Monday, May 9, 2022

May's Costume Contest Begins! ??

Just last week, the Baron’s Airship reappeared on Home Island. While stationed on Mainstreet, all players are invited aboard the Airship to mingle on the common room-esque flight deck and browse the Baron’s exclusive plunders products. Visit the Cabin of Curiosities to claim this month’s free costume, Vamp Rock by Sleepy Owl, and an entire collection of Jade Scarab memorabilia! This haul isn’t one to miss – hurry before Pop's favorites sky pirate returns to sea! ?‍☠️


Baron Sets Sail - Airship Reminder


If you’d like to see your costume ideas in the Baron’s pop-up shop, submit your outfit designs in May’s costume contest! Every month, one lucky winner earns their actual costume design in-game and offered to all players (for free)!


No need to wait, let this month’s round of costume contests begin!



Monthly Costume Contest


Enter your costume designs by Monday, May 23rd at 8pm PST (9pm MST, 10pm CST, 11pm EST, or use a time zone converter) for the chance to win!


At the beginning of every month, you’re invited to showcase your costume designs and art! These monthly contests offer all players (of any skill set) the opportunity to see your dream outfits become a reality in Poptropica! Yep, you heard that right. Your costume idea could be the next design created in-game and shared among millions across the Pop community?


How do you enter?


First things first, brainstorm ideas for your costume. Costumes should be original, reproducible and age appropriate. There is a 3 entry maximum per month.


Once you have your outfit ideas, the next step is to draw them out! You can do this on paper or go the digital route to show off your designs.  Don’t worry about comparing yourself to the rest of the community. Differences in art skill will not affect your likelihood of being chosen. Go all out with it! The Team loves seeing your imagination and creativity!


Once you’ve finished drawing your outfit designs, the final step is to share them with us! The easiest way is to enter through the submissions page. Submit your designs one at a time and be sure to include your Poptropican’s name and your login username with each entry.


To start brainstorming your outfit designs, here are a few tips!


Keep in mind, you have free reign over your design! You can opt for island inspired clothing or go in a completely different direction. Are you in love with wacky, mysterious, otherworldly, fantasy, simple, or just downright weird costumes? Are you hoping to see the latest fashion trends?


Perhaps you’d like to share your favorite IRL outfit with players? Are you excited by the thought of sharing your costume designs and art on a larger scale? Do you have an eye for streetwear, goth gear, or are you in love with cottage-core clothes? Maybe you have a quirky sense of style that you think others haven’t seen before?


Don’t worry if you prefer to march to the beat of your own drum. Creativity and originality are always appreciated!


Keep these tips in mind as you’re designing your outfit:


  • Your costume submission should be original!
  • Get creative! Look for inspiration in your favorite looks that you can put your own spin on! From TV/film, your personal wishlist outfits, career uniforms, and celebrity sightings, you can design just about anything.
  • Costumes may also include accessories and special powers.
  • While designing your entry, be sure it can be reproduced as a Poptropica costume. Avoid including tiny details would be hard to recreate and using previous store costumes.

Don't be discouraged if your design hasn’t been chosen in the past! We’re blown away by the incredible amount of creativity and unique costume designs each month. We wish they could all be winners! We always welcome players to resubmit past design submissions or come up with new costume ideas for each month's contest! ?


Good luck, Poptropicans! Don’t hesitate to leave any questions or comments about the contest below. We can’t wait to see what you put down the runway! ??

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ummmmmm when wll you guys post on the blog again...... Its been like 7 days...... not trying to be rude btw