Tuesday, April 12, 2022

New Updates to the Clubhouse Store!

This week’s shop update ushered in new clubhouse decorations, including plushies, furniture, and wallpaper. Check out the newly available gear in the clubhouse store in its entirety below! ??


April Clubhouse Items


Some of the most notable additions are the Dragon and Spacesuit Plushies (300 credits each), PoptropiCon Action Figures (75 credits each), and 2 new wallpapers! The Pink Diner and Striped Wallpapers (150 credits each, members only) are a great way to switch up your clubhouse style without taking on a massive transformation. Lean into the Pink Diner’s vintage vibes for a retro retreat or add the Striped background for a subtle, stylish look! ?


That’s a wrap for the latest clubhouse items! When’s the last time you redecorated your room? If you’re in the mood for a change, try starting fresh and restyling! Do you have a favorite clubhouse item that you always include in your space?


Enjoy the rest of your day, Poptropicans! Catch you on the flippity flop!