Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Pop Culture Update: April's Airship and the Baron's Bounty Are HERE! ??‍♀️

Home Island’s favorite visitor is back! The one, the only, the Baron! ?‍☠️


The Baron's Airship is docked on Home Island now!


This month's this month's theme is self-care and footwear! The Baron is back and the Cabin of Curiosities is stocked with a brand new set of bounty. For the past week, the Baron has enjoyed a much needed spring break. Adventuring is hard work! Before it’s back to plundering treasure and sailing the seven seas, the Baron’s basking in the bliss. Notice anything different about the infamous sky pirate? ?  With spring break in mind, let’s get straight to it. Climb aboard, mate!


As always, the Airship’s Cabin of Curiosities features the winning costume design from last month’s contest!


Without further ado, congratulations to the winner of March’s costume contest… the Spa Day costume by Chilly Feather! Excellent job, CF! Your outfit design delighted the sky pirate. In fact, Spa Day was personally picked out by the Baron. ?‍♀️✨


March's winning costume: Spa Day by Chilly Feather


All players can scoop up the FREE Spa Day ‘fit while the Baron’s in town! If you’re in need of a sign to practice some self care, consider this your own giant, flashing signal. Put on a face mask, throw some cucumbers over your eyes (if you’re feeling fancy), and slip into some pink bunny slippers! Disclaimer: no hares were harmed in the making of this costume. ?


Now that the self-care portion of this month’s theme is taken care of, onto footwear! Whether you’re a sneakerhead or prefer casual and comfy, the Baron’s got your back (and your feet).

Splurge on 3 pairs of shoes for your Poptropican! Choose from Grey Loafers, Red Shoes, and Yellow Flipflops – all for 100 credits each. Of course, you’re going to need somewhere to keep ‘em all! You can also add a Shoe Rack (100 credits) to your clubhouse to show off your new kicks.


April Inventory on the Baron's Airship


You never know when the Baron will decide it’s time to move on. Better to be safe than sorry! Visit the Airship and the Cabin of Curiosities today to snag April’s exclusive gear before it’s bon voyage!


Hope you've all enjoyed your spring break! Summer will be here before we know it. What do you think of the Baron's mini makeover? How are you planning on styling Chilly Feather's Spa Day costume? Drop your ideas in the comments below! ⬇️