Wednesday, April 6, 2022

FULL STEAM AHEAD! The Return of Old Islands and Realms on Steam! ?✨

Gather ‘round Poptropicans! Pull up a chair, you might want to sit down for this one…


The entire Team has been working hard to bring the community tons of fun experiences, both new and old! With our recent debut on Roblox with Zomberry: Humans vs. Zombies and Unicorn Frenzy, it’s time to head back to our roots. From everyone on the Creators’ Team, we want to thank you for your support for Poptropica. With that, onto the big reveal! Drum roll, please! ??


Poptropica Old Island Map


Poptropicans, we’re thrilled to announce that in several weeks, a bundle of older islands will be released on Steam! Back by popular demand, the official lineup includes 13 complete islands and the build-your-own world, Realms! Players are invited to revisit select fan favorite islands, explore the endless possibilities of Realms, and relive unforgettable experiences that were previously lost. Alongside the returning islands, players can also customize personal clubhouses, adopt pets, and access multiplayer features like the arcade and common rooms?✨

Poptropica Realms


This is not a drill! I repeat, this is not a drill!


If you’re wondering which islands will be a part of the Steam bundle, you’re not alone! But telling you now would be too easy. Instead, keep an eye on the Creators’ Blog and our social media! Beginning tomorrow, we’ll be dropping daily hints about which islands will be included in the Steam bundle! ?


Before the clues start rolling in, we want to know which 13 islands you would include in your dream collection! Share your favorite islands and first reactions with the Pop community in the comments below! ?

Brave HawkApril 6, 2022 pm30 3:03 pm


Chilly ShadowApril 7, 2022 pm30 12:38 pm

congratulations on beating the hordes to first comment. ?? not sure it matters but just had to say it

les go poptwopica >:>>>>>>

melanieSeptember 24, 2022 am30 12:31 am

better be reality tv island pleaaseeee

mathewNovember 20, 2022 pm30 4:31 pm


mariaApril 6, 2022 pm30 3:14 pm

mystery train and game show !!

EmmaJuly 25, 2022 pm31 5:16 pm

PLEASE mystery train

Pop PalApril 6, 2022 pm30 3:16 pm

Realms? Hmm... so we might be getting newer islands like Monster Carnival and Mystery of the Map? I'm cautiously optimistic ?

personMay 7, 2022 pm31 6:34 pm

i hope so

BrittScarletApril 6, 2022 pm30 3:18 pm

Honestly kind of surprised by the old islands returning but on steam, Everyone was speculating up until now. But having to pick favorites here might be something allot of us want to see so i am listing off the island i want.

1: Astro Knights Island

2:Super Villain Island

3: Virus Hunter Island

4: Zomberry Island

5: Monster Carnival Island

6: Spy Island

7: Cryptic Island

8: SteamWorks Island

9:Shrink Ray Island

10: Poptropolis Game Island

11: Gameshow Island

12: Mythology Island

13: Vampire's Curse Island

Wild DragonApril 6, 2022 pm30 7:37 pm

We already have mythology.

MaxsterMay 22, 2022 am31 1:05 am

does no one wanna see the Red dragon

VumasApril 6, 2022 pm30 3:28 pm

I’d love to see Twisted Thicket!

natalie grace watrousJuly 7, 2022 pm31 11:42 pm


Bendy SeagullApril 6, 2022 pm30 3:28 pm

I personally believe that islands like Wimpy Wonderland or Wimpy Boardwalk will be there, but I'd be down to revisit Night Watch Island as well. Maybe even some earlier islands like Early Poptropica or Shrink Ray island. (The latter was always my favorite)

thecheeseeffectApril 6, 2022 pm30 3:30 pm

(in no particular order)
1: mystery train
2: ghost story
3: astroknights
4: twisted thicket
5: reality tv
6: monster carnival
7: wild west
8: super power
9: super villain
10: spy
11: counterfeit
12: skullduggery
13: cryptids

Ceddyy boiiiiiMarch 5, 2023 pm31 3:58 pm

Im so glad someone said skullduggery

MaroonSealApril 6, 2022 pm30 3:36 pm

Oh my gosh???? This is awesome!!! I can't wait for the release!!!!

LaurenApril 6, 2022 pm30 3:41 pm

Thank you so much for bringing old islands back!!! The islands I would include are Astroknights, Skullduggery, Wild West, Red Dragon, Night Watch, Shrink Ray, Zomberry, Spy Island, Cryptids, Mystery Train, Ghost Story, Superpower Island, and Arabian Nights!

DanApril 6, 2022 pm30 3:43 pm

But amazing news, thank you so much for doing this!!! You don’t know how happy i am :)

LauraMay 8, 2022 am31 1:52 am

skullduggery was ELITE!!!! right there next to astroknights!!

Owen HaddadApril 6, 2022 pm30 3:44 pm

i love wild west and skullduggery

Bing ChillingApril 7, 2022 am30 3:44 am

Same Owen

DylanApril 6, 2022 pm30 3:46 pm

shark tooth, counterfeit, ghost story, game show, night watch, back lot, spy island, superpower, reality tv,
cryptids, mocktropica , astro knights, and twisted thicket.

Invisible RingApril 6, 2022 pm30 3:58 pm

To Whom it May Concern…
I KNEW it!
I knew it! I just KNEW that things in Poptropica could improve, and now they finally are! …I personally think that although STEAM is a change from the world wide web, it’s a really smart move to bring the game over to a special gaming software that WON’T be crushed by Glowbhax.
I still remember all the random voices all over Poptropica that told me to give up and go home but I NEVER DID! I can’t stop bringing up my ultimate movie and all the subjects about it because I NEVER gave up on this world and I’m not giving up now.
When and if Poptropica shines brighter than ever, These trailer and movie links are gonna be a HUGE deal if they aren’t already. They could be living proof that hope is NEVER lost and we can make ANYTHING better if we only try!……

Dutifully yours,
Invisible Ring

Wild DragonApril 6, 2022 pm30 7:41 pm

What's Glowbhax?

Funny KidApril 7, 2022 am30 2:29 am

Funny Kid here, this video perfectly sums up my reaction:

Anonymous April 7, 2022 am30 10:24 am

I wish you wouldn’t.

Golden CrownApril 10, 2022 pm30 3:31 pm

YES, Invisible Ring!

SaraApril 6, 2022 pm30 4:00 pm

UM OKAY YES! For free right, like classic Poptropica? Anyways i would love all the OG islands: Early Poptropica, Shark Tooth, Nabooti, Spy….Plus Astro Knights, Shrink Ray, Cryptids, Counterfeit…Can’t wait to see some of these back!!!

Happy LizardApril 6, 2022 pm30 4:15 pm


BrokenTVApril 6, 2022 pm30 4:27 pm

All of them... but if I had to choose... Mystery Train Island, Monkey Wrench Island (the original, not the recent version before it was replaced), Escape from Pelican Rock, Shark Tooth Island, 24 Carrot Island, Game Show Island, Reality TV Island, Skullduggery Island, Super Power Island, Spy Island, Time Travel Island, Greek Games island (forgot the name), Big Nate Island.

Yet another anonymousApril 7, 2022 am30 8:56 am

Yeah! But for the record pelican rock, 24 carrot, and island mythology (Greek) are already in-game for free so I’m not sure if they would have to add that lol. Also, for time travel do you mean time tangled? (It’s in too). But your right! I would love to see monkey wrench island and reality tv back!! THANKS POP TEAM! I’M HYPED!!

anonymous April 6, 2022 pm30 4:34 pm


Blue FireApril 7, 2022 am30 12:18 am

I was about to say where you were.

gillian brittonApril 6, 2022 pm30 4:45 pm


LangApril 6, 2022 pm30 5:17 pm

Time travel island let's gooo

VictoriaApril 6, 2022 pm30 5:42 pm

i will literally sell all of my belongings for the return of: big nate, early poptropica, shark tooth, counterfeit, and maybe even steamworks and time tangled. either way, i’m so excited for the nostalgia. thank you for listening to us <3

Tough SpinnerApril 6, 2022 pm30 5:55 pm

Theory. They are going to bring back all the islands from the AS3 version of Poptropica that's not in the game. AS3 islands consist of...

Virus Hunter, Mocktropica, Monster Carnival, Survival 2-5, Mission Altantis 2 and 3, Poptropicon 3, Arabian Nights 3, Galactic Hot Dogs, Mystery of the Map.
There are 13 islands exactly in this bunch.

old starApril 6, 2022 pm30 5:59 pm


Crazy LeopardApril 6, 2022 pm30 6:20 pm

Oh man I am SO EXCITED!!!!! Some islands I would love to have back are...
1. Counterfeit Island
2. Early Poptropica Island
3. Zomberry Island
4. Super power Island
5. Reality TV Island
6. Mythology Island
7. Cryptids Island
8. Red dragon Island
9.Wild West Island
10. Night watch Island
11. Mocktropica Island
12. Astro knights Island
13. Spy Island

Thank you all for the hard work you've put in to revive some of my favorite childhood memories! I can't wait to share the joy of Poptropica with my little cousins and my nephews once they're old enough! I'm sure it's not been easy but it's so very appreciated by so many of us fans!!!

Michelle NugentApril 6, 2022 pm30 6:27 pm

I am so happy to hear the islands will be coming back!! Poptropica is (and always will be) a huge part of my life!! All the islands are my favorite but I’ve been really wanting to play…
Shrink Ray Island
Ghost Story Island and
Mystery Train Island!

Little BirdApril 6, 2022 pm30 6:54 pm

Question: what is steam?
also, I would LOVE SteamWorks because I never got to do that one, and also Mocktropica because I was never able to finish that one before Flash went away...

Shiny FlyerApril 6, 2022 pm30 7:45 pm

Thank you Poptropica! This is it! Thank you all creators for your effort and here are the 13 islands I miss and want back!!! (In no order)

Mystery Train
Night Watch
Red Dragon island
Poptropolis Games
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Great Pumpkin Isand
Virus Hunter
Monster Carnival
Reality Tv I think it was called? The one where you go on Tv and meet Bucky Lucas and stuff
Wild West
Shrink Ray

-Shiny Flyer

Bailey PrattApril 6, 2022 pm30 8:23 pm

What do I need to download to play!?

CryptVoidApril 6, 2022 pm30 11:31 pm

Aaa it's so cool to see these coming back!!! My top picks would have to be.

1. Backlot
2. Nightwatch
3. Cryptids
4. Wild West
5. Supervillain
6. Monster Carnival
7. Gameshow
8. Shrinkray
9. Steamworks
10. Astroknights
11. Ghost Story
12. Spy island
13. Superheros

Always such good stories, witty humor, and delightful characters! Love to see it!

Bronze SeagullApril 7, 2022 am30 12:02 am

Honestly, i'll be all set as long as cryptids island comes back at some point.

Minnie BunchApril 7, 2022 am30 1:26 am

i am SO excited!!! i remember playing poptropica as a kid so this is kinda wild. and mythology island for sure!!!

Tami AderibigbeApril 7, 2022 am30 2:28 am


Hamburger StomperApril 7, 2022 am30 6:21 am

I want to play spy Island and Poptropolis Games .

shifty PawApril 7, 2022 am30 7:15 am

OOOH YESS. Thankyou so much Poptropica, this is what we were waiting forrrrr!
Thankyou so much for listening.
Thankyou so much for starting work on the original version.
Thankyou so much
I actually had to stop myself from screaming with joy!

shifty PawApril 7, 2022 am30 7:15 am

Nostalgia. here we go!

Dangerous ShadowApril 7, 2022 am30 7:16 am

JUst wondering, will it be money?
If not, Thank you!!!
I'm really happy!!
I love the old islands!!!!!!!!!!!
Ha, anonymous
No you can't be so rude!

shifty PawApril 7, 2022 am30 7:17 am

Twisted thicket! Red Dragon! Shark Tooth! Astro Knights! Thankyou so much!

KaelynnApril 7, 2022 am30 9:04 am

Will the islands by on the app for the phone?

AaniApril 7, 2022 am30 9:43 am

Charlie and the chocolate factory
Ghost story
Red dragon
Vampire curse

frendly crown April 7, 2022 am30 10:32 am

this is so exciteing, but what is STEAM

FolderApril 7, 2022 pm30 8:02 pm

A website of games to download

Little BirdApril 8, 2022 am30 10:22 am

I also want to know what STEAM is, can somebody please explain?

Silver GhostApril 9, 2022 pm30 4:19 pm

It’s a video game platform like roblox:(

Silver GhostApril 9, 2022 pm30 4:19 pm

It’s a video game platform like roblox:(

Curious RiderApril 9, 2022 pm30 7:05 pm

Steam has a bunch of games to choose from, like CoD or Halo for example. Here's a link to Steam if you're interested -

Chilly ShadowApril 7, 2022 pm30 12:29 pm



GabiApril 7, 2022 pm30 12:58 pm

In random order that I remember them
1.) SOS
2.) mystery train
3.) cryptids
4.) game show
5.) nabooti
6.) spy
7.) twisted thicket
8.) red dragon
9.) vampires curse
10.) superpower
11.) shark tooth
12.) early poptropica
13.) backlot
14.) nightwatch
15.) reality tv

Curious RiderApril 7, 2022 pm30 1:16 pm

Astroknights, Vampires Curse, Skullduggery, Superhero and Supervillain, Lunar Mission, Twisted Thicket, Early Poptropica, Steamworks, Counterfeit, Wild West and Ghost Story Island.

I'd really love to see Astroknights come back, but there's sooooo many islands that also deserve a chance too.

frendly crown April 7, 2022 pm30 1:53 pm

I would want these back since I didnt get to finish them.

twisted thicket
wild west
mystery train
realty tv

Lucky StarApril 7, 2022 pm30 2:30 pm

Um, okay, you've brought back the old islands. Great. But.... what about the other platforms? Are you going to wait another year before you bring them everywhere? I mean, I've been waiting years for the old islands to come back. Why not bring them onto two platforms at the same time. I'm happy, but sad at the same time.

Lucky Star?⭐️

avivaApril 7, 2022 pm30 2:37 pm

will it be compatible with MacOS or only PC?

Dangerous DragonApril 14, 2022 am30 2:03 am

Yes sadly, i really feel like i have a pc

Sir immatureApril 7, 2022 pm30 3:13 pm

Skullduggery pleaseeee, would mean a lot to me

NicolasGarciaApril 7, 2022 pm30 3:28 pm

im really happy, i miss these islands so much!

ryanApril 7, 2022 pm30 4:27 pm


Love CometApril 7, 2022 pm30 4:55 pm

It would be cool to see Wimpy Kid Island!

Blue MoonApril 7, 2022 pm30 5:19 pm

I'll be happy with ANY islands you put in as the 13.
BUT I have requests...
The islands I love the most are all the Survival islands. It's not a popular demand, but for some reason, I just like it a LOT more than other islands. But these are the other ones I like (in no particular order)
Counterfeit (which would probably need Early Poptropica)
Galactic Hotdogs
Virus Hunter
Ghost story
Spy island
Red dragon
Charlie and the chocolate factory
Thanks poptropica :>!!

Strange BeeApril 7, 2022 pm30 6:14 pm

For those who are wondering what STEAM is, it's a digital video game store where you can buy and play games as it acts sort of like a launcher (you will most likely have to download it on your computer and make an account)

Also, I am very interested to see what islands they bring back! I do hope they aren't watered down though like how Greek island was ):

Average Poptropica EnjoyerApril 7, 2022 pm30 7:00 pm

This is a great step in the right direction. Not only are you making Poptropica continue to thrive outside the main online aspect, you can also make profit out of it too. I hope you guys try to port ALL the islands and the side games and promo material such as Shrink Launch, DC Dinner, Round Em Up, the summo wrestling minigame, the blimp minigame, 24 carrot AS3 BETA, money ladder, legendary swords, haunted house, energy hog, spook central, dr hares secret lab, Nano combat training, and others I probably don’t know about. I think that would make many old and new fans happy that they could replay old lost content.

I don’t expect you guys to release them all at once as you guys said you want 13 first, but I hope you guys do plan to add on, even if it costs money to buy these extra content.

LaneApril 7, 2022 pm30 7:07 pm

I cannot explain how badly I want to play great pumpkin again and I know it won’t be one of the 13 but a girl can dream

Old GuyApril 7, 2022 pm30 8:01 pm

I want the big nate,great pumpkin,wimpy wonderland,spy,charlie and the chocclate factory and zomberry islands

Fall LoaderApril 7, 2022 pm30 8:06 pm

Also monster carnival counterfeit,shark tooth,red dragon vampire curse

Fall ManApril 7, 2022 pm30 8:07 pm

And All Of The Old Outfits and stores

mad ghostApril 8, 2022 am30 4:56 am

What is steam? Will it be available for iPhone as well?

Fierce Heart April 8, 2022 pm30 1:18 pm

Yay! I have been playing Poptropica for like 4-5 years already and it never gets old! Can't wait to play some of the old classics again.

Sus AmogusApril 8, 2022 pm30 6:19 pm

Poptropica islands I want to see back in business (in no particular order)
- Red Dragon
- Super Power
- Night Watch
- Astro-Knights
- Monster Carnival
- Wild West
- Skullduggery
- Poptropolis Games
- Arabian Nights
- Twisted Thicket
- Super Villain
- Shrink Ray
- Survival

Out of all those, my top 3 are Red Dragon, Super Power, and Night Watch.

Sus AmogusApril 8, 2022 pm30 6:20 pm

Poptropica islands I want to see back in business (in no particular order)
- Red Dragon
- Super Power
- Night Watch
- Astro-Knights
- Monster Carnival
- Wild West
- Skullduggery
- Poptropolis Games
- Arabian Nights
- Twisted Thicket
- Super Villain
- Shrink Ray
- Survival

Out of all those, my top 3 are Red Dragon, Super Power, and Night Watch.

Purple starApril 15, 2022 am30 11:55 am


SO HAPPY ITS COMING BACKApril 9, 2022 am30 2:02 am

SKULLDUGGERY PLEASE!! super villians, reality tv, game show, steamworks to name a few!! :)

gmanitieApril 9, 2022 am30 6:42 am

omg so excited played all the island so long ago and have loved poptropica for years, really glad to see an update on the new old islands

SusanApril 9, 2022 pm30 5:30 pm

also astronights, nabooti, counterfeit, superpower, spy, reality tv, I would literally pay to play these again

SusanApril 9, 2022 pm30 5:31 pm

also astronights, nabooti, counterfeit, superpower, spy, reality tv, I would literally pay to play these again

Bony BonesApril 10, 2022 pm30 3:14 pm

I would love to see
1. Shark Tooth
2. Spy
3. Nabooti
4. Big Nate
5. Astro Knights
6. Counterfeit
7. Reality T.V.
8. Skullduggery
9. Steamworks
10. Red Dragon
11. Mystery Train
12. Game Show
13. Super Villain

kennedyApril 11, 2022 pm30 7:24 pm

but where do you play it

Danny PhantomApril 11, 2022 pm30 8:59 pm

Wait, do you have to PAY to play these islands?

MaggieApril 12, 2022 pm30 2:13 pm


Silver HorseApril 12, 2022 pm30 10:44 pm

Despite different predictions, currently i'm hoping for:
1- Spy
2- OG Mythology
3- Great Pumpkin
4- Super Power
5- Astro-Knights
6- Counterfeit
7- Early Poptropica (required for counterfeit)
8- Nabooti
9- Game Show
10- Reality TV (original)
11- Skullduggery
12- Mocktropica
13- Ghost Story

purple starApril 15, 2022 am30 11:55 am


lucky cheetahApril 15, 2022 pm30 7:46 pm


DizzyApril 15, 2022 pm30 8:40 pm

1. Spy Island
2. Super Power Island
3. Skullduggery Island
4. Cryptids Island
5. Vampire's Curse Island
6. ZomBerry Island
7. Astro-Knights Island
8. Red Dragon Island
9. Ghost Story Island
10. Game Show Island
11. Reality TV Island
12. Mystery Train Island
13. Poptropolis Games Island

These would be amazing for the 13 islands and the realms were so fun to build in too! Can't wait to download and play the classic islands again!

BrieApril 15, 2022 pm30 10:06 pm

spy island
vampire curse island
cryptic island
gameshow island
skullduggery island
zomberry island
reality tv island
mythology island

brieApril 15, 2022 pm30 10:07 pm


Ash April 17, 2022 am30 3:09 am

I’m thrilled about this, but “bundle” scares me. Are you going to make us pay for old islands that were previously available for free? I really hope not.

jhac freeApril 24, 2022 pm30 4:21 pm

yes they are going to.

JWApril 18, 2022 pm30 12:37 pm

OK , I want Early Poptropica, Shark Tooth, Super Power Island, Spy Island, Wild West, Shrink Ray, Mystery Train, Ghost Story ,S.O.S, Vampire's Curse, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Night Watch, Back Lot, Monster Carnival, Counterfeit, Astro-Knights, and Twisted Thicket.

maceApril 20, 2022 pm30 10:27 pm

Astro Knights
Skull Duggery
Red Dragon
Greek Mythology
Wild West
Super Hero
Reality TV
Ghost Story
Mystery Train

JackApril 24, 2022 pm30 4:21 pm

I played for 7 years I think that the old islands will cost money because It was free before and now it's money because they gave us a chance to play it for free, but i think it is good because new players that have not played the old islands will get a chance to play it, I have not played since 2018 and it is a good thing that they're bringing the islands back again so I can re-play all of them again =l.

garryApril 24, 2022 pm30 9:27 pm

Do you guys know the new map that's coming soon in Poptropica after Goofball Island?

arabellaMay 5, 2022 pm31 1:12 pm

zomberry island please

JackMay 7, 2022 pm31 4:56 pm

Astro Knights is confirmed to retun to poptropica on May 9th or May 31st Crypids might return June.

SofieMay 27, 2022 pm31 5:31 pm

In random order that I remember them
1.) SOS
2.) mystery train
3.) cryptids
4.) game show
5.) nabooti
6.) spy
7.) twisted thicket
8.) red dragon
9.) vampires curse
10.) superpower
11.) shark tooth
12.) early poptropica
13.) backlot
14.) nightwatch
15.) reality tv

DrNickTCoilMay 30, 2022 pm31 9:05 pm

1, Lunar Colony
2. Spy
3. Steamworks
4. Mystery Train
5. Night watch
6. Counterfeit
7. SOS
8. Early Poptropica (Its a good beginner island)
9. Super Villian
10. Virus Hunrer
11. Wild West (I hadnt finished it)
12. Zomberry
13. Probably Astro-Nights since I ran out of Islands I really care about

Nataliya SwierczynskiJuly 5, 2022 pm31 9:12 pm

YESSSSSSS OMG im so exicted

Friendly RockJuly 15, 2022 pm31 7:45 pm

i know its already out but can you add more? please like i know that monkey wrench was just the tutorial but it also the orgins of amelia andlike way older islands like night watch and red dragon

Barefoot BeanAugust 8, 2022 pm31 9:46 pm

Skullduggery island was actually the reason I started playing again after several years, and I was pretty disappointed to see it missing. Besides that, my favorites were always
- Red dragon island
- Spy island
- Steamworks island
- Super villain island
- Shrink ray island
- Shark tooth island
- Cryptids island
- Wild west island
- Astroknights island
- Mystery train island

Fish Fac August 10, 2022 pm31 7:48 pm

I haven’t seen the realms yet. When is it going to come out? I’m waiting patiently for it to come. ?

spideygabeAugust 14, 2022 pm31 12:08 pm

please make it free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RileyAugust 14, 2022 pm31 1:36 pm

I’m patiently waiting for the Realms to come back. Where is it? Thanks!

August 15, 2022 pm31 1:58 pm

Realms is included in the Steam bundle! :-)

AngelcakeSeptember 12, 2022 pm30 12:56 pm

I'm very excited to hear the old islands are coming to the game. I would love it if all the islands were added to the game again for free. Poptropica has been such a fun game for so many of us. I played this game with my family and friends when I was younger, and it was always so exciting and fun when we played it.

We loved costuming our characters, playing games in the chatrooms, exploring the islands, and solving the mysteries on all the islands. I also really loved the free Halloween haunted house card where you could solve the mystery there with the cute ghost cat and at the end dress up your character for Halloween.

Thank you so much

barefoot moonOctober 3, 2022 am31 11:41 am

I don't see realms on home island :( please help

October 3, 2022 pm31 8:12 pm

The Realms hammer icon can be found under the menu toolbar on the upper right!