is there any sort of membership features in the steam version currently or in the future?

Dizzy FeatherMay 31, 2022 am31 7:55 am

Hey Poptropica,
I sent a message about becoming a guest blogger a few days ago and I included my email on it. But I haven’t heard anything back from you yet.(I don’t mean to sound rude or anything) I was just making sure that you received it.

anonMay 31, 2022 pm31 1:27 pm

So so excited to download this! Will there be more islands on their way (never got to complete astroknights lol and it's bugging me) or is the 17 the final count?

Little BirdMay 31, 2022 pm31 9:01 pm

yaaaaaaaaay for you guys!
not for me though
*sad* I can't buy the STEAM thingy so i get to stay bored and sad
oh well
it's not that important
everyone else, HAVE FUN!!!

White MoonMay 31, 2022 pm31 10:29 pm

Different sources say you changed the ending to Monster Carnival, is this true?

June 1, 2022 am30 3:23 am

It's true! There have been some minor edits :-)

Little BirdJune 1, 2022 pm30 11:44 pm

i very much hope that those are minor edits, and not "minor edits"

CoolcatJune 7, 2022 am30 1:16 am

Does anyone like the new ending or is the old one better?

MeechJune 1, 2022 am30 1:00 am

So excited for this! So many islands :D
Will more classic islands be added to the steam version as they are adapted to work on Steam? I've been playing since I was a kid and I would do anything to play Skullduggery island again one day <3

anonymousJune 3, 2022 pm30 1:54 pm

I know this is off-topic but…. ——>

I had this account that I had been active on less than 3 months or so ago that I have lost the username to, I finally got the username, but it said that it’s invalid. Did my account get deleted or something else?

Friendly RockJune 4, 2022 am30 10:51 am


Big BlobJune 13, 2022 pm30 10:40 pm

Me too! :( When they said "old islands" I was thinking like Spy and Astro Knights (the best, imo), hell I'd even take Big Nate. BUT YES SKULLDUGGERY was awesome

ReggieJune 5, 2022 am30 1:05 am

It's Twenty Dollars.

kaylaJune 9, 2022 am30 11:01 am

this is un fair i remeber when all the isalnds were free. make them free again.