Thursday, May 5, 2022

Guest Blog: Invisible Ring Returns in a Blimpy Trance ?✨

Guess who’s back up high in the sky after that hiatus? …It’s MEEEEE, Invisible Ring! Did ya miss me? 


I tell you, it’s been one heck of a ride for me… and I mean that quite literally! …I do believe this yellow blimp of mine SHRUNK! Why, I haven't seen a blimp this tiny since the tiny blimp of Shrink Ray Island!


Invisible Ring's Blimp


…Just the other day I woke up, I stepped out of my house, and my first thought was, “Hey, wait a minute… Didn’t this yellow blimp used to be bigger?”

…My second thought was, “Seriously? You’re noticing this just NOW?”


Invisible Ring's Tiny Blimp


…Then I turn my head and say, “Wait, WHAT? A second blimp? I thought I only had one! How long has that been there?”


Invisible Ring's Tiny Blimp


know from the late Monkey Wrench Island that the monkeys built a giant yellow blimp that looked more like THIS… and there was only ONE of ‘em at the time…


Invisible Ring on 24 Carrot


On the other hand, some of the islands… Particularly the episodic adventures… They don’t have blimps at all! It must trace back to Survival: Episode 1. What puzzles me there is that although the blimp gets destroyed in episode 1, not a single episode shows a new blimp coming back! It explains why the other episodic islands don’t have blimps, but it doesn’t explain why there’s a blimp in Pelican Rock… That one came out AFTER those episodes! …Quite the mystery indeed, I wonder if those monkeys from Monkey Wrench island kept building new blimps as needed.


Invisible Ring with Pelican Rock's Blimp


…Anyway, on my travels during leave, I found that the new home island, fairytale island, and goofball island are the only islands with those tiny blimps. …And aside from those, AND the blimpless episodes… The rest of the remaining islands still have the priceless classic blimp design.


Invisible Ring with Mythology's Blimp


…Big blimps on the old islands and small blimps on the new ones… THAT’s a tad suspicious. And confusing! Do the blimps suddenly change size when you cross over to one of the 2021 islands or what?...

How does that work? How does one even FATHOM the blimp changing shape while you’re inside the blimp? Most importantly, why is this happening in the first place?


Invisible Ring Blimp Basket


It’s one mystery after another. 2 mini-blimps on home island, 1 on fairytale, and 1 on goofball. One could guess that the miniature blimps are a side effect of Glowbhax, but it’s also possible that the strange occurrences on the new islands are responsible for this. …I can see it now: The Curse of Rumpelstiltskin, and/or the Goofball-Blandsworth Chaos Clash. 

…Anything is possible, but perhaps the most confounding possibility that comes to mind is that the blimp on home island started out as a big blimp, but split into 2 smaller blimps which got DISTRIBUTED to these 2 other islands. …A suggestion such as this makes me wonder what will become of the upcoming Jade Scarab island.


Invisible Ring on Goofball Island


...But considering my first thought of comparing the mini-blimps with the toy blimp on shrink-ray island makes me wonder if someone stole the shrink-ray again. ...And if this is true, then WHO?


The mind BOGGLES at the blimp mysteries and the answers could be anything… The sky is literally the limit in this case! As a mystery train detective would say… “This Game is Afoot!” 

Hmmm… Perhaps I should keep looking into this. …Considering the Home Island deductions I already made, I might have what it takes to be a mystery train detective myself!


- Invisible Ring ?

Invisible RingMay 5, 2022 pm31 2:13 pm

PLEASE NOTE: The section, "upcoming Jade Scarab Island" may be a little confusing, as I hear this island is finally out now. All I know is that I sent this post to Poptropica BEFORE the island arrived. ...Since I have not played that new island yet, I shall play that island in my attempt to keep looking into this miniature blimp mystery. Thank you, and I hope this PS note clears any confusion up!

Chilly ShadowMay 5, 2022 pm31 3:02 pm

The blimp is also tiny there, though I think you know that by now. Also I really hate to throw the devs under the bus but I think they just got tired of designing a huge yellow entity over and over again...

anonymousMay 5, 2022 pm31 7:06 pm

kinda weird ngl

Curious RiderMay 6, 2022 am31 11:01 am


Lucky StarMay 6, 2022 am31 11:44 am

I love this. What an interesting conclusion. I wish the blimp(s?) would be back to the middle of Home Island again. I wonder why the Creators decided to do this. And I played the island (side note: thanks Poptropica! This actually felt like a REAL island. The others were babyish.) And there wasn't any blimp! What could be happening? Maybe, Invisible Ring, I could help you look into this! It is quite a mystery, and I am totally up for some awesome Pop magic!! What the cliff hanger!

I absolutely love your posts!! You should make some more often!! I can't wait for your next post!! The Luckiest Star, OUT!!

Lucky Star?⭐️

Golden CrownMay 23, 2022 am31 8:49 am

I loved this! Good to have you back, Invisible Ring! I hope we'll hear a lot more from you in the future!!

Invisible RingJune 5, 2022 pm30 11:33 pm

Don't worry, my friend! You shall! ...Hope all has been going well, Golden Crown. :)